Tuesday 23rd February 2021

How to create and Run a Motorcycle Riding Group Online

Riding a bike is so fun. And people have so many aspirations for their first bike and are so emotionally connected with it.

If you're a bike enthusiast, somewhere or at some point you would have thought of joining a bike club, group, or community.

A bike for men is not just an instrument to help you to commute from one place to another rather a partner who's with you always.

You take care of them and he takes care of you. So, there is an intimate relationship. Riders participate in the online groups for events, gatherings, meet-ups, rides, etc.

So there is a great opportunity for you to host some sort of groups for riders. Which carry a specific symbol, agenda, and motive.

Being a part of one gives you an exposure to interact with other like-minded people who share similar likeness as yours.

A group or a bike club is a place where people get together, showcase their "Beasts" and other socializing elements.

In current circumstances where the whole world is suffering due to the covid 19 pandemic, there have been guidelines issued from respective governments to maintain physical distance and other precautions. For the safety of our health.

And due to all of these, we are unable to participate in club events that used to happen physically.

So, now what’s the solution to all these problems?

Well, now you can host yourself and an online biker group where you can invite people who possess the same passion as yours.

There are a bunch of bike lovers who are missing a lot of fun and adventure that they'd have in all these physical clubs.

So it would even be a great opportunity for you to leverage.

You can even have a subscription or a joining face for the participants but this thing will be proportionate to what you're offering as a host.

Although we cannot replicate everything from a physical event for sure we can contribute to some extent right.

When we talk about hosting an online bike group there are few things to consider and if you are quite a skeptic if it even makes any sense. And even why somebody should even create one.

If I've to mark reason first, you will get to see a lot of new "Beasts" (bikes), something that you will adore the most.

There are would-be new machines that would come with people.

And I can assure you that you’ll be amazed by the kind of bikes you’ll be introduced to. Some new releases or old vintages also if you own luck.

All I would say is that reality would be beyond your expectations.

So now with new bikes, there are people who’re going to carry them with themselves.

Again a strong point for the creation of a group that is “People”. You’re going to meet new people, have them as friends, etc.

And let’s just be honest don’t we get a bit bored when something starts being monotonous. Be it an activity or even for that say, people.

Something new always excites us as a human. Always.

And the more we get the less it feels.

And not to mention the amount of fun you're going to have along the journey.

Now based on different factors I’ll mention a few types of groups that you can consider hosting. 

You can choose your own umbrella in the context of organizing a group.

So here I'll be listing down –

3 Types of Online bike riding groups that you can create -

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1- Brand oriented bike groups –

So in this kind of group what you can do is that host member which has a particular brand of bike. Like for instance a host, a group called an HD gang.

In this group people who possess a Harley Davidson bike can be part of the party. So you can host a ride where all the Harley holders will participate and go for the journey.

It can be short or long as per your choice. These groups can also be helpful if any of the members face some issue with their bikes so they can even consult with each other.

This can sort the matter there itself or can help you to connect with the right person. A group is also in that matter a point of socializing factor with fellow people.

There is a lot of potential and scope in hosting these groups.

There are tons of brands out there and you can target them specifically

2- Luxury Bikes –

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So these group members possess a luxury bike.

The high-end models of brands such as tiger, Harley Davidson, Indian, Royal Enfield, Bugatti, Benelli, etc.

You can host events for the members so they all can get up and contribute to the social aspect of the group.

Hosting an online group for high-end brands will require a certain level of preparation from your side as well.

So you need to possess that sense and capability. Getting members will demand connections and top-notch constant engagement.

Frequently get along with your members through different activities. It isn't significant to organize only high-budget long road trips rather than host a trip to your city's outskirts with the gang.

So that you can return back on the very same day.

In the busy lives of people, you can add a few moments of adventure and fun.

3- A Geographic location Based groups –

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You can even host a local biking group based on your geographic region.

For instance, you can have a bike group called "London Riders" where people from that region 

can participate.

Hosting social events, bike-outs, rallies, trips, etc. at an interval.

You can go beyond the horizon set here for you, and explore the vast possibilities. There is no hard and fast rule. Go wild.

And the physical events mentioned above can only be carried out in a normal environment, unlike in present times.

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The online event also has its own perks and something that literally is a boon for all of us is that we’ve got time. To spend with our families, friends, and loved ones.

And as people loosen up with their official works.

So they can divert it somewhere for all these activities.

Getting along with new people and experiencing life’s new colors.

And meanwhile giving utmost priority to health by staying indoors.

Hosting your Live event –

There are plenty of tools and software that you can use to host your online event.

In this time of the pandemic, there were platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, MS-Teams, etc. who made our lives so much convenient and stress-free.

By using these platforms corporates carried out their works in all these months.

You can use them at your convenience and familiarity.

Although when we move in-depth to the functionalities of these tools there are a lot of factors involved.

For instance, you can interact with your attendees in applications like Teams and Zoom by audio/video of course but you can also perform polls and other written communications in real-time. Which is not possible in Google Meet.

So make sure you have a clear understanding before you make a choice because of course if you keep on switching this will not leave a good impression on members.

Now there are few creative and specialist platforms that have the potential to satisfy all your needs of hosting your group.

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Facebook Groups –

Something which doesn’t need much of an introduction.

It’s a go-to platform if someone is planning to host a group of any genre.

They have a simple interface with a minimal registration process. You also have the feature of live streaming. Where people can participate and have fun along.

And FB groups are a place where you share your thoughts on particular subjects, memes, photos, videos, etc.

Just have fun.

Twitch –

On this platform, you create your page and get people to subscribe to it.

This is highly opted by the streaming parties. That is you get the feature just like FB to perform live streaming.

You can be very interactive with the attendees via questions and polls.

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Things to do in your online bike group –

Now that people trusted you and got themselves registered in your designated groups it’s your responsibility to complement their time now.

They’re here to get entertained right? So now it’s time to organize some fun events for them.

1- Competition – Host a sort of event which addresses all members and sparks a healthy rivalry among them for the trophy or some rewards.

Competition can be for instance, who can wash the bike fastest or who can change the tires in the least time, best bike, etc.

This will create a lot of fun and camaraderie among the members. And of course a lot of fun.

2- QnA – A question-answer event somewhat like a quiz will also result in great success.

You can create questions about bikes, their releases, price, owner of the brand, brand ambassadors, etc.

This will definitely challenge the members to a certain level. And giving them some dopamine if they got it right.

You can let people recite stories of brands as to how they started, grew, and became a benchmark in the industry.

And the best story wins!

3- Special Appearances –

You can also invite celebs from this world of Bikes who can be a moto vlogger or a racer or even a person who possesses a great collection of bikes.

Host them in your show and let people interact and enjoy.

These are the ways and checkpoints as to how you will be able to host your online bike group and run it successfully.

I hope you enjoyed the article and it added some value to your time.

And also if I’d missed any crucial point to make or you want to suggest me something

Please do let me know in the comments below.