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Pricing Model

We have simple pricing models.


Pay As You Go

3000 Credits for 30 GBP

what you can do for 3000 credits
  • Host 1 Event with payed tickets
  • + 500 text messages for your event attendees
  • or 1000 email for your event attendees
  • Help center access
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Pay Monthly

15 GBP / per calendar month

what you can do with this package
  • Gives you 3000 credits every month
  • Host Events with payed tickets
  • 2 credits = 1 SMS
  • 1 credit = 1 Email
  • Help center access
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Get in Touch with Us

what you can do with whitelable
  • Your logo on printed tickets
  • Unlimited Events
  • Unlimited Tickets
  • No powered by Bylde
  • Phone and Email Support Directly from you for your event attendess.
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Earn Credits

Dont want to spend?
No worries, you can earn credits too. here you will find how you can earn and use credits on BYLDE

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How many events do you have on sale?


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How Bylde is beter than other ticketing platforms

We know at Bylde that being an event organiser you have plenty of things to worry about. But if there is event one thing we could tick off from your list then it will give you a smile. Thats why we thought about what are the most important features you would need on your ticket selling platform in order to make your event sucessfull. We came up with few and we made sure that each feature is robust enough to manage your event seemlessly.

Addition to that we also wanted to make pricing for your usage easy and genric for everyone. Does't matter if you are a single person who is doing everything with one hand. Or you rung an agency who wants to manage multiple events in parallel. We have the best pricing available for you.

You could chose to be a pay as you go use where you buy credits and use them against the services you utilise. OR you could just subscribe with us for monthly basis and utilise the whole suite of services.

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