Tuesday 19th January 2021


Public Relation is one of the most effective tools that gives a competitive edge and defines a brand.

Today as the dynamicity of the product increases it has also given rise to different techniques in advertising.

Technology and Advertising are now collaborated and work, hand in hand. 

PR is all about delivering the right information, to the right audience at the right place, right time and the right cost. It helps in managing the release and spread of information between an individual or an organization and the public to affect the public perception.

If PR is done right, it can help you achieve your marketing objectives at minimal cost on paid advertising.

The key to deliver a successful PR event and become a success in PR is to be creative in your presentation and your messaging.

 In a nutshell, your PR strategy should be focused in a way that it will provide you with credibility and communicate the marketing message.

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The secret to delivering a successful PR event is getting the concept of PR right. 

PR events are often misinterpreted as Marketing events due to the stark similarity in their structure.

Let's begin by understanding how PR is different from Marketing to nail the structure concept for events.


A public relation is a business tool that often gets confused with marketing or advertising. Although Advertising, Marketing and PR are related, they are very distinct activities.

There are four key differences between PR and Marketing. These are the appeal, control, credibility and repetition.


The appeal is concerned with the way a PR activity is projected. Publicity efforts should have a sense of direction to move forward. 

The message should appeal to the media, intended audience and customers at large. 

Generally, marketing Ads are published with an appeal to generate leads and conversions for the business whereas PR is concerned to provide information to the masses (large audience).


Advertising gives you the control over the content, format, timing, size so on and so forth where-as PR has almost zero control over the outcome, content, timing etc. 

Though you can write anything during the press release you can’t dictate to the newspapers or media houses on how it has to be printed or used, which has the potential to evolve into misunderstandings.


Public Relations provide credibility to its audience since the flow of information is from the right source and the right channel of communication. 

Whereas people are sceptical advertisements, mainly because they don’t come from the right source or when there’s a question mark on what they are intended to convey.


While Ads are known for their repetitive nature to place their brand/ product in the minds of the consumer while on the other hand PR is an activity that isn’t repeated as frequently as Ads, media sources run a given press release or cover a publicity event only once.


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1. Set your Goals and Objectives:

Know how you want the outcome to be and how to get some clarity on your approach.

Setting up realistic goals and objectives gives a sense of direction to the PR team and they can build an effective promotional tool around the given data.

Goals and Objectives help you to determine the right target audience and to identify potential leads that can be targeted later for conversions.

2. Understanding your audience:

As a PR Manager, for product information to have an impact and reach a larger audience, you need to find the right audience. 

This will give you the right analytics and will help you identify Consumer preference, needs and wants.

If this done right, the organization would be able to challenge its competitors.

3. Getting Organized:

Public Relation results are obtained only through consistency and through planning, a sustained set of activities for the defined slot or time.

Today most of the lead generation, networking, sales and interaction happens on Social Media, you must also start generating the contact list potential online media, opinion leaders, influencers, customers and like-minded organizations.

4. Think Like a Reporter:

When you conduct the press release or any other PR activities, make sure that it is on point, easy to comprehend, states facts and figures and includes some insightful quotes that will keep the audience engaging.

Make sure that your press release identifies and answers why, when, what & How?, this will provide more Clarity in the minds of the customer and the audience in whole.

The more you think like a reporter the better would be the outcome.

5. 10 on 10 Research:

“ Research is all about creating new Knowledge” before you dive in deeper, buckle yourself up with up to date information that is relevant to the information that will be shared soon.

Research helps you to carefully plan your PR objectives and how to start about it, it provides you with the right information and at the right time to the right customer.

Research is an important part of public relations management as it allows you to be strategic and explore the unexplored.

Research ensures that communication is specifically targeted to audiences who want, need, or care about the information.

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6. Team Work = Team Win:

Any Public Relation process to start it requires the right amount of dedicated people.

 If you have an employee who is great in graphics & Ad designs, writes witty copy or simply takes good pictures then get them to your team. 

The people you choose in your team will help you add value to your messaging, provide feedback and help you to spread your messages.

7. Build Your Online Presence:

The world is constantly moving forward in terms of technology and connectivity. The traditional way of networking is outdated in 2021. 

Today all the organizations and people have shifted to the modern way of networking with the help of social media. If you don’t optimize these platforms there is a high possibility of you being cut off or ignored from what’s happening in and around the world.

 Therefore to build your brand and make people aware of your presence you need to build an online presence. 

By doing so, it will help you to understand the latest trends and events happening around you and you would be able to connect with your customers directly.

8. Know Your Competitors:

The key to developing and strengthening your organization is to keep an eye on your competitors.

Do the comparative analysis and identify your weaknesses and threats, this will ensure the position of your organization in the market. 

Thus knowing your competitors can provide you with a competitive edge.

9. Create Compelling Content & Choose a working strategy:

Today the organization is identified on how well it communicates with its customers. Content marketing & Copywriting has drastically evolved over years.

 Most of the brands today communicate through memes, testimonial videos, cartoons etc. This develops more viewership on their content and keeps the audience engaging.

To put into practice all of the above PR strategies there should be one working strategy model that would fit the purpose for all.

 You will need to distinguish between public relations strategies and PR tactics. You need to choose the right PR strategy that will suit your business needs.

ProTips for getting Publicity straight in 2021

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1.  Engage with your audience:

The more the engagement the more the conversions. Customers click and comment on what they find that is relevant to them. 

You need to identify those loopholes and mix it up with your brand to fill in the spaces that are left.

2.  Get the media’s attention:

Today getting the attention of the media is not that difficult compared to what it was back in the days. You just need to focus on what copywriting content you publish and tag the influencers with relevant hashtags. 

3.  Promotion game on:

Promote your Brand/ product through influencers on social media as it would give a wider reach and more impressions. And would also help you understand the customer perception about the brand or the product.

4.  Hold a media event:

Hold a media event for the credibility of your brand and product. 

This will also help you gain more publicity and customers will find it real and would like to engage with the brand or product. 

5.  Tell stories:

 Client testimonials, the background story of the organization and brand etc adds more credibility and engagement with the customers.

While these are some recommended strategies that you can adopt while hosting any PR events.

 Always be positive in what you do and avoid making your message boring. Instead, it should inspire people to not cringe. 

Make sure when you work towards messaging, it should include a call to actions, stress element and your unique differentiation. learn more about Bylde