Tuesday 19th January 2021

Here are 9 Things your Event Attendees expect in 2021.

What Do Attendees Expect From Your Events In 2021? 

2020 was the year of uncertainties and challenges for most of us, the pandemic has brought irreversible disasters and loss which changed the trajectory of our life. 

Nevertheless, as we adapt with the new normal and look back to the year that has gone by with gratitude in our mind and hope in our hearts for a better tomorrow, 2021 is indeed gonna be the year of healing and peace. 

As event organisers and venue owners are looking forward to hosting events offline since the second half of 2020, the pandemic has however brought restrictions and regulations to be practised and hence the traditional way of organising an event is replaced with the ‘New Normal’.

Here are 9 Things your Event Attendees expect in 2021.

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1. PPE & Face Masks:

According to directions given by WHO it is recommended that people should consider wearing PPE Kits at sensitive areas and face masks all time whenever you are at the public place, This is to ensure for the safety and protection of the people and other vulnerable age groups with the community

2. Social Distancing:

 According to the guidelines given by WHO, there can not be any event conducted at the open space and the rooms should be well ventilated and the people should practise social distancing norms. 

There shouldn’t be any physical contact among the people in public.

Face masks and social distancing is the need of the hour and thus should be made compulsory to wear and practise at public places. 

Your event attendees will prefer attending any outdoor or indoor event if facemask and social distancing is made mandatory and is practised.

3Standard operating procedure (SOP): 

The venue manager and the event organiser should direct the instructions and display it near the entry for the public to see it. The SOP may include the restriction on people who are below 10 years and above 65 years of age as they belong to the vulnerable category.

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4Temperature check and sanitization of hands:

For indoors and outdoors events make it mandatory to have the temperature check and sanitization of hands at the entry as a precaution and other common protocols to be followed by attendees.

5. Special discounts and reduced pricing on tickets

Most of the event attendees and guests would be expecting a discount and a profitable pricing package that will meet their budget and also makes it easier on their pockets to attend your event.

Attendees expect value in return for the risk they will take to attend an outdoor event and exposure to groups. Also, with the cap on finances due to the pandemic, it’s fair to sell tickets at a reduced rate.

6. Frequent sanitisation of the venues:

Clean surfaces, sanitisation booths and cleaning staff at the venue are what they would expect to see on arrival. 

Timely and frequent sanitisation of the venue, latrines post-events and pre-events will make the place look neat and give your attendees peace of mind.

 Industry grade sanitiser dispensers, foot sanitiser mats, UV sanitiser boxes for coats/jackets/ jumpers etc. can be installed at the entrance of the venue, to hit customer satisfaction.

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7. Better Sitting Arrangements:

Make sure the sitting arrangements for both indoor and outdoor events are neatly and appropriately spaced out and evenly placed across the venue, also remember to follow the social distancing sitting arrangements for event venues such as seating charts and algorithms followed in the UK.

8Gift Card For Ticket Refunds:

The event organisers can transfer the amount of the ticket value into a gift card which can be availed by the attendees later at your venue in case of last-minute cancellations.

In times of uncertainty, we cannot predict our chances of contracting the virus, testing positive and possible mandatory quarantine situations. So, it’s ideal to have a gift card policy in place to retain your attendees and encourage them to show up at future events.

9Online Payment Options: 

It is recommended that you should adopt the online payment option to have less contact, avoid the queue and for fast and easy transactions. 

Most of us are tired of attending events online as well as miss the human interactions and are looking forward to attending events offline but prioritizing safety and precaution first, these are the few basic expectations that your attendees would be contemplating in this new year, new normal 2021.

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