Thursday 11th February 2021

9 creative ideas for online meetup

Yes, we all are craving human interaction since the pandemic has locked us all at home. Weekends and Friday nights have suddenly disappeared.

Everyday doing the same work on the computer is drifting us away from our social life.

So, why not become creative and have online fun by creating some creative online meetups with your family or friends or even strangers

Here are nine creative ideas that will add fun to your boring life

1: Online Quiz:

Virtual Quiz


This is critical. One person must make a call on how you are going to ascertain and listen to one another, and it's to be the bare minimum to establish a Quiz Master.

Tons of individuals are using Zoom, but if you're worried about exactly how private it i's after last year's hacking scandal and the way that trolls were ready to get in on meetings they weren't invited to, you've other options.

House Party has become the new platform that's had a sudden increase in users since the lockdown, and while it feels a touch old fashioned, it is easy to use on your phone and fairly reliable. 

Here one person should arrange and host the call for the Quiz

Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Pick your Quiz and video calling platform
  2. Please, tell others to share their screen
  3. Get some questions together
  4. Structure the quiz accordingly
  5. Keep the music running in the background
  6. Snacks are not optional
  7. Keep prizes

The real quiz is between friends.

2: Virtual movie night:

Movie Night


 If you are a movie lover and miss all those weekend movie nights with your friends so here is what you can do. Invite your friends and family to Virtual movie night.

Yes, you won't get the same feeling as a cinema hall but the good thing is you can keep communicating and have gossips on chats while watching movies. 

Virtual movies can be watched on streaming sites like Amazon, Netflix, etc.

You can host up to 100 people, yes it's like a mini theatre audience.

The theatres won't open any soon, all the movies are being released on OTT platforms, never know all the movies getting released online rather than the big giant theatres

3: Virtual Birthday Party:

Online Birthday Celebration


Yes, the people who have their birthdays during the lockdown period will be cursing the pandemic. So you can make their day by creating online events with all your friends and make the birthday memorable.

Send an invite link to your birthday friend and sing “Happy Birthday” after he logs in. All of you can share a good story of your friend to make him special.

Yes, the cake cutting and dinner party won't be there this time but you can make this creative way to celebrate when your friend is missing his birthday.

For tips on hosting virtual birthdays for your family or friends, Check out our article How to Celebrate a Birthday during Coronavirus quarantine.

4: Guess the movie: 

Guess the movie


This is the game we all have played in our childhood, if not try now virtually.

Check your movie knowledge against your friends online. There are many applications where you can create a room with your friends and start playing.

Here one person can tell some parts of the movie by giving small hints and his partner has to answer the question. It's long going and a fun game which you can play with your friend, family members or even join the unknown groups where they keep a lot of exciting rewards

5: Bingo:



This is one of the famous virtual video gaming tools which is available easily. This game can be played with words or numbers that can easily be made anywhere. There is an online generator that will help you to keep the count. When you win feel free to shout out loud Bingo! Because it's part of the game. Make sure you play it for fun and offering the winner some cookies or chocolates

6: Virtual Open Mic

Virtual Open Mic


As the host of a standard open mic setting, You create an area where the performers feel comfortable and speak well and also no issue with the audience ambiance. This is often done by stating the expectations within the beginning of the event and repeating them periodically because the show goes on. However, you furthermore may have the advantage of sharing your expectations within the invitation email also as using visual cues. You will be able to explain those within the article. Use the “Zoom” app for this event.

Make sure you fix the date, time, and duration of the event. The host must be ready, a few minutes before the event, Only after the host joins in the attendees and performers should then join. Make sure that the host has all the admin features of the app so there won't be any technical issues.

7:Health and Wellbeing Activities

Home Meditation


Many people are battling physical and psychological state during the pandemic, and incorporating these sorts of activities into your event may be a great way to modify things up and deliver unexpected value to attendees. Sitting in the home all day without any activity will make the health worse and it will affect when the lockdown opens up.

Teens especially are having junk food and it will also affect their career if they don't have a good health

Depending on the format of your event, you'll organize a brief workout or meditation break in between sessions, or have a separate stream for these sorts of activities so that the workout session keeps on rolling .including a fun workout break to urge everyone to move, which will be an enormous hit with attendees!

8: Cooking or Cocktail Class

Online Cooking Class


Who doesn't like eating and everyone staying home is just focusing on eating along with work. So make the most of it by learning how to cook as there is ample time near you

Virtual cooking or cocktail classes are fun options for an event. All you would like to try to do is locate a cook, and have everyone take part from their kitchens. Since the pandemic hit, people can't leave and socialize like they want to.

By providing a cooking or mixology class, you'll give attendees much-needed social contact while allowing them to find out some new skills, all from the comfort of their home. Consider sending kits beforehand so that participants will have everything they have for the category, or at the very least, provide an inventory of ingredients for

9: Online mystery 

Online Mystery 


This is a digital combat classic mystery banquet, where guests attend as different characters and must work to reveal the murderer among them. This activity isn't only a fun game, but it also forces players to figure together, so it is often ideal for team building.

Several companies now run virtual murder mysteries and may help when it involves planning and running this sort of event because it is often quite complex. Some even happen over several months, which may be an excellent thanks to keeping employees connected during long stretches of remote work.

We know nothing can beat face-to-face events but no matter what kind of meetup you host, these are some fun ideas that will keep on entertaining you and build strong connections virtually with your friends and family. 

So set a date and send invites to your friends and start creating online meetups.

Let us know how your experience was after doing these online meetups.