Tuesday 19th January 2021

10 Must-have Apps for Event Planners & Wedding Planners

Event planners have one among the foremost misunderstood professions. People are constantly telling them that they might like to have their job. 

They always sound easy because they are being paid just for planning? But the truth is that event planning is extremely diligent.

The event planning system involves critical tasks like planning proposals, managing the budget, handling guest lists, etc and who takes responsibility for these critical tasks? Event Planners.

Time is important regarding the wedding or event planning so they have to precise in their work. One small mistake in details or finance figures can collapse an event and cost your career. 

Using technology for event planning will make their work easy and fast. So here are the top 10 apps that top event planners use to host successful events.

1: Evernote

Evernote app

When it comes to taking notes and using them to get work done and to have the app that does all the synchronization in all the devices is absolutely necessary.

Evernote has long been a pacesetter among note-taking apps, though the corporate has made criticism over the years for hiking prices, gutting the free version, and not addressing major concerns that power users raise.

Nevertheless, in terms of functionality, you will be satisfied with its service that does everything Evernote does, which is why it remains an Editors' Choice. That said, it isn't the simplest fit for everyone.

The high price may be a turnoff for many. Therefore the free version is sufficient for those who like the simplest, most capable note-taking app. 

2: The Weather Channel

Weather Report

A weather app that’s more detailed than the one which is in built-in your mobile. The Weather Channel app is a reliable source for users to urge all of their current weather data.

The app features long and short-range forecasts, videos, news, and also radar maps for the past and future.

It alerts users of great weather local to their area and provides the power to storm watch. The app supplies users with all the important weather aspects, like sunrise and sunset time, humidity, dew point, and more.

It also lets users report the conditions they experience to assist improve the app's accuracy therein area. This app is free to download on both Android and IOS stores.

3: Super Planner

Event planner

Let’s face it, dimensions and calculations are often slow, which is why Super Planner is so great! 

This all-encompassing app takes the guess-work out of the design process because it includes a spread of event management tools. 

The app contains sections like:

  1. Food and Beverage.
  2. Audio, and 
  3. Venue Capacity. 

Each section provides the user handy calculators, many of which help in areas of seating, catering, or pricing. 

The app also includes setting and staging diagrams to make sure no details are overlooked. It also gives tips for projection and keynotes and much more who can say no to tips, right?

4: Planning Pod

Event planning

If you have less knowledge of technology, using many apps can be a bit confusing. It can get especially difficult if you are not used to handling a great number of files spread across all platforms.

So, your best option might be a Planning pod because this application is designed for event planners. This app has more than twenty tools related to event management.

Planning Pod lets users create all their budgets, send files, and calculate time spent working on events. 

Services are offered on a subscription basis and support is provided via phone, email, live chat, and a web help center.

5: Eventzilla

Event Registration

Selling tickets is the first of many hurdles for event planners, and it is easy to get caught up within the registration process.

This app has an automatic registration process by creating embeddable widgets, where it manages the list of people attending and building attractive landing pages where attendees can check-in.

There are options to make customized sales widgets or buttons which will be added to a WordPress site, a Facebook page, or a Twitter feed.

The event registration forms are often completely written from scratch to collect all the knowledge you would like, whether it's specific food requirements or song requests for the DJ.

Eventzilla has many payment gateways, like PayPal, Square, and Stripe. Individual discount codes are often found out and simply applied for early-bird tickets or groups of attendees.

And on the day of the event, attendees can download the app to manage their tickets and sign up online.

6: Table Plan

Event organizer app

Table planning is the hardest thing to keep all their guests happy. Table Plan makes the process a little easy by allowing you to easily add as many guests as you like before moving them around on the screen.

You can set all together different restrictions, then by leaving the app to do it automatically if you want. The app is freehand only available on ios.

7: Doodle

Time scheduling

Doodle works well for scheduling a time and date for both professional and private events, and for sharing your availability with others.

Whether you're organizing a family dinner or an all-hands meeting, Doodle features a friendly interface and therefore the right options to form simple meals for everybody.

It is also one of the few meeting schedulers with mobile apps for both Android and iOS. 

The mobile app is simple and intuitive, while the web version is not clear so the mobile app makes a perfect candidate for on-the-go meeting scheduling.

With a paid Doodle membership, you get advanced meeting scheduling features, like the power to quickly see who hasn't answered a poll yet and support those you've invited, also as custom branding for MeetMe pages.

By connecting Doodle to Zapier, you can inform people when you will create a replacement Doodle, Or else you can share the results of your doodles with recipients.

8: Zkipster

Zkipster is management software and occasion planning that can be used for businesses in invite only events

The software allows brands, non-profits, governments, and event agencies to effectively and efficiently manage their events, ultimately leading to an excellent guest experience.

The web-based solution enables staff to manage events from anywhere and perform event registrations and check-ins even using their mobile devices.

It helps remove the need of using paper and spreadsheet-based methods to manage events and invitations. The publisher claims that the software could reduce the typical check-in time to only 2 sec/guest.

The guest picture sourcing feature ensures that gatecrashers are kept out and only authorized guests make their way into an occasion.

9: Slack

Messaging app

Slack is essentially the best messaging app you can have.

It's meant for teams and workplaces for use across multiple devices and platforms. It comes with robust features that allow you to not only chat one-on-one with associates but also in groups.

You can upload and share files with them too. Slack also integrates with other apps and services so you'll control almost every setting, including the power to make your own emoji.

To get the foremost out of Slack, we recommend you put in the mobile app present on both ios and android and therefore the desktop app.

10 HeyTell


HeyTell may be a voice messaging service that turns your iOS device into a modern-day walkie-talkie. It allows you to record your voice so you'll send it instantly, a bit like a text message.

Those that receive your message can reply with their voice message. This app works on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and iPad.

You can download HeyTell free of charge and it also offers free voice messaging through Wi-Fi internet or via an unlimited data connection. Your messages also are sent instantly to the recipient, a bit like regular SMS.

HeyTell sends push notifications whenever you receive a voice message. you'll hear the message by tapping the play icon. After taking note of the voice message, you'll either delete it or send a backup to your email address.

Let us know how useful these apps were while executing your next event.