Sunday 5th July 2020

For Investors

For Investors 

meetup alternative

We've been managing groups for over seven years now.

We used meetup as platform to do so and in altogether we had over 200+ groups with more than 300,000 active members.

But more importantly, we figured out what are the major issues with meetup and how to resolve them.

Now we have some top-ranking content on google which generate more than hundreds of unique visiter every month to our platform. These are not paid- we've actually not spent any money on ads. These are organic leads. They come from our YouTube videos, and the 1,000+ visits our blog post gets every month.

And the vast majority of them are people frustrated with meetup. An audience that is usually very hard to target with positive unit economics.

meetup alternative

The average small groups in UK has 500+ members and spends ~£200/yr. We are not the exception, and the problem is, the cost increases significantly when you manage more groups.

I like to think I'm organised with these expenses, and I often see myself checking my invoices.

When I attempted to find a platform which cost less, I realised all available options are focused on groups larger than 1000 members and have some kind of sponsorship available with them. They are very difficult to use and have an excruciating monthly recurring cost attached. 

These are not known brands; at least not all of them. But the small groups like us, have a problem. The average group under 1000 members has at least 1 event every month, 2 to 3 notification emails sent by admins, and an average of 20 tickets to sell when its a paid event. The other problem is bringing people to the events. Because if you don't have a big following how will you bring people in your events. 

And this is, of course, continuing to grow. So how can we solve this for small groups, where there's an absolute focus on optimising expenses and making events successful. 

We have created an easy to use platform which enables group admins to start, grow and manage there groups without nasty fees. 

We can connect to Facebook graph API's and publish each event on it. This brings attention to the events from people not on our platform.  We can even recommend and upcoming events via our newsletter. More importantly, we can optimise the overall event expenses.

meetup alternative

Online Group Management platforms like meetup, citysocializer and groupspace have a huge monthly fee. Bylde charges only £12 a year to manage a single group.

We understand that this product needs to start as a free product. So joining groups and attending free events will be absolutely free for users. I know that first hand if someone asks me to pay to join-in a group, I will say NO.

We can monetise that audience by offering sponsored recommendations, but our real focus is groups that have the potential to scale. That is where our Basic paid package comes in. We have the capacity to sell a £12/Year product with little to no touch sales.

We've been doing it for five years on different platforms, to the same audience. So why not to do it on our own platform.

And in the future, we think there's massive potential for Bylde to be integrated directly into other social platforms: allowing customers to manage ticket sales from one single platform and not having to publish and manage their events on 42 different systems. Or go to each one of these systems to sell event tickets.

But first, we need a presence. We need a reliable platform with a solid user base. Once again, leveraging our existing audience for initial traction is our first step. Our website gets thousands of organic hits per month. Our YouTube channel gets hundreds of organic views per month. And we planned to publish more useful content so that this would increase again organically. 

meetup alternative

After its launch. We want to understand how people react. We want to understand if people sign up for our product how will be there the first impression. What features they would like to add up.

We expect to open this to the general public in August, and we project to reach our first £10K in MRR by the end of this year.

A bit on our addressable market, there are 1200+ groups with average of 500 members in the UK- that is our initial target. However, we are making sure we can also integrate with companies involved in the small and medium-size event management in Europe, a market that we know all too well.

Membership platforms have been around since 2002, and some of them are rather well funded; however, as I said, not a single one of them focuses on ease of use and affordable costing for the group admins.

It's just unsustainable to make outbound sales on groups this size, with lower LTVs. That is our advantage. That is why other companies trying to compete for these markets will struggle to reach the exposure.

I also believe that we are coming in with a brand name that can become a true reference to genuine groups. No offence to meet-up, where every 4th member is a fake id with a fake picture.

This is our team. I myself have more than 12 years of product management experience where as wayne has been managing 200+ groups on meetup around the world.

Amy is our Content Manager and is involved directly in our content marketing and organic exposure.

Currently, with traffic we receive on our platform and first-hand social media advertising we feel that we will be able to reach our goal by the end of the year. We envision leveraging this massive audience to support us for developing more relevant product features tailored to the needs of these users. That is also the reason why we don't want to raise VC money at the moment. We don't need it to get this product to market and prove that there's a need for it. The great thing about getting organic traffic is we can fund our startup ourselves and with your help.

If things move as we expect them too, we'll likely be raising money in early-2021, so if you'd be interested in learning more- please reach out to us at by clicking this link.

We have some great perks gracious enough to pledge. You can pledge £49 which will give you lifetime access to Start, Grow and Manage your group. 

Every pledge brings us one step closer making bylde better and user friendly. 

If you can't pledge please do share our campaign on your social media.

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