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9 Strategic MeasuresTo Sell Out Your Next Event

9 Strategic Measures To Sell Out Your Next Event

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What if no one turns up to your event? Event professionals always have this fear if they don't plan their event strategically. 

But having a strategic plan for promotion and conversion to an event planner is the only way to keep your business thriving. For example, you have to sell tickets to get more profit through the event. 

Here are 9 strategic measures you can do to sell out your event.

Invest in Social Media

Social Media

Social media tends to measure at the highest of the funnel which is a powerful marketing strategy and also it creates awareness for the event.

Also, it’s the place where you get initial awareness of an event. Here are some suggestions you could find helpful to sell your next event on social media.

1. Create a banner image with your brand and post them across all platforms so it reaches out to maximum people. 

2. If you have sponsors for the event then create some images for them so they can share the images across their platforms.

3. Create a post featuring the most accomplished guests whom you’re inviting and mention them by tagging their handles in the post. They will surely reshare your post where it will reach out to more potential audiences.

4. Use relevant hashtags related to events, so the people searching for events will end up registering with you.

5. Create a Facebook event so this will let you know the potential attendees to the event. You can also post your event into relevant Facebook groups. Also, you can inform people, news of any changes in the event there.

Invest in Video Marketing

Youtube video marketing

One out of three people who show up at your event is the one who got influenced by seeing your video content. Source ( ).

You have to make good content videos to get noticed because there is a lot of good content out there by competitors that is capturing the attention of your target audience. 

Be strategic on spending as posting on various platforms for video marketing might be an expensive step while starting out. So, focus on posting videos on youtube because it is the best place to find more people and you can then post on alternative platforms.

Having Facebook live will send an alert to your followers. The key here is to sell more tickets by creating excitement among people. Also, invest money to boost your Facebook ads.

Embed your videos on your website and blog posts and then share those blogs on all your social media handles.

This is how you will generate interest amongst people by creating and promoting good video content. Video content will lead you to 135% more sales than social media posts, Source: (Social Media Today).

Promote your event with Paid ads

Paid ads

If you don't have many followers on social media or fewer databases for email marketing then you can promote your event to the right audience by paid ads.

The most important thing here is you need to have a landing page from where people can register for your event. Optimize the landing page in such a way that users can complete the registration in simple and few easy steps.

The audience and user journey should be known to you before putting the ads. You should also do retargeting ads to the people who have organically visited your website because retargeting ads result in up to 70-80% leads.

A/B testing is important to check which image and video is performing better for the target audience and then you can focus on creating images/videos that prove to work.

Referrals are important to sell your event tickets


Selling tickets is like a number game and referral is the best way to increase those numbers. When people refer events to their close ones, there is a 92% chance of them buying a ticket.

You can also give out event tickets by doing a partnership with influencers, public speakers etc who will give out personalised referral codes to their followers.

They are happy to do that for you as they get to make a certain amount of commission per ticket that you can finalise with them.

Referrals are known as golden tickets in B2B sales. Also, you can give some more rewards as a gift with a referral commission to boost maximum sales. This will add more excitement to earn.

Group discount coupons and last minute deals


Another effective strategy to increase your ticket sales is by offering discounts on group bookings and last-minute flash sales.

According to research, 80% of people have made an unplanned purchase based on discounts and coupons.

If you can sell out 15-20 tickets at a time with a small group, discounts will help you boost your profit and gain more attendees for the event.

You should use group discounts mainly for big events like concerts and conferences.

Last-minute deals and early-bird discounts will create an urgency to buy discounted tickets where people will think that they are getting a bargain for the discounted rate.

But you have to keep track of the sum you discounted so you don't fall for less profit.

SEO tips and landing page

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimization is a highly ranked topic in the world of marketing.

SEO has big implications for events because 90% of is average traffic generated on google is from sites listed on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo.

If you want your customers and partners to find your website to purchase a ticket you need to optimize your search.

Most important factors to optimize your site you need to include the following:

  1. Keyword selection
  2. Meta description
  3. Load speed
  4. Alt tags
  5. Title tags
  6. HTML tags
  7. mobile optimization
  8. Search intent

For a successful foundation of your website, keywords are the most important thing to focus on. You should have a unique keyword for your events and also look at the keywords people are searching to find similar events. Always have an informative description of your event.

Your visitors should not have a bad experience regarding the load time of your website or else you can lose a potential customer.

Doing SEO efforts with a well-rounded marketing mix will help you to sell more tickets in 

an easy way.

Importance of Email Marketing

Email Marketing

If your biggest asset is email then you'll experiment with the content within your emails. Alter the layout, images, and literary genre. These are often important changes and may sometimes have a really strong impact.

The key here is to constantly encourage feedback from your audience so you recognize whether or not they like the changes.

Likewise, make it certain to watch all the info from your email campaigns to make sure that they are working as intended and along with the proper goals.

Experiment with the topic line and subject line for your emails, this will always impact more on the click-through rate of your emails.

If you can entice all of your recipients to open your email, you drastically improve the probabilities of them making a sale.

Don't make a mistake because there's no guarantee that any of those methods alone will send your ticket sales through the roof. 

However, implementation by everyone can create opportunities for you to capitalize on. 

Confirm to plan out accordingly to your goals. If you are not currently applying one of these tactics then that would be a powerful start line.

Make sure you research your audience and plan any marketing strategy you opt to implement. In time you'll start to ascertain engagement growth, and hopefully, by this, you'll increase ticket sales.

Remarketing Ads to sell more tickets


Remarketing for lead generation is particularly useful for event pros who organize conferences with high ticket prices. The higher the ticket price, the more value attendees expect and therefore the more nurturing required to convert. 

Remarketing may be a uniquely effective tool for accomplishing just that. 

Types of event retargeting ads

  1. Fb ads
  2. Display ads
  3. Search ads 
  4. Email retargeting

So you've analyzed your event data, selected a platform, and launched your retargeting campaign. You can then confirm if these potential attendees are clicking on your ads by analysing the data generated.

Here is what you have to do to increase the CTR of your ads

  1. Be creative with your ads
  2. The ads should be relevant
  3. Highlight the event dates and important information
  4. CTA should be clear

To have a successful retargeting campaign you should have visitors come to your site organically.

Involve sponsors


A big turnout would benefit your sponsors even as much as it might benefit you. This is often why you ought to encourage them to promote the event using their social media outlets. 

Your sponsors are established in the industry and you've just entered, hence why they leverage opportunities to fund your event and grow their presence. 

As such, they are likely to have a bigger connection base. While the majority of the promotion is your responsibility, don’t be afraid to ask your sponsors to market the event by linking to your ticket sales page.

Some sponsorships are monetary donations, which allow you to extend your budget in whatever way will delight your audience, mostly with a good venue, a star guest, or an excellent DJ. 

Other sponsorships involve donations of products or services to customers. In return, your sponsors’ brand gets a presence at your event so that they can grow their audience also. Win-win!


When choosing your marketing promotion campaign, believe your product or service’s most precious feature, and begin creating an idea from there.

Your brand’s individuality will contour your campaign needs: what strategies to adopt, what sponsorship to contact for a partnership, or which sort of social media or email marketing you ought to try.

I hope this text was insightful and can assist you to choose the simplest promotional techniques and obtain maximum sales for your event.