Monday 15th March 2021

Top 11 SAAS Entrepreneurs in the Australia - Entrepreneurs near me

Software as a Service (or Saas) is a way of delivering applications over the Internet as a service. Instead of installing and maintaining software, you simply access it through the internet, freeing yourself from the usage of complex software and hardware management. SaaS applications are sometimes called Web-based software, on-demand software, or hosted software. Whatever the name, Saas applications run on SaaS provider's servers. The provider manages access to the application, including security, availability, and performance.

There are many SaaS Entrepreneurs in Australia as well as all around the globe. If you are keen and want to know about SaaS from professionals and want to be an Entrepreneur you can join this group named SaaSpreneurs, based in Gisborne Victoria Australia. This is a Group/Community which brings together business-minded entrepreneurs and there they collaborate their ideas for the betterment and growth of their own brands. The Organizer of this Group/Community Mr. Mike Lester Rosales says "I started this group to meet fellow entrepreneurs and business-minded people interested to grow their business with software technology." 

The Top 11 SaaS Entrepreneurs.

1. Mike Cannon-Brookes (CEO of Atlassian), Net Worth: $1.6 Billion.

Atlassian products JIRA and TRELLO improve software development project management, collaboration, and code quality.
Mike Cannon-Brookes, born in November 1979. Son of a global banking executive and also named Mike. Completed his graduation from the University of New South Wales with a bachelor's degree in information systems on a UNSW Co-op Scholarship. He is married to Annie Todd and they have 4 children. They both lived in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs in Centennial Park. In 2018 they bought Australia's most expensive house 'Fairwater' for approx. A$100 Million. Cannon-Brookes also acquired in 1923 built heritage residence, Verona. This heritage was designed by architect Leslie Wilkinson and was located in Double Bay. He acquired it for A$17 Million. 

2. Will Strafach (CEO of Guardian), Net Worth: $182 Million.

Will Strafach formed the company Guardian which is the safest and most secure way to protect your privacy and data while using apps and browsing the internet on the IOS.
Will Strafach is an Information Security Researcher and Data Privacy Expert. He is known from the early days of iPhone Jailbreaking as the founder of Chronic Dev Tea., producing jailbreaks released to the public promoting user control of devices over Apple's control. 
His Speciality includes embedded device hacking, close-access network exploitation, and ARM reverse engineering. He is also the founder of, a mobile app intelligence service that provided visibility into code and behaviors within any IOS app.

3. Melanie Perkins (CEO of Canva), Net Worth: $105 Million.

Canva is a software that is used to create designs which have drag and drop feature and layouts to design Business cards, Presentation, Professional Resumes and many more.
Melanie Perkins, born in Perth in Western Australia. Her Mother was an Australian-born teacher and her father a Malaysian engineer of Filipino and Sri Lankan descent. She attended Sacred Heart College. By the age of 14, she had her first business, selling handmade scarves at shops and markets in Perth. She had an interest in Kite Surfing and has also traveled the world extensively and credits a trip to India as a life-changing experience.
Her Partner Obrecht proposed to her on her trip to Turkey's Backpacker-friendly Cappadocia. In an Interview, Melanie said that She and her fiance loved to do charity and would love to donate most of their fortune to charity. They got married in January 2021 on Rottnest Island.

4. Mark Rice (CEO of PageUp), Net Worth: $50 Million.

PageUp is an HR software that delivers outstanding support and experiences for HR Teams, hiring managers, candidates, and employees.
Mark Rice is an Experienced professional with almost 25 years of global finance, operational, and accounting experience in private and public organizations. He joined PageUp as Chief Operating Officer (COO)/Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in November 2011, taking over the position of CEO in July 2019. With more than 9 years of Experience with Dell, Mark gained valuable experience in international markets as CFO for Dell Markets in The United Kingdom, EMEA, Australia, and China. Mark pioneered costing and pricing strategies, developed financial/operational reporting systems, unified regionally dispersed finance teams, and drove significant increases in both revenue and profitability while being in this position.

5. Didier Elzinga (CEO of Culture Amp), Net Worth: $39.5 Million.

Culture Amp is the People and Culture platform that makes it easy to collect, understand, and act on employee feedback. They have a motto 'Build a better world of work.'
Didier Elzinga was the CEO of Rising Sun Pictures (Leading Hollywood Visual Effects Company) and Founder of Rising Sun Research (Winner of Technical Academy Award). He is also a non-executive director at The Atlassian Foundation and The Alfred Research Foundation. He thereby presents widely on culture and creativity and what it takes to build a culture first company in Silicon Valley.
He describes Culture Amp as 'At Culture Amp we are focused on building a new type of company, a company that truly puts culture first. It is this focus that allows our people to deliver on our promise of a platform that powers culture-focused companies everywhere.'  

6. Jonathan Rubinsztein (CEO of Infomedia), Net Worth: $27.7 Million.

Infomedia is a leading global provider of Saas solutions to the parts and service sector of the automotive industry. Made its presence in the market in 1987, Infomedia supplies online parts selling systems, sophisticated service selling systems, a range of publications, as well as data analysis and information research for automotive and lubricant industries.
In an interview when asked about his very first business Jonathan says "When I was 15, I started buying and selling high-fi equipment out of my parent's garage in Cape Town, South Africa. I made a decent coin" and when asked about what he would do if he was the Prime Minister for a day he says that he would revamp the national broadband network and make it cost-effective and he would be restructuring the carbon tax.
Jonathan Rubinsztein was appointed as the CEO and Managing Director of InfoTech in March 2016. Mr. Jonathan Rubinsztein was the founder, CEO, and shareholder of UXC Red Rock Consulting. He also was a Founding Director of RockSolid SQL. Mr. Rubinsztein has also been a guest lecturer at the University of Sydney Business School and a participant at the TED(Technology, Entertainment, and Design) conferences. He was also awarded the IT Professional of the Year 2013 (AIIA award NSW). 

7. Ashik Ahmed (CEO of Deputy), Net Worth: $22.6 Million.

Deputy is an easy-to-use employee scheduling, time clock, and timesheet software.
In an interview when asked about the first job he said "My first job was as an hourly paid shift worker at Hunger Jacks in 1997. I earned $5.22 an hour and tips were not accepted. I don't think it was the worst job, but I believe that it could have been better, which is something that inspires me today." He even said that he used to look up to Steve Jobs and Lars Dalgaard as his life inspiration. The book which was his favorite was 'The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz. He says that the book was great at showing us the difference between good and great and it also talks about the challenges and how to survive in the world of technology. He also said that it feels like he is living it every single day.

8. Lauren Hall (CEO of iVvy), Net Worth: $10 Million.

iVvy is the leading provider of Hiring online venue and event management and online ticketing software.

Lauren Hall says that she asked for $10 from her father and her father gave her the riot act by saying that money doesn't grow on trees. It was then where Lauren decided never to ask for money again and she never did till this day 30 years later. She started working 3 jobs delivering the newspaper, selling cards door to door, and babysitting children all at the age of 9. This trend then led to her raising capital for her own education, car, and her own living quarters and then building her own companies.
Telling about how she manages her personal and professional life she says that she eats, sleeps, and breathes her business, trying to manage her health and her 2 young boys. She believes balance is different for everyone and in her case the most important person has been her husband to rely on. Spending her time with her family and friends was nutrition for her soul and was really needed for her peace of mind. She even adds up that getting enough sleep and have proper exercise can be important factors to manage stress. 

  9. Shaun Mitchell (CEO of Ocean), Net Worth: $8.1 Million.

Ocean is a leading provider of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) solutions that improve safety, drive operational efficiency, and deliver significant ROI to the customers. Ocean's solutions are now trusted by 13 military services and used in 14 countries around the world. Their products are designed to maximize operational effectiveness wherever there is a need to coordinate multiple facilities, people, and resources in a high-risk and complex environment.
Shaun Mitchell is passionate about seeing companies achieve their potential, particularly through high growth phases. He focuses on roles where he can tangibly add values to any work he executes. He can add value to work both strategically and tactically, maximizing the profit of his brand and providing sustainable growth.
He also strives to maintain a highly ethical workplace that encourages innovation, open communication, and looks up to personal and professional development. With 30 years of experience in IT, in different types of roles and industries, and 15 years at an executive level, now at Ocean Shaun is focused on sustainable growth and success of the company and its people.

10. Omar Zenhom (CEO of WebinarNinja), Net Worth: $7.7 Million.

WebinarNinja is software that lets you create, host, and share a Webinar.
Omar Zenhom being a speaker and a podcast host has said many things about himself and his life. He has expressed many feelings where he says that He's 40 but feels like he should be 50 and that's because of all the experience that he gained in his career. He started working at 11 where he used to wash cars at a luxury car dealership with his dad. He's an Egyptian-American. He has been a fan of Michael Jackson all his life. He loved to read and used to read almost 50 books in a year and non-fiction was his genre. His fav movie was 'Inception' as he used to dream every night. He loves to be with Old people and he says that we unnecessarily glamorize youth. He has stayed in Dubai for 10 years of his life as earning money there was good. He is Old school by his nature and prefers to talk to people in person instead of talking with them on a call. He is a pretty good dancer and he used to professionally dance on stage back in Egypt for a National Folkloric performance group.

11. Dave Whittle (CEO of Lexer), Net Worth: $6 Million.

The Lexer Customer Data Platform helps different brands and retailers genuinely understand their customers and engage them with the experiences they deserve.
Dave Whittle loves skiing down snowy mountains and is also passionate about uphill cycling. He often loves to have a run near the beach or likes swimming at one. He even likes to do farming so when he isn't growing a team he grows veggies.
Dave Whittle has spent his career applying a passion for creativity, data, and technology to drive transformative growth. David has been the CEO of Lexer since mid of 2014, he led the exponential growth and he also attracted an innovative team including brands like M&C Saatchi and Experian Alumni who deliver the creative approach to data that sets Lexer apart.
David is the youngest ASX 200 Non-Executive Director when he joined the board of Australia's largest department store in 2015. Before Lexer, he spent a decade with M&C Saatchi, locally and globally building the digital practice, starting new agencies, and ultimately was promoted as the Managing Director of M&C Saatchi Group in Australia.

In the SaaS Industry, how much capital can I raise for 20-30 Equity?

Saas Industry is totally dependent on the profits which are made by the company using the SaaS Technology. As in the company, Atlassian with a net worth of $1.6 Billion having equity of 20-30% will surely make it profitable. So choosing a well-settled brand will be the priority to raise capital through equity in the SaaS Industry.