Sunday 15th November 2020

11 Things To Do Online In November 2020

11 Things To Do Online In November 2020

It already feels long since the 4-week lockdown began. But hey it’s November!

From No-shave November to Thanksgiving, lots of cool things take place in November.

Don’t let the social spirit in you die just yet! In this article, we highlight five awesome things you can do in groups to revive your party-throwing skills and spend quality time online during lockdown.

1. Celebrate Friendship with Topaz

Did you know that the traditional birthstone for November is Topaz? It comes in many colours but the orange-yellow version which resembles the fall or Autumn symbolizes November.

So, get those gem lovers in your group together for an online event to discuss all things Topaz. 

Don’t wait! Start a group on Bylde today and host your event.

2. Miley Cyrus Themed Friday Night

Exclusively for Miley Cyrus fans and music lovers. With bars closed, now is the perfect time to let your bathroom singer out on the online floor to test its skills in a zoom karaoke night.

What could be better than singing to your favorite songs by Miley on or around her birthday (23rd November)?

Also, you can host an event online and sell tickets on Bylde with no extra cost. Bylde does not charge hefty commissions per ticket unlike eventbrite and meetup. 

3. Online Game Event

It is time to meet gamers in your city and discuss all things related to your favourite game. You might go on to discover that your city is the gaming capital of your country.

With PS5 pre-orders filling in and official launch on Thursday 19th November, gamers are all in for a game packed month.

And it couldn’t have got better with Xbox Series X also releasing this month. Both consoles will battle again to win this generation.

Don’t dishearten if you are a gamer on Mobile, there is something for everyone. Start your community on your favourite mobile game and host an event to discuss your favourite gaming app.

4. Flaunt your Moustaches and Beard (Exclusively for Men)

November is the month where men get to laze and let their moustaches and beards grow as big as possible and as wild as it can get. With no strict formal dress rules and work from home normal, it is easier to support the cause this year.

Hold a contest for your mates to win the wildest look. Support each other for the cause and go bold with your hairiest and wildest look.

5. Host a Warm Beverage Online Festival

Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

As winter settles in with cold winds and snow in most parts of the world, warm beverages calm and soothe us from the chilled climate.

Get your friends or family together for a Tea, Coffee or Hot Chocolate Online Festival and catch up with them while sipping your favourite beverage. Discuss all the flavors, brands and recipes for your favourite hot beverage.

6. Honour the spirit of innovation on National Entrepreneurship Day (17th November 2020)

Did you know that November 17 is National Entrepreneurs Day in the U.S? 

Entrepreneurs are innovators that strive hard to improve the quality of existing products/services. They don't just invent new solutions but they solve problems and pain-points of consumers and industrialists.

It takes a lot to stand against all odds, to lead and create jobs for people. Also, the pandemic this year just added up to the challenges of surviving in the business world.

Now is the perfect time to honour their spirit, to show gratitude. 

And for those who’ve missed out World Entrepreneur’s Day on 21st August 2020, now is your chance to host an event and network with innovators and leaders around you.

7. Organise a Hackathon

Photo by Hello I'm Nik ???? on Unsplash

Solve the toughest business and product challenges with hackathons. 

Yes, it is possible to plan registration, spread the word, host webinars and track the entire project progress online.

Try Bylde to schedule an online hackathon and invite all software developers, designers, project managers and domain experts in your network. We market events on all our social media channels at no additional cost!

8. End of year School/College Reunion

Chances are you’ve done this already but you can always have a short catchup with your school or college colleagues to check on them. This year has been difficult on all of us and a quick online group meetup will rekindle old friendships. 

Share your experience and celebrate victory of surviving one of the toughest years in history as this year comes to an end.

9. Celebrate World Television Day (21st November)

Want to catch up with your friends or family and worried about running out of things to talk about?

Conversations on television are endless. So, So, celebrate television by organising an event to discuss your favourite TV shows, channels, cartoons or sports.

The United Nations proclaimed 21st November as World Television Day in 1996 to recognise the role television plays in presenting different issues affecting people globally.

From news to reality shows, music charts to animal kingdom, we all love the fact that it is so much easier to switch channels than manually look for something online to watch.

10. Enjoy a Vegan Dinner Night Online

Photo by Ekaterina Bolovtsova from Pexels

If you are a vegan or know someone who is, this is for you!

World Vegan Day is on 1st of November every year. Don’t worry if you’ve missed it!

You can host an online event with vegans in your circle, cook up a vegan meal and celebrate a dinner night where everyone shares their favourite vegan recipe and talk all things vegan.

11. Sagittarius Themed Online Party

Host an online party for all Sagittarius with birthdays in November. Sagittarians enjoy socialising when they meet new people. Their biggest pet peeve in friendship is clinginess. They dread seeing the same faces all the time and hanging out with the same crews.

These were 11 unique ideas for things to do online this November. Let us know in the comments which idea you found most unique and inspiring?