Friday 22nd January 2021

How to celebrate a birthday during coronavirus quarantine?

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Birthdays are special. One special day is different from another 365 or 364 days. 

The birth of new strains of Covid should not prevent you from celebrating your own birth. Let’s make it special with unique spices. 

By that, we mean taking into consideration health & safety standards.

Before you start reading our list of mind-boggling ideas, wear a mask.


This blog is not meant for the birthday boy or girl, but for those who are going to arrange for it – families and friends. 

Yes, Dear.

Of course, who makes arrangements for their own birthdays? 

If it’s your birthday that's coming up, pro tip – secretly share it with your friends and family. They are looking for this blog.

And now, let's start this journey. No seat belts are required.

1. Virtual Wishing and fun at zoom

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Okay, let's start with the birthday wishing ritual. 

Generally, people wish at 12 A.M sharp, but you may not get to meet your friend due tonight curfews and lockdown restrictions or if they are in quarantine.

So, arrange for a group video call instead. You guys can play some online games together, or just chit chat about the early birthdays or different memories. 

If you are lucky to find no restrictions in your city and the birthday boy/girl is free of covid and out of quarantine. Host a get-together for a small group of friends and give the surprise together. 

Sing together and give him/her some funny tasks. 

Wait a sec, you can also build a birthday cap. 

Design some weird ugly funny caps, post them and surprise the birthday celebrity in this edgy new way!

Adding a little fun is worth it. Honestly, he/she would love it.

We know that different age groups have different styles of celebration

For a child, it’s family members and friends on zoom, singing, and dancing. 

Yeah, kids love quizzes too if they have a reward waiting. 

For teenagers, it’s someone special who wants to wish first. It could be parents, friends or their lovers. 

For adults, it’s family and friends, recalling childhood memories. 

Everyone deserves a birthday treat, regardless of the age-group they fall in. 

2. Decorate the house

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When you can’t make it fancy outside, why not make your home fancy with dream decorations you often see on Instagram, Pinterest and Etsy? 

The house you always dream of. 

Okay, that's too much saying, but the environment matters a lot.

Start with the lights. Let no corner say, I can’t see.

Dedicate one wall for the big birthday sticker. With balloons and ribbons hanging on both sides. Below that you would love to place a table for the cake. Because the background is ready. 

Go creative this time. Don’t have a big “happy birthday sticker”? Make one. 

Create some origami or use paints and clay to create something hand-made. 

Perfection doesn't bring a smile, but your lovely funny efforts will (but try harder for a good one).

And lovely slow music in the background. 

Now that’s a beautiful “5 Star Hotel” at home. 

3. The gifts???

Photo by from Pexels

And here’s the main part! Gifts.

If you live far away, you can send the gifts to the birthday star via post. Please include a cute little sanitizer bottle pasted on your wrapped gift.

First sanitize the gift properly (the first thing you wanna give is, safety. Right?).

Add a funny note, on the sanitizer bottle, something saying “wash your hands, or I’m taking this back.” Anything which will motivate them to follow safety guidelines. 

If you live close to the birthday celebrity, then become a postman yourself to deliver your gift to respect social distancing. 

Place it at the doorstep with a balloon hanging with a sanitizer in it. 

These are some fun ways, by which you don’t make them feel that they are restricted and at the same time, ensuring their safety. 

4. Bake a Cake

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At home. Yes. Now don’t say you don’t know how to bake a cake.

You will find many tutorials on YouTube. 

You can't order from anywhere as it’s risky, so learn to make it. Even if it's small or doesn't have fancy icing, everyone loves homemade cakes (as long as it’s not ‘burnt-crispy’).

As we mentioned earlier.

Not perfection, efforts matter.

Or if you are thinking of ordering one and also want it to be corona-free, then order a home-made tasty Chocolate squidgy cake. It’s safe.

5. Arrange for online movie with friends

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Now, this idea carries a different emotion. Thanks to a lovely new software that makes this possible.

Netflix party is an app you can use to watch movies online together. It's free and it's amazing. You just need to make a room online, invite friends, and wu hooo. 

You can talk, pause, and do everything. Yeah, there are some disadvantages to using it. Not very much user-friendly.

So you can go for these alternatives: 

Syncplay and Discord.

Syncplay is amazing for syncing everyone’s window together so that you share a single screen. 

Discord is awesome to talk to your group while watching (That's needed).

Just make sure every participant has these two and yes, share a single same link to download the particular movie you wanna watch.

That’s it. 

An online movie theatre is set up. 

6. Let's go crazy 

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Don’t let him sit idle. Not for a sec. Surprises after surprises. Make every second best.

Let's divide the age groups in this one. You would agree with that.

Don’t let him sit idle. Not for a sec. Surprises after surprises. Make every second best.

Let's divide the age groups in this one. You would agree with that.

1. Kids (who will not bother if there’s corona or not) 

Look for your present – Are you planning to give the present the right way? Just like that?

Please don't. Make a maze or a big mystery. Some notes placed on different corners of the house or quarantine centre which contains a quiz. The answer will lead to another note hidden elsewhere and so on.

They will love it. Definitely!

Passing the parcel or maybe pop-pop – Well passing the parcel involves a lot of fun, asking them to sing or dance (whoever holds the parcel for that sec). 

For kids, you can also have bubble wrap on the floor or balloon bursts, and many fun games.

2. Teenagers (“I can do anything for you baby” types) 

Teenagers celebrate with friends too. That was never an issue. 

For those who want to celebrate with their friends, plan a mystery game. 

Get ideas from the “murder mystery theatre” and make a story. For more information on how to play murder mystery theatre, check out this link.

Connect everyone with zoom, and let the Birthday guy solve it. It’s amazingly wonderful.

But if you want to plan this day with your loved one, your first love (that’s what they love to call). Spend the birthday of your special someone online on virtual gaming platforms or apps.

Let's hope your partner lives nearby. Then take a lovely night walk together. Ice-creams and promises.

Give them a lovely safe present. Something like your photos together or handmade/personalized presents that will make your partner happy.

3. The elder ones 

Can't you act like kids just for one day? Okay, that's something out of a question for you, that's why a different para for you.

For you, the tasks are truth and dare. 

We can’t twist a bottle this time, so we will go turn by turn.

Or you can just have a “tell something we don’t know about you”, something mystical or unusual you have done or it’s done with you.

Or it’s a fair stage to play “Never have I ever”.

That will also make you realize what’s left to do. 

Well, design any way you like. 

7. Gather your neighbors or friends living in the same town 

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You can organize a little sweet party at home and invite your neighbors or friends who live nearby. 

Just be sure, their safety and your safety are in your hands because you are organizing this.

Having said that, and assuming you have decorated the home already, have fun together.

Make every meal at home (added layer on safety).

You can have amazing tasks and fun like a dance or singing competition or for elders, it can be a little cocktail party with snacks and sweets.

8. Potluck: Bring a Dish

Photo by Sophy Chen from Pexels

Yeah, this idea will do wonders. In terms of safety precautions that you don’t have to order food, it’s all homemade.

Every guest brings their own home-cooked dish to the birthday bash and voila! there is tons of variety to feast on. 

From grandma’s secret slow-cooked lamb to your friend’s homemade chocolate cake, it’s a day to feast on favorites.

Here are some potluck ideas for a small gathering in case they ask you what you’d like to have:    

  1. Potluck Enchilada Meatballs.
  2.     Beer Dip. 
  3.     Potluck German Apple Cake.
  4.     Loaded Baked Potato Dip
  5.     Party Appetizer Meatballs.

And the list can go on and on. You have hundreds of ideas available with you.                      

9.  Dress to Impress Theme 

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

A theme just adds flavors to the party. Yes, this is your day. So make everything special for you. Choose your favorite clothes and like it’s said it’s your day, make your outfit a theme.

Now that you can’t go out and flaunt your best outfit, why not flaunt it on video from where you are. 

Alternatively, you can set a dress code with the birthday boy/girl’s favorite color. Or, you can choose a very different theme. Something funny, with some props that every guest has to wear mandatory.

It just feels amazing when everyone follows you, everyone goes with your favorites, your choices, even if it's just for one day.

So these were 9 best ideas for celebrating the best birthday ever amidst
Corona outbreak. 

Don’t let anyone stop you from doing anything you love. Just make sure you follow the Corona guidelines, because safety comes first. 

If you think there are any other creative ideas that will fill this list, then comment below with the idea. Share it to as many friends as you can, they all need this information. 

And yeah, wish them from our (Bylde) side too.