Wednesday 11th November 2020

9 Tips for hosting successful online events during covid-19

Welcome to the world with no boundaries, one which is not affected by this pandemic and has actually grown stronger and bigger.

Nowadays people are working from home, studying from home. Well, we cannot get out of houses due to the pandemic and we need to balance our work and social life. Surprisingly, introverted people are now socialising without meeting in person but through online platforms. So, people are adapting to this new era of socialising.

It's now time for social gathering, watching movies, business events and even dating to move online.

Events in general require a lot of planning. But, hosting “successful” online events often require careful planning in place. Because, it’s easier dropping off an event online than walking out of a physical room.

Don’t worry! Bylde has got your back.

We’ve put together 9 tips to help you host a successful online event, where your audience will enjoy a great experience and come back to you for more events.

Customise your event plan with a checklist

  1. What kind of event do you want it to be? 
  2. Will there be any charges for the event or just a free pass?
  3. How many people should be invited?
  4. Is it a social event or a corporation?
  5. how are we going to promote?
  6. Is it going to be live ?

Checklists help you plan, structure and customise events. Few points to include and consider when preparing a checklist:

Such questions should be kept in mind while hosting an online event.



Research your Audience with Surveys

Give out surveys to get to know the people better in the group and start with some common grounds. Like google forms or any other survey provider of your choice.

This will help you get an idea on what interests them, what excites them and what they expect from an online event. 

Knowing exactly what attendees want will help you customise the event accordingly.



Finalise event details

Now that you have a custom plan in place according to your audience’s preference. It is time to finalise the event details. Some questions to consider:

  1. Date and time to schedule the event? 
  2. In terms of place, decide on the broadcast channel? Is it going to be on zoom or google meet?
  3. Event for the theme?
  4. Will there be a dress code?



Set rules and regulations for attendees

With busy schedules, we tend to overlook knitty-gritty of plans. Now that the event is finalised and everything is ready. We need to stick to rules to execute the plan successfully. 

Imagine hosting an online event to give training to associates and the attendees disrupt the event by turning mics on, singing and sharing their screens. Total disaster!

Therefore, a list of rules should be set down and addressed before people enter the event.

Everyone who wants to attend the online event should accept all the rules and regulations. Attendees must know exactly what they can and cannot do during the event.



Promote your Event

Now that the event structure is ready and you’ve set down the rules. It is time to promote it!

To make people aware of this event, you must promote it on different platforms like facebook instagram, linkedin, twitter. At Bylde, we promote every scheduled event on all our socials. It is completely hassle free and with no cost.



Manage your Attendees

Once you have a list of attendees. Go through it and filter the list to prevent intruders and scammers. For exclusive events , not everyone can be allowed. So, you must filter the list for the event to take place without disruption.

Ensure that all attendees fulfil the eligibility criteria. 

Also, in the middle of an event, if some people are ruining the decency of the group, they should be removed the very second.



Engage with your Attendees

It is the key to host an event. Events are all about groups, communities and socialising. Ask people to share their views, comments or questions. So, they don't feel left out.

A successful event is one where everyone gets to enjoy and spend good time collectively.



Ensure Internet Connectivity

The last thing you would want is for the internet to crash during an event and for people to drop off due to poor network/ network lags/ repeated reconnection events. Also, since it's an online event, ensure you have proper internet connection at all times for the event to go on uninterrupted from start to finish.



Have a Contingency Plan ready 

You should be ready to solve the problems that may arise during an event and be prepared to solve them instantly in the time of crisis. Work out situations that can disrupt your event and keep a plan in place to execute if things go the other way in the middle of an event. This way you can ensure that the event can go on smoothly.



In these uncertain times, don’t grow distant from real world connections. 

Also, don't forget to write, share and subscribe.

These were 9 tips that will help you host a successful event. Which tip did you find most useful?