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Isabel Hudson
Bylde is fantastic

Its so simple that I created my group and all my members from meetup was instantly transferred by following a simple link.

David Clooney
Everything worked as expected

Great service and not ripped off at extortionate sale prices like meetup. Efficient and the app is very useful.

Easy process

Easy process, paperless tickets, very clear and easy to follow instructions, support team is awesome.

Search Groups
start typing your city and search for local groups Advance











Connect with people in your city.

In the current world where people like you and me work hard away from our families. It's very difficult to meet new people. That said we try to fill this gap. At Bylde you can search for groups in your cities according to your interest. You can look into the reviews of the group and then join them. Once you are in a group you will be notified via email about any upcoming events, meetups scheduled by the group admin. This will enable you to plan your visit and meet new people.

Sounds simple isn't it? Yes it is simple and straight forward.


Grow your professional network with Bylde.

If you are enthusiastic, focused on your career goals and want to become known for a change in society. You know that you need to be in an influential circle. Because no matter how successful you are. If you are not connected with people who make the real difference in your industry you won't be able to leave any footprints.

Bylde helps you connect with people to align with your interest and career. No matter which industry you thrive in. Bylde has a group for you. And if not then there is nothing stopping you to start one.

Find your love, your partner, your soulmate.

Are you a student? or a 9 to 5 working professional? or someone who has achieved everything in his/her life but waiting to share it with someone special. Each one of us has a dream that we will meet someone one day who will be our companion for the rest of our life. But do you really do enough to get introduced with new people in your geography?

Well, I understand that it's not possible for all of us to go out every weekend and try to connect with strangers. I don't like it myself. So why not connect with people who live in your city and have similar interests like you. Bylde help you organise those meetings and get into matured conversations.


Grow your local business with Bylde.

When you start a business or startup. You understand that you have to push very hard to get traction. Bylde help you get noticed as well as connected with similar minded people in your city. Just Start a Group with Bylde. Share it with your friends and family. We will promote it on Social Media and the local press. Once you have a good number of people to host an event. Schedule a meetup and meet new people. This way you can generate local traction for your business. And promote your product or services.

Remember Groups at Bylde is not just for promoting your business. It's more about the connection with people. So always make sure you add value into your events and not just promoting your business.


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