Wednesday 17th February 2021

7 Ways Of Starting A Book Club Online

Most of us find it fascinating to engage in a conversation with like-minded people, and it is indeed very rewarding and pleasing to find yourself surrounded by people who share the same hobbies and passion that you possess. 

Here at Bylde, we are pleased to have such groups that resonate with the personality of an individual.

 I am sure most of the readers would agree that they love book clubs, they encourage and secretly look forward to having a beautiful gathering of readers coming from different walks of life and sharing insightful perspectives. 

But we also realize there are times that it is not always possible to meet in person. 

Sometimes we want to do these things with friends who live far away. 

And what's our solution for it?, the answer is Remote virtual book club!.

Whether or not, you want to continue your in-person book club during social distancing, or if you’ve been considering starting a club from your couch for some time,

 Here are our wholesome tips for launching and running a virtual book club that’s available at any time, anywhere and at your own comfort.   

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#1. Hunt for the perfect communication & coordination platform or website:

First thing first, we would encourage you to find a digital space that works for you and your group where you can communicate, vote, pick, ask questions etc.

You can either join or make groups on Facebook, Bylde, Whatsapp or through the dedicated book organizational website such as Book movement or Bookclubz.

The group can be customised according to your own requirements. The participants in the Facebook groups can designate privacy settings. Bylde is a platform where you can join any existing groups or start your own groups, the website is safe and secure and doesn’t breach your privacy. 

#2. Keep an enthralling Name of your book club:

Once you have decided where you want to start your group, keep the interesting yet funny name of your group. 

If you want more people to join your group go ahead add a detailed description of what is the group all about and what the admin expects, we are sure you will get a filtered audience or participants in your group. 

#3. Select the Zealous and Passionate members:

Once you have identified the communication digital space and the name of the group the next imperative step is to identify and select the right participants for your group.

The virtual world has its drawbacks and we often fail to identify the genuine people on the internet.

 In such cases, it is advisable to first have a communication with each of the participants, ask them a few questions and add them to the group once you are convinced. 

This will enhance the quality and the activeness of your group. Consider keeping the group small or limited. It would be easier to coordinate and engage with each one of them.

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#4. Choose and decide on the video platform for the virtual meetings:

After making the group in order to make sure your participants are the real people you were looking forward to, arrange an online meeting either in Google meet, Zoom, Microsoft teams, Skype or any such platforms where you and your group are comfortable over a video chat.

Zoom has a limitation of over 40 mins and in order to extend the time of the meeting you need to purchase the paid version of the zoom application.

 The video quality of all these applications slightly differs from each other, even though they all fit the purpose of establishing communication.

#5. Pick a book & arrange a trivia session:

Next on the list, discuss and pick a book that you and your group members would like to read and review. 

Set a decent amount of time and delegate a date for the meeting.

Side by side you or someone from the group can prepare a short quiz and riddles from the book and can shoot it during or toward the end of the meeting. 

This will make the book club meeting more engaging and interesting for the entire group.

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#6. On a delegated meeting day, get comfy, crack open a bottle of wine and cheers!

Once in a while, you can arrange for a quality time with your group members over a cup of coffee, vine or even date.

 Find a comfy spot in your house to settle into; someplace where you can talk for an hour or two without too much distraction.

 Ask what everyone is drinking or eating, take a moment at the beginning of the virtual meeting to cheer each other and check-in, the same way you would do at an in-person book club.

#7. Encourage discussion & select a book for the next meet.

The group will only stay active if you are active, encourage your group members to ask questions regarding the book that you all have read, engage in the interesting discussion, have your opinions placed on the table, accept and encourage others opinions.  

And after all the discussion, come to a conclusion and decide on which book you all should pick up next before the meeting ends. 

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While there are many ways in which you can start a group and there isn’t any fixed formula or standards to follow. You can always be free to experiment on how you should go about starting your own book club. 

These are 7 Recommendations from our end just to give you more insights on what and how the book club is created online.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Let us know in the comments how you felt about these tips and what more we can add to this list. 

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