Monday 14th December 2020

9 types of social groups you can join to meet new people

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We all have heard that a human being is a social animal (a homo sapiens), we need people to talk to.    

Social life is not just a subject of creating connections within the industry. It includes every aspect be it personal, professional, friends, family. Rather it’s our whole life.

Socializing can be so many things, be it learning something new, volunteering for a social cause, bonding with friends over food, making new friends in a new city or being part of communities on different social groups.

Our exploration makes our life interesting and adventurous. It not only makes life fun, but it also helps us to keep our mental space healthy and vibrant. Making us joyful, loving, and full of life.

Human interaction has become so significant in current circumstances. One should be always keen to meet new people especially of different cultures and backgrounds to explore life’s million colors.

Meeting new people widens the horizon of our perspective, it becomes a gateway of a lot of new experiences into our lives and we all know that life is all about experiences. Right?

There have been a lot of potential data over this, that, how important is to meet new people.

And especially the ones who are not from the culture you have been born into. This helps you to see life through new specs altogether and shows what life has to offer you.

There is a lot of social groups, where you can meet people of your choice, who have a similar mindset, who have similar interests as yours.

If you're a fitness freak, or you are an artist, or if you are a person who likes to sing, there are a lot of social groups, where you can find like-minded people.

So, I have listed down.

9 social groups, where you can meet new people.

1 – Fitness and Exercise – Rabble / Project Awesome

2 – To Learn something new –

3 – Online platforms – Bylde, Meetup.

4 – Volunteer – The sock mob / Hands-on London (Meetups)

5 – Food bonding – Eatwith (Formerly Grub Club)

6 – Meeting via Music – Learntouke

7 – For Co-living spaces – The collective

8 – Fun events –

9 – Where women meet – Togetherfriends

1- For fitness and exercise – Rabble

Image courtesy Rabble

At Rabble Fitness is fun. They have got it all from British Bulldogs to capture the flag from dodge ball to Frisbee and much more.

Robert has a session, which is an hour of fun social games. It has got various games to cover different levels of Fitness Skills, including speed endurance coordination strength, agility, and much more.

They explained the rules of the game prior. And there's no right or wrong in the games. If you're intact with the game and having fun. You're doing it right.

And most important, after the session. You’ll cool down with some stretches.

And often, head to the pub for a drink.

The core elements of the rabble are to be inclusive. And that is the reason why rubble games are designed to be extremely friendly to all players, no matter what their fitness level and age are.

There are sessions, which are specially conducted for children and their mothers, and even the ones who are above 50.

And that is the proof that anybody and everybody can join, Rabble, session.

2- To learn something –

Image courtesy Findcourses

At findcourses learning social group, you can always have fun while learning. There are ample courses where you can learn different skills. You can go from wine tasting to astrology from philosophy to painting, music, and whatnot.

By doing these courses you will get a chance to meet new people. The ones who have a similar interest as yours. And in the meanwhile, you will always have a lot of fun and knowledge as well.

It can even be a gateway to take your career to a different level. It can enrich your knowledge and make you feel more confident and competent.

With time it has become a large and very happening community.

It is one such socializing group where you will meet new people and Horne your skill simultaneously.

3- Online Social Groups – Bylde

Image courtesy Bylde

It is one such hub where you have many social groups, from travelers to online marketing to e-commerce entrepreneurs.

You can be part of many such groups/communities and have a great connection and meetups with people. Bylde is known for its effortless process throughout, from being part of a community or creating one itself.

Bylde is a user-friendly website according to users online.

It has social groups from travelers to entrepreneurs from a fun night out to cultural exchange. From all sorts of fun groups to startup grinds. It has got everything that one can demand.

The best part about Bylde is that. Everyone who comes on board. They go through authorizing their social profiles.

This qualifies them for being a genuine person and not bots. So, no fake profiles.

A lot of social groups have hefty registration processes. Fortunately here, you don't have to fill one.

Meeting new people in these times have become so much significant and Bylde makes it even convenient and fun.

There are a wide range of event organisers, event planners and community creators onboard at Bylde. You can choose to join groups or communities based on your interests.

4 - Volunteer – The sock mob

Image courtesy Meetup

The sock mob is one such volunteering informal group, which engages and helps the homeless sect of London.

You can join the sock mob at where the people volunteer for a social cause in London City.

And they say, a simple pair of socks, is all it takes to break the ice.

A simple thing happens when you get along with them. They sit, they walk they talk with mutual trust and vision which is driven by unconditional humanity.

And anyone with an open heart-mind and willingness can be part of the sock mob.

The meeting happens in small groups, which are led by either a member i.e. organizer or the walk leader.

They meet every two weeks, either on Tuesday or wetness day, evening at any location which is pre-arranged in central London.

They carry basic stuff to share with the homeless people. That is food, drinks, and some necessities.

And most probably after every meeting. They head to a local pub, to share their experiences.

And the sock mob at a meetup is an informal group of volunteers and organizers, which work on human principles. 

5 – Bonding over food - Eatwith

Image courtesy Eatwith 

Eatwith is one of the world's largest community for commendable culinary experiences with local people.

Their main aim is to bring people together through food. They are available in over 130 countries who connect with people through unique and immersive experiences.

With their hand-selected local hosts in their private venues. You get along with families who are passionate to host you.

You can enjoy an Italian feast with a Roman family or take a cooking class in Tokyo. From home cooks and food lovers, to master chefs and Michelin starred chefs.

And as they say, their host share one special ingredient,

that is ‘’a passion for bringing people together’’.

6 - Meeting through music –

Image courtesy Learntouke

Learntouke is one of the social groups, where the participants learn ukulele with other batch mates. They have got the best ukulele courses in London, which has enabled thousands of adults to play.

In these times of pandemic. Learn to uke had gone online where the number of possibilities has increased.

The best thing about learning to uke is that they have a maximum of 6 people, in live classes. And most people make a friend or two in live classes.

And the ex-students have frequent jamming sessions in London. And in current times it happens on zoom, or around the campfire.

The people who learn, form a band, they play for a standup comedy or so.

7 – Co-living Spaces – The Collective

Image courtesy The Collective

The collective is a co-living space. A destination where people live together. The vision of the collective is to impact every life. That helps to form a network and harness the power of the global following for the benefit and growth of each person in it.

The collective is a co-living space where people live together. Space and amenities are top-notch.

They've created spaces that experience, personal and professional development. And the spaces are for everyone. For all age groups.

There have been popular stories of winning jobs, creating million-dollar businesses, and even making personal life long relationships.

It is one of the best places for meeting new people.

And it is one of the best co-living experiences on the planet for you.

8 – Fun Events – Spiceuk

Image courtesy Spiceuk

Spiceuk is a very fun and adventurous social hub where you have a lot of fun events at every place all across, United Kingdom.

At Spice the locations are all across to name a few, there is southwest, there is Yorkshire, themes Valley, East Midlands, West Midlands, London, Manchester, and many more.

You can get the results as per your location and upcoming events. There are events related to sports, fitness, personality development, night outs, weekend parties, hill climbing, and much more.

There is a lot of possibilities for creating new friends and meeting new people on spice.

In this pandemic. The events have even started online like zoom, meet, or any such.

People get along and thoroughly enjoy each other’s company.

So you can be part of spice for a lot of adventure.

9 – Where women meet – Togetherfriends

Image courtesy Togetherfriends 

Last but not the least, this one is especially for women's known as togetherfriends.

togetherfriends is one such social point where you get to meet women with similar interests and demographics.

You get to make new friends in the UK who live in the same area or location.

By linking you to other women, you find a friend with whom you can go to the theater, grab a cup of coffee, take your pet for a stroll, etc. 

There are a variety of members be it retired people or divorced ones or the ones who have lost their partners and much more.

And the process to get friends is also quite simple. You register yourself, you get linked to other members of the same age, location, and interest.

And there you go.

You can send them or receive messages from other members and arrange a meetup accordingly.

So what you're waiting for just go and make new friends!


So whichever social groups have mentioned above, are credible enough to make your social presence, active and vibrant. 

If you are one who is looking for fun events, or you're a musician who wants to jam with fellows, or you're planning to shift to a new city, and want to live in a co-living space.

You’ve landed at the right point. Go through the above list of social groups and find a mold that fits you.

Social engagement, or being part of any social community does not only gives you happiness. But it also creates a positive aura around yourself.

Meeting new people is so much important to get along with life.

Does not matter what kind of person you are, interested in volunteering, or you are the one who likes to party at night.

Every kind of social groups are mentioned above, which will help you to meet people and the ones who have similar interests as yours.

Meeting people opens up a new whole world. A life-long experience, which helps us to be engaging with life and the people around us.

So we’ve gone through all, let me know which one you found the best for yourself?