Thursday 28th January 2021

7 effortless steps on building network as a student

Yes, it's not just a meet up with new faces or having a cocktail with industry leaders, you would be taking in a lot from a networking day if you are just a little bit conscious with your steps.

(But, what possibly can I do so a corporate professional can save my number in his contact list?)

Well, it’s nothing extra.

You just have to go through these amazing and effortless steps that will help you build a strong relationship with a stranger who could be your first client in the future. Or someone who provides a referral to your dream company.

If you meet someone who has a good reputation in your industry or  a mentor who knows the path you want to follow, then the steps below will help you make connections before you leave university.

Yes, you will unlock those hidden jobs which are waiting for you or the hidden clients who are just waiting for you.

Let’s dive in to see the opportunities.

Be clear with your visions

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Why do you want to approach that company? Or that person?

Why do you want to attend that event?

If someone asks you what brings you here and you say, "To find a job in any profession".

Then why will anyone talk to you?

You should have a vision.

What is your purpose here? Why do you want to attend this meeting? Why you should approach that person with the blue coat and unique beard. What can he do for you?.

Before attending any meetup or event, always have a plan in place to approach industry leaders.

Check the attendee and guest list.

Research about companies and industry leaders. What they do and how you can help them with your skillset.

Always do your homework. It’s what professionals do.

If you are very clear about your services or how you can help others, they all will want to approach you for a talk.

And you pitch your idea.


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Let's say you are best at what you are doing. You can deliver the best results in the market and have attained a lot of knowledge.

But if they don’t like you.

All in vain.

Good behavior and a good gesture is always appreciated. Even if you could convince a potential investor or customer that you are the only person in this world who can help him, he will not ask for it if you don't have good behavior.

Just think about this. We all are irrational beings. It might seem, in the business world, that people make rational decisions but why do they want to entertain a person who doesn't know how to behave?

Always greet them. Genuinely introduce yourself and always be open to listening.

"Hi I am __________ , can you hire me?” and he’ll say, “Hi, I am _______, can you please leave?”

Yes, that happens.

First, listen to what they are saying and introduce yourself. Your name, what you do, why you do it.

Your Existing Network

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Think about this. You might be having a lot of friends or just course mates you meet at your college/university every day. They all have different visions and requirements from their life.

Just having a dinner party or just roaming around with them will do nothing productive.

You can have your fun, but apart from that, just try to interact with everyone.

Talk to them. About their visions, why they wanna do it, and if they have designed a plan for that.

If you think the person you are talking to is serious about his career, ambitious, and wants to achieve something big, then he/she should be your go-to person for tie-ups/partnerships and collaborations.

You don't have to hang out with them always. Have a conversation where you both discuss the plans for the future and exchange the numbers.

Also, if you could, try to help them with a business problem or something general they find difficult to solve. It can be anything, but the bond after that will be unbreakable.

Even if you call him after 2-3 years, he will remember your name.

And that's how you build long-lasting networks in your existing friend circle. Have an amazing memory with them and you will always be on their friends' list.

It’s the easiest thing you can do to build a strong network. Make good friends.

Attend Networking events

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Find a chance to interact with the ones who are following the same path or somewhat related to your dream field.

Just sitting at home and thinking about the next step, you would probably meet someone who has completed many steps and may help you with your other steps. Right?

Go and interact with them. Listen to their journeys and why they choose this path. What company they represent and how this company hires.

Introduce yourself in front of them, tell them what you do currently and brief them with what you’ve done so far in your field.

Always appreciate their journey, their work, and their accomplishments.

If you are here to get clients, then just highlight the problem their company might be facing and tell them how you will solve it.

Give them examples, give them free tips and ask them the problems they are facing and tell them the best solution. Tell them as a friend, and they would definitely want to get your services.

Remember, building authority is the first step. Because from there, trust builds itself.

Sometimes people give out great hacks hidden in free advice to everyone. Be that person!

Then everyone would grow curious about what you do and they would definitely think to have business with you.

Let’s connect online freely

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Well, who says you don't have clients? Who's to say you don't know a professional. They are just right there, available on your desktop.

You just have to type LinkedIn at google search and type their name and industry. And there they are.

Now, it seems easy, but it’s not right?

Why would a busy person like him, who might be needing your service (if you are approaching him as a client or) want to reply to you?

He doesn’t know you. He doesn’t trust you.

Building trust takes time. But first, don't end up being a stranger.

Always comment on their posts. Why do you like it and what do you think about that?

Tag them to your post.

Make them curious who you are. They will definitely see your LinkedIn profile.

After this lovely week's tag-comment relationship, pitch them your idea.

They will definitely consider that.

Now if he’s not your client, but you want him to guide you with the steps you want to take, then the first thing you would not want to do is,

Ask him “Hey, can you please guide me?” Or “hey, will you be my mentor?”


He is a very busy person, and asking him like that is the same as knocking on the door of your crush and asking her to marry you.

You know what happens after this approach.

Always remember, their time is precious.

If they don't know you, why will they give you their one second and share a piece of million-dollar advice?

The first approach is the same, comment on their posts regularly and mention them in your posts or share their posts.

No matter how much success he/she might have achieved, they will definitely be facing some problems. Just see what they are struggling at.

What help they require. If you offer them your help, your free service then they will definitely help you.

Be persistent and get familiar with the word “no”

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Let’s say you are starting your journey. In the beginning, you will search youtube, go to google and say, "Hey, tell me what's the first step" and end up following your own advice.

Well, even if there are hundreds of free videos, they can just tell some of the points, some channels even give you more information, but right now you have to make your own stairs.

When you think you have learned something, and want this to be your career, the first thing you do is look for clients. Obviously.

And why should clients hire? They would love to invest the money in some experienced guy, right?

Well boy, here this big word “Networking” comes.

And it might sound something very professional to you, something which requires very good skills, but that’s not the case.

It's just about building relations. Adding new friends to your contact list and will definitely help you in the future.

But, you should acknowledge the fact that there will be hundreds who will say no.

What if you approach 20, and 19 of them say no to you?

The last guy says, “Good Luck”.

What will you do?

(“Just switch my career, because I can’t do this”)?

Never do that. Approach Hundreds.

Just think about this, it's your starting and if you want to achieve what the other 1% have achieved in their life, then never give up.

Out of hundreds or two hundred, two will say yes. Two will want to listen to you, and here you just apply some short tricks to make them save your contact.

Keep trying.

Follow up

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Shaking the hands of a billion-dollar man and making him laugh is a good step.

He’s saving your number or just following you back on social media is again appreciable.

But, after these winnings, you may end up losing him. How?

If you don’t follow up.

Think of a situation when someone meets you for the first time, and after 1 year he calls you, "Hi, so can you help me get clients?".

“Excuse me, who’s this?”. That’s the reply you will get.

If you get someone’s contact, then treat him as your friend. Talk to him after meetings, try to offer your help to that guy.

Then only you are getting things back.

SO these are the 7 most important ideas you must employ if you want to shake hands of a billionaire and end up taking a role at their firm or grab clients most efficiently and easily.

Comment below which step you liked the most and which sounds very interesting and doable to you.