Friday 30th April 2021

Mental Health Awareness: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

Mental Health Awareness

Often people ignore their mental health. Mental health awareness is very important in your life. Mental health is as important as your physical health, especially in this pandemic. People are facing many mental health issues in the COVID-19 situation.

Mental illness affects not only adults but also teenagers and even children. The numbers are more in teenagers when it comes to mental illness 46% are gets affected every year, whereas in adults the numbers are 19% and children 13%.

As per the estimates from World Health Organization close to 20% or you can say one in every five students is going through a mental health issue. Do you know suicide is the second-highest cause of death in students? Now the numbers are also increasing.

Not all affected people get treatment for their condition. Almost half or even less receives treatment mostly because of its unawareness of people don’t want to accept it. If it goes untreated then it can cost you high like poor performance at work or school, fewer employment opportunities or the worst can be suicide.

10th October is celebrated as World Mental Health Day. In different countries, people also celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week. They host events for the whole week, where they have different programs for people to handle their mental health. It is open to everyone.

What Is Mental Illness?

People say this person is suffering from mental illness, that person is suffering from mental illness but what is mental illness exactly?

Let’s find out what is mental illness.

Physical illness of the brain is a Mental illness. It causes an interruption in behavior, thinking, energy, emotions which helps to carry our day-to-day life.

Without mental health, there’s no physical health. Mental health means psychological, emotional, and social well-being. How we think, feel and act gets affected by our mental health. Our stress handling, choices making also depends on our mental health.

Mental health is very crucial at every stage of our life, starting from our childhood.

Factors Which Causes Mental Health Problems and Early Warning Signs

Various factors cause mental health problems like life experiences like abuse or trauma, biological factors like brain chemistry or genes or it can be your family history of mental health problem.

You don’t have to be stressed because there are always early warning signs. You can detect mental health problems at very early stages. Detecting mental illness at early stages makes it easier to cure or treat.

If you are not sure that you or your family members are suffering from mental illness, then take a look at the following signs.

  • Thinking of harming others or even yourself.

Sometimes thoughts like that cross our mind but we should not get caught by them. If you think you can’t control them then this is a sign of mental illness. Consult a trusted professional or person.

  • Not able to perform day-to-day tasks like getting to school or work.

If you are finding it difficult to complete your daily tasks like getting up and going to work difficult then it can be an early sign for mental illness. Though sometimes you can feel it if it’s happening on regular basis then treat it.

  • Felling like nothing matters.

  • Feeling helpless or hopeless.
  • Having low or even no energy.
  • Bad habits getting hold of you more than usual like smoking, drinking, drugs.
  • Sleeping and eating too little or too much.
  • Withdrawing yourself away from people and usual activities.
  • Feeling unexplained pains and aches
  • Fighting or yelling with friends and family.
  • Hearing voices or believing things that are not there

WHO (World Health Organization) Contribution

WHO (World Health Organization) is promoting or you can say advocating mental health awareness for so long. They are running campaigns for it. They want to educate people on this serious matter which usually gets unnoticed by many people.

This mental health promotion involves and the use of strategic communication for network building, enhanced mental health literacy, behavior change, stakeholder engagement, actions to strengthen the policy environment.

If you want to increase the impact of mental health awareness then these activities of mental health promotion need to be linked very closely with mental health services and health and non-health sectors like education, labor, justice, social welfare, etc need to engage.

Ways to Maintain Good Mental Health

1. Connecting with others

Connecting with others means it’s not like go out there and talk to everyone even if you don’t feel like it. Connecting with others means trying to make a connection with people of the same interest or the people who you think will understand you. They can be your family members or friends or even those who are a stranger.

2. Getting physically active

Physical activity is very beneficial not just for your body but also for your mind. It keeps your mind and body active and fit. Getting physically active does not necessarily mean do exercise though it is also a good option but getting physically active means don’t stay in one place for too long. Get up and do something like stretching, going for a walk, cycling, or even dancing.

You can choose anything. Take your friends with you or do it alone. Whatever you prefer. Star being physically active and you’ll see a drastic change in you in significant time.

3. Developing coping skills

People feel stressed all the time, which affects their mental health and everyone has different ways of coping with it. There are ways like taking rest, stay engaged, exercise, take a bath, pep talk with yourself, meditate, create a to-do list, work on managing time, etc.

For meditation, you can follow this group named Falun Dafa Practice Group.

You can try some of the ways first and chose the best one for yourself or your different ways might work in different situations. The choice is yours.

4. Getting enough sleep

People often underestimate and ignore sleep but getting enough sleep can prevent you from many mental and physical issues. Try to go to sleep early so that you can start your day fresh early and it’ll also complete your sleep. People who sleep late at night and wake up early often get caught by bad headaches and fewer concentration problems.

Getting enough sleep also keeps you physically fit, makes your digestion strong, increases concentration and mental power.

5. Staying positive

There are different ways through which you can stay positive. Like focus on good things, obstacles and challenging situations are part of our lives. We need to face them positively and overcome them. You can practice gratitude; it helps to stay positive.

Most importantly spend your time with positive people. They have positive energy and vibe which will be transferred to you. Talk to yourself positively. Try to identify your negative areas and work on them like how you can convert them into positive ones. When you start your day always start it on a positive note.

6. Helping others

There are researches which proved when you help other people it affects you positively. Helping others will affect your mood in a good way, your self-esteem will increase, and your happiness too. You can offer help even the person in front of you rejects your help. Helping others reduces your stress, you worry less.

Your one question “R u ok?”, can be helpful to others. Try that sometime and feel the aftereffect on you.

7. Getting professional help if needed

This can be your very first or last solution depending upon the severity of your mental illness. If people don’t want to follow any of the above solutions, then they can go to professionals who will help them get better.

8. Learning more about mental health

If you don’t want to seek professional help at the initial point, then gather more information about mental health. Educate yourself on mental health awareness. But do not get misguided. Take info from trusted sources only.

Help your family and friends to know more about this. They’ll also help you to overcome mental health illness. Having a support system is very crucial.

Why do I feel depressed when my family leaves after staying at my house?

When your family comes to stay with you, you feel happy and energetic. It’s natural, we like to have people around us who love and care about us or about whom we love and care. You spend all those happy moments with them, experience joy and positivity.

When they leave everything becomes empty like your house. That makes you feel sad and depressed. You can engage yourself in other things to keep you busy. Focus on positive things. Stay strong.


On social media #, ShreItChallenge was becoming popular. It’s more like a campaign to encourage people to talk openly about mental health problems and their awareness.

People from all around the world are sharing their stories, feelings. They are sharing their journey of how they get caught in mental illness and how they overcome it. These are heart-wrenching and can get very emotional.

There are people and companies all around the world who starts these type of campaigns to help people with different types of problems. Awareness is only going to take us all out of problems. Together we rise.

Spread Mental Health Awareness

The government is also spreading mental health awareness but as an individual, it’s your responsibility also to spread more and more about mental health awareness. The green ribbon is the international symbol for mental awareness. You can show your support to family, friends, and colleagues by wearing a green ribbon.

Many people don’t consider mental illness as an illness. Thus those who are suffering don’t get treated or cure properly. Aware more people about mental health, educate them. Gather more information as you can take notes from professionals and educate the families where people are suffering from mental illness. How treatment can make them better.

For mental health awareness, people organize health fairs, resource fairs, free consultations to attract more people. Do not tell some suffering from mental illness to just pray harder. That’s not proper advice. Mental illness is the same as cancer or diabetes.

There are many mental health awareness videos or interviews. You can take help from them. People talking from everywhere about their mental health problems and they're overcomes. Some people face problems at workplaces which can be the reason for their mental illness. You’ll get to know how you can also deal with your situation. Because it takes one to know one right!


From all the above, we now know that having mental health awareness is very important. Not necessarily it’s you who is suffering from mental illness but your family members, friends, or neighbors might be the victim. You can help them to know about it. So that they’ll be able to get professional help. We need to aware more and more people about mental health issues.

If you are a parent or teacher, then take care of your as well as your kid's mental health. Because the numbers are high in kids who are suffering from mental health issues. They often have no idea how to express so you help them by talking to them openly.

Get yourself diagnosed to be sure of it. Sometimes it can be minor but it’s always good to be sure.

Mental health condition worsening leads to even suicide. So you never know you might save someone’s life. Don’t be afraid to talk to someone about it.

Thank you for reading.

Stay healthy. Stay strong, stay happy.