Wednesday 13th January 2021

9 Types of Social Distancing & COVID friendly Live Event Ideas

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The world is changing. Evolving day-by-day. And if you think you can live just like you always live, you're wrong. This world demands a change, and we have to adapt to it. 

We all know that the world is amid a pandemic. Millions, who have lost the job, have to stand.

Don't worry, everything comes to pass, nothing to stay.

But, for now, if it is our new normal, let's live it like a normal.

For your event organizers, the change is not that big, and com'on, you are creative beings. Let's make the events more interesting this time.

We just have to add some flavors (some say guidelines) like social distancing, sanitized place, and beings, and yes some other flavors to make it completely COVID friendly.

1.  Drive-in Concerts 

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Yeah, this time we're gonna see the crowds of cars, not people. And the best thing is, cars generally follow social distancing even if there's no corona. 

Of course, every car has to travel a distance so that it could avoid end up having a scar, and also the people inside it want some space to come out.

So, it's one of the best ways (let's praise the ones who had invented this idea) to make a social distance and your guests will not have to sacrifice anything. 

They just have to sit safely in their car and live the day. 

For the arrangements, the small cars are to be parted in the front rows and so the big ones will be parked behind (everyone has a right to enjoy the day). 

The artists will also be eager to perform in this safe environment.

About the catering services, just hire some people who will take orders online only. 

No cash exchange.

The food will be delivered safely to the respective car numbers.

So it's a safe and convenient method you can use by making it a COVID-free event.

2. Outdoor Yoga 

Photo by Amin Sujan from Pexels

Well, the doctors say that the only thing which will fight this corona is your immune system. And what is the one thing which keeps you fit?

Yes, it is your diet. 

With morning yoga…

So let's host an outdoor yoga which will not only keep everyone fit but also reduce the stress in this pandemic.

Follow these easy steps to make best arrangements for this event (#social distancing)

       1. Environment - First thing first, the location matters a lot. You will need a big ground that will enable everyone to keep a                                      distance and also it should be surrounded by flowers, trees

                                  Yoga is something that gives you peace, and so the environment matters a lot.

      2. Make it safe – Safety nowadays is the priority. Don't allow anyone without a proper mask. 

                                 There should be thermal testing and also a sanitizer door installed at the entrance.

                               Yoga equipment – It will be advisable if everyone carries their own yoga equipment like mats, straps,                                           blocks. 

3. Outdoor fairs with limited entry

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Yes, with proper care and limited entry, you can host an outdoor fair.

Fairs have always been the favorite of everyone. But of course, to make it safe for everyone so that the guests can follow social distancing, the location should be big enough. 

Look for an open big ground, and invite limited stalls in that area. This way, you will also get some sponsorship from the stalls and the different options will do wonders for your guests.

Don't exceed the guest limit beyond 50, no matter how big the ground is. You can also set the timings like a guest can stay in the fair for 3-4 hours only, so that others can come after that.

Of course, you need to set the sanitizers at every corner and the best option is, give them the gloves for free.

Follow no mask=no entry policy.

And yes, give your guests some variety by inviting different stalls.

Remember, your guests are your responsibility now, so give them the best experience and on the other hand, make the environment safe for them.

4. A remote-control car race 

Image by Carola68 Die Welt ist bunt

What do you think about this one? The previous ones are for elders, but what about kids?

And have trust on this one, even elders are gonna enjoy this race.

So don't wait for a single second, and design a long track.

Don't make it a single day event, everyone wants to take part in this, and you would not allow more than 20 in one race.

So, let's make it a week-long event. 

Make the sitting arrangements first by keeping the social distancing policy. If possible, arrange for a big screen that will let the drivers know how they are going. 

Set the prizes as well, it will be a hook to invite the guests in this thrilling adventure.

If this event goes wonderful, then you can win their hearts by arranging for a boat race or other races as well.

True this corona has set many limitations to our activities, but we're going to learn one very important lesson – find happiness in everything, every activity and thus you will enjoy every day, no matter how dark the nights are.

5. Livestreams

Image by Armin Schreijäg from pixabay

What is the easiest way to bring everyone together, no limitations to the number of guests, make it COVID free? Of course, it is a live stream. Isn't it? 

And the main thing is, it's not that difficult to host this type of event. 

You just have to choose a good platform where the audio and video quality doesn't get disturbed. 

People often use zoom for hosting these types of events. But when it comes to artists like singers where audio quality matters a lot, you have to choose the best platform.

YouTube is one of the best choices if you want good quality. YouTube always encourages everyone to go live, as nowadays live features attract a lot of audiences and so YouTube is giving many amazing features to host the events live.

So, learn how to host a live event on Youtube.

Another best option for choosing a live stream platform is Vimeo.

They offer amazing features like - 

  1.  Single sign-on authentication
  2. Live streaming to secure Showcase pages
  3. User-level analytics
  4. Live production services
  5. Dedicated enterprise support and account management
  6. Uptime guarantees and SLAs
  7. With a live stream, you can invite as many people as you want and by choosing the best platform, you will deliver the best for your guests.

6. Create a photo-booth

Image by Nicolás Ojeda Valdés from pixabay

It's not an event, but an idea which you can install in any event to make it amazingly interesting. A photo booth.

It hits great for all ages and it's a fun way to have your guests socialize rather than stuck in their old circles. 

Give your guests an everlasting memory with creative photo booths installed at your venue. 

And why don't you use the theme as "COVID-19"?

Here are some of the ways you can make your photo booths outstanding-

Go creative with backgrounds – Of course, the background matters the most, don't you think? Make the background funny or romantic with ribbons (only for couples).

Don't add unnecessary details to it, just make it a perfect background, or you can have a variety of booths with a different background so that your guests can pick the best for them.

Choose the best lights – It makes the background more amazing. Go for the neon lights, use different colors that will be best suited to the background. If you are using lights in the background, make sure you also have a light on the camera, so that the face of your guests will be clear.

Let's go for the props now – Props add a flavor to your photos. It's all fun, so let's make it more fun. Choose bright color headpieces to add a POP element.

Now, if we are choosing a COVID theme, choose a funny face mask as a prop. Check Etsy.

The photo booth should be visible – Well, what's the point of setting them in a corner, when you know they are the best gifts for your guests, right? 

Or you can do one thing, let's make the entry special for your guests. You are about to install a sanitizer door at the entrance, so why not make it fun? Make it a small photo booth, and you will win the hearts in the entry only. The added benefit, you have successfully sanitized them.

Selfie point – Yes, you can just provide them with funny or different backgrounds, and they will go with their phones only.

But, here you should make them follow social distance.

7. Online Cooking or Cocktail Class

Education photo created by freepik

Well, how many of you know how to cook? Even if you know, you might miss a dish or something which you can't cook right? It happens.

You can't go out and eat your favorite dish, it's not Corona free. 

So, let's prepare them at home.

Hosting online cooking or cocktail class will invite a lot of guests, as many of them have got time to learn a new skill. 

And cooking is a good skill to be learned if you want to be independent. 

You just have to look for a cook or a mixologist.

By providing them these lectures are a type of group online meeting where anyone can ask a question, will give your attendees much needed social contact and also enable them to learn a new skill.

You can provide other types of classes as well, but cooking is the much-needed class a person wanna take.

8. Online Cinema theatre

House photo created by marymarkevich

Don't think that theatres are shut down. It's just, the facility has improved a bit. Now you don't have to go anywhere, just sit in your bed, and watch a movie with everyone. 

So, setting up an online theatre is an amazing and unique way of connecting everyone. 

You will need two software – Syncplay and Discord. 

So, first, make a group of people who want to enter this online theatre.

Give them free or very low-cost tickets, after all the platforms are free. 

Now, once you have created a group, take a survey with 4 given options of movies they wanna watch. 

Send them the download link of the movie (everyone must download from the same link). 

Then the guests should have these two software, one for syncing the movie together, the other one if they want to talk in between.

So, that's a unique type of event you can host.

Remember, people can easily use this two software to make their own room. But, they are not that much aware of this platform.

Also, for you, it's like gathering every stranger and making it a big online cinema.

So, don't charge for this event.

9. Murder Mystery theatre game

  Photo by Ibolya Toldi from Pexels

The best dinner party you could ever host. Yes, the seats to the restaurant or any location you choose must be very limited.

And yes, ask the characters to follow the COVID guidelines as it will motivate the guests to abide by the law.

And then the story is yours. 

This time, make an investigator present there only who will secretly make sure everyone is following COVID guidelines (secretly because we can't ruin the story).

You can even host this party online. 

Just connect everyone on a platform, and present the play in front of them.

To make it a little more interesting, add your people in their discussion to confuse them.

This is really gonna be interesting.

These were some of the best ideas for live events in COVID times. Let us know in the comments what idea you found most interesting to host your next event.