Monday 6th July 2020


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Bylde is a movement for creative excellence in connecting people. For ordinary people who do extraordinary things every day. We aspire to become a go-to source of inspiration and influence across Community, Group and Event Management. We are planning to support various groups across multiple industries like design, fashion, beauty, music, food, social and travel.

Our User Interaction expertise and award-winning approach to capture User Needs are unparalleled. We work with exceptional talent, and both established and emerging influencers, who help us connects our audience to emotional stories and encourage them to join local groups and connect with similar minded people.

Being a nerd I was never good at communicating or connecting with other people. Back in 2004 when I came across Orkut. I had no idea "what social network means". but the moment I joined in and connected with several people in my university by just clicking a button on my computer, that moment changed my life. I have always been fascinated by technology and new gadgets.

But Orkut just penetrated a new idea into my head about connecting with other humans and know more about the personal life of your friends.

I had so much more to talk about; when I met them in the canteen.

Then Facebook came into the scene it wiped out Orkut totally. I cried.... just kidding :)

Although I knew that I am not going to lose the relationship I had with Orkut because all of my friends are now available on Facebook.

The idea of keeping in touch with people even when you are not in the university was gracious.

And I started digging into more "social networks". I learned about several online communities became a park of it. But then I realised, what actually matters is when you connect with people online but have fun offline.

Then I started a group on an online platform. Don't want to do name-calling here... but it was too expensive and the service was crap.

But a good thing happens there. I met several other Group Organisers who has a similar issue.

They all thought that they are overpaying for a service that should be available for a lower price. Also, it needs to be easy to use. Because it's not just for nerds. It's for everyone.

So I came up with the idea of Bylde. And here we are :)

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