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11 Benefits of Marketing in 2021

11 Benefits of Video Marketing in 2021 

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List of 11 Benefits 


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Video > Picture > Words

A video is most effective because it recites a story. And we as humans have tendencies to raise our eyes and ears for them.

The visuals always have a deep impact on our minds.

When we talk about video marketing specifically, it has become one of the key parts of the business ecosystem. And Due to this pandemic video has been one of the means of socializing.

Many factors make it of high relevance in the present and future too.

And the power of audience engagement that it possesses makes it a reliable investment.

The digital marketing industry has seen substantial growth over the past few years. The brands are keeping a major chunk of their marketing budget for digital space. In which video marketing has played a key role. 

There are tons of brands that got their customers from social media through video content. It has the potential of not only engaging with people but also turning them for conversions. 

So, I've listed 11 benefits of video marketing in 2021

1 - Storytelling

2 - The rise in Digital Marketing

3 - High ROI

4 - Social Media

5 - Marketing channels

7 – Comfort and Trusts

8 - Consumer Want

9 - Videos Boosts SEO

10 - Impact and Emotions

11 – The Process

1 - Storytelling

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Humanity is telling stories from ages and we as a human have evolved as a story lover in all these times.

A reel always narrates a story. And video marketing recites stories of brands.

Storytelling from the perspective of marketing is creating a narrative to communicate a vision/message. The whole striving is to make people feel and inspired enough to take action. It helps them to understand the need.  And it also humanizes your brand.

The brand always opts to present the story in the first place and then relate it to their product or services. And they do this using the tool, video marketing.

In these times a linear marketing strategy got close to no relevance. Our society as a market is always looking for reasons to take action. And this is where video marketing comes into play and acts as a stimulant. Making people think and then pushing them towards your intend is the ultimate goal.

2 - The rise in Digital Marketing

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Video marketing is one of the core branches of digital marketing as a whole. And Digital marketing as an industry. It has grown from $327 million – $968 million, in just a matter of five years. And is projected to go up around $478 billion by 2025.

And it is definite to create more and more space into the market as time passes. 

So basically, digital marketing and video marketing are equally proportionate. And it is bound to create fruitful conclusions for one another.

Investing in digital marketing by brands has risen due to various factors, be it analytics, storytelling audience engagement, etc.

Video content engages with the audience and presents the brand's product and services before potential customers.

The brands have started dedicating 30% of their marketing budget to digital marketing. Which was around 2-5% in 8 years back.

3 - High ROI

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The return on investment concerning video is quite high. As brands look for windows to engage with an audience, the video content becomes the gateway. 

When we speak about ROI concerning social media, around 88% of marketers are very satisfied with their efforts.

The connection that a video makes with the audience and after effect that it generates is worth every penny.

An estimated around 80% of all traffic will consist of a video by this year 2021.

And digital is a space where every movement is under the eyes and it's measurable.

So whatever we get on air it is tracked minutely. Giving us the privilege of making changes and additions whenever needed.

But all this does not happen with a magic wand. It takes tons of planning, research, and efforts to make all this possible. Although it's not rocket science and very much scalable.

4 - Social Media

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Social media has around 4.3 billion users worldwide. This means that you're just a click away from building a new customer, a conversion, engagement, etc.

Video as a piece of content has dominated the social channels completely. 6 out of 4 media channels where people consume video content are social.

Due to the high rise in social media platforms and users. The video content has skyrocketed.

And with the help of potential data. Now brands have turned out to be data-oriented.

The technology has given the privileged to filter out their audiences precisely. And just concentrate on the ones who can bring money onto their table.

And in that case, the video marketing compliments the brand vision.

5 - Marketing channels

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The contribution of video to different marketing channels is remarkable. Be it on social media, television, website, email, or any other form of visual media.

Social media as a marketing channel has dominated completely. It lends an opportunity to build community and communicate. Few things to keep in mind that don't emphasize sales. Rather look for building a relationship. And keep transparency.

People prefer a 5-minute video instead of reading an article.

Videos on landing pages are capable of increasing sales by 80%.

The brand release more than half of their engagement via videos because they that it simply works.

A video is no more just a part of the marketing strategy but a center point of all. As it got a track of proven results.

7 – Comfort and Trusts

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As per a report by Nielsen, 87% of people trust video ads. As result, it increases their purchase intent by 97% and brand association by 139%. It possesses a great power to influence customers. 

Comfort is preferred not just by you, rather by all.

A video comforts us all in a way that helps us to process the content in real-time with the least effort. And not just bombarding information.

It's wrapped up in a story form which makes it convenient and user friendly. And they even keep stimulating thoughts meanwhile.

Video marketing has bought a revolution in terms of customer approaches.

Although a lot of work is put in to achieve this level because simplicity is the most complex element on earth. It's hard to find.

8 - Consumer Want

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People spend around one-third of their time watching videos. It influences them to take action, be it buying a product, giving an email address, or just visiting a page. Every marketer needs to know that "Video Marketing Works."

Now customers prefer consuming video content from brands to any other form of content. They communicate, give feedback, engage, and even criticize the video. And the brands always respect their audience's expectations.

Video as a means of marketing rose with time and advancements in technology. And the supply only increases when there is potential demand for it.

Videos create an emotional bond with their audience and with time it got stronger.

One factor is also accessibility. Because of platforms like YouTube and social media, it has become very convenient for consumers to access video content.

And you can cost-effectively reach a wide audience.

Leveraging the potential, 85% of companies have increased their video marketing budget according to a study by Ascend2.

9 - Videos Boosts SEO

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YouTube is the second largest search engine and the first one is the google of course.

YouTube is owned by google so whatever video content you put out, it's all linked. 

And systematically tagged video will boost SEO and increases the ranking possibility.

There are searches where YouTube video ranks. And also a video is far easy to process than reading an article.

A video helps us in search engine ranking, open rates, click-through rates, and conversions.

Some studies state that 60% of online consumers are more likely to purchase a product after watching demonstration videos.

10 - Impact and Emotions

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As said earlier, a video has the greatest impact on people compared to any other form of communication.

Research says a piece of information that is seen and heard has more than an 80% rate of retention. And the rate drops to 20% for just seen and 10% for just heard.

As a video comprises of elements like background score, concept, artists, etc.

Taking complete charge of senses. For that span, it builds an emotional connection with the viewer.

This is the power of audio and visual when combined.

And people as a consumer are always looking for video contents for rich experiences.  

11 – The Process

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A video is an outcome of the extensive work of an organization behind the curtain.

It is made on basis of heavy market research, competitive analysis, studying target audience, etc. And then you get the voice of your advertisement.

And in the process of conducting research, you're enriched with the market facts and industry. In current times companies don't work upon mere predictions rather they're data-centric. All of their decisions big or small are based on data. And when you acquire data, the reality is onto the table.

This not only caters to video production but also helps to define/redefine your organization as a whole.

Later you can give out the job of video creation to a production house. And keep in mind quality is everything.


To reach a particular point, there are many ways. But there are some paths which have footprints, which have been walked by many. This qualifies it to be a proven one.

The same thing works here too, video marketing is not the only way to reach out to your goal. Instead, it is one such that has been tested through time. And it has come out with flying colors.

You as a marketer can give a variety of voices to your video. For instance, you can make it look and sound funny, educative, serious, patriotic, etc. Finding the right voice, message, appeal, all at the same time is challenging though. But the journey is adventurous and worth a shot.

Marketing is not just creating brand awareness in the market but also to build a bond, a relationship with your audience. And an interactive visual is our postmaster which takes our letter of message to people.

Apart from all the above, a video is an art that takes a lot of effort and creativity. And in a result, you get a crisp, clear story to put across to your audience.

And it's just worth it!

I hope you're on your way to creating one by now

So, let me know what it is in the comment section below!