Thursday 25th February 2021

How to start a car group online

If you’re a car enthusiast and interested in knowing and exploring more about cars, you definitely might have thought at some point to join a car group.

Car groups and clubs are places where people with similar interests in cars gather and showcase their cars and love for them.

These groups and clubs are often created by a motor vehicle or a car enthusiast himself, wherein people with similar interests are invited to join.

Before the pandemic, traditional offline communities were famous and were the go-to thing for a person interested in knowing about cars.

But now, as they cannot meet in-person, these car groups and clubs have moved online, offering almost everything online that they once used to do in-person.

You can find these groups online anywhere on the internet and join them according to your preference.

Some of these groups are free to join but others might have a joining fee or a monthly fee to be in the group.

It all depends on what the group offers, like forums, meetups, giveaways, competitions, and car showcasing.

You might be missing the car meetups in person and the usual talk over the beauty of those, but due to the coronavirus, these meetups are no longer possible.

Even though the rules have been slightly lifted now, most of the people are still under strict lockdown and hence we cannot go back to the old ways of car meetups and discussions. 

This article will tell you exactly how you need to create a car group online, why you need to create one, the types of groups you can create, and what kind of events you can do in an online car group.

Why start a car group online?

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When thinking about starting a car group, the idea of having it online might not sound that interesting to you at first but hear me out.

You might think that if you don’t get to see, touch and experience the cars in real life there is no point in joining or creating a group.

But there are a lot of reasons why this could be a good idea and why you can continue to have an online presence even after the lockdown restrictions are lifted.

New people:

If you are a member of a car club, you’ll be bored at some point from meeting the same people and looking at the same cars.

Taking the group online can open opportunities for other people who have similar interests in cars but weren’t aware of the group or club, to join.

This way you can have more people on board and as the saying goes - the more the merrier.

New cars:

If new people are joining the group that probably means there would also be a new collection of cars being introduced.

Whether you’re interested in old vintage cars or new modern supercars, there’s a chance you could see any of those by adding new members.

No schedule:

As hard as it might sound but the normal day-to-day schedule might take away your leisure time and not leave any space for you to explore your hobbies and interests.

Taking your group to an online platform will give you the flexibility to connect from anywhere, anytime, and also give the same advantage to your group members as well.


As mentioned above, we know that the lockdown might be easy for some of us, but for the others, the situation is still not that good.

But that can’t stop them from connecting to the rest of the world and leaving their hobby behind.

Having an online group will provide them with a platform to connect and be involved in the group but at the same time keep their safety a priority.

Where to host a group online?

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If you’re convinced by the ‘why to start an online car group’, now’s the time to discuss the ‘where’.

In the past year, if we’ve learned something, it’s that hundreds of apps and platforms let you connect online with anyone anywhere in the world.

These platforms also have features that offer you complete control over your online group. Here are some of the platforms that are recommended for a virtual meeting or any other kind of activity that you want to organize.


Zoom was the savior of all the businesses and corporations in the lockdown.

If you and your group members prefer to have a face to face video calls this is the platform to go for.

Zoom allows you to host a meeting with a lot of participants, it's easy to use and anyone can join in, as it is available for both desktop and mobile.

Although if you want to invite a huge number of members attending at once and you know your call if going to go beyond 40 minutes, we recommend you upgrade your package.  


Twitch is a platform that is very famous among streamers.

Here, you can create your page for your car group and interested people can subscribe to the page and become members of the group.

On Twitch you can have interactive quizzes and games with your members, live stream videos and even upload previously recorded videos for them to watch later.


Bylde is a platform for creative excellence in connecting people.

They work with exceptional talent, and both established and emerging influencers and help you connect your audience to emotional stories and encourage them to join local groups and connect with similar-minded people.

Here, you can create local groups where people can join in and share their knowledge and experience and love for their hobbies and passion.

Facebook Groups:

This is the most basic and the go-to place for anyone who wants to create a group.

You can keep your members aware and up to date about different events, encourage sharing of videos and photos, have small and healthy debates about your loved topics.

Facebook also allows you to have live streams just like twitch, where live streams can be watched by the group members, and it is also an excellent way for new members to showcase their cars.

Types of car groups you can make online

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When creating a car group people usually make it a general car group where everyone can join in.

But having these kinds of groups also has a disadvantage that you might not find the best people suited for your group as everyone would have different tastes in cars as well.

This is why having a car group with a specific niche or a car type is always recommended.

You can make a car group that has paid registration based on the event and meetups that you organize or if you just want to connect with like-minded local folks, you could also make it free.

Now, for the types of car groups, you can make different groups based on the car types like groups for sedan class, coupe, sports cars, hatchbacks, convertibles, pick-up trucks, supercars, or even vintage cars.

You could even create groups based on different brands and companies like groups only for BMW’s, Mercedes, Audis, and so on.

For the people wondering that, if or not, they’ll be able to join these groups, you don’t need to own a car to join a car group.

Just having a similar interest, passion, and knowledge about cars is well enough reason for you to be able to join a group.

What to do in a group online?

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Once you’re done setting up your group and inviting members, it is also very important that they find something valuable and interesting as they’re investing their time in this group.

There are a lot of ideas for events that you can conduct online so that the members are constantly engaged and at the same time also connect.

Competitions and Challenges:

Competitions are always fun and everyone is up for a challenge.

These challenges bring the members closer to each other as they get to know about together even more.

You can host competitions like who can wash their car the fastest or who can change the car’s tire the fastest, and these competitions can be done via video calls.

Another thing you could do is ask the members to send a video showcasing their cars and the best video could win something.

Having some kind of prize, in the end, works best as the members have some kind of incentive to look forward to.

Watch live streams together:

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected and put a stop to many big car shows and expos, but this hasn’t stopped the organizers from having a virtual car show.

Yes! People are having virtual car shows and one can watch these online.

You could probably hop to one of these shows with your group mates and watch the live stream of the show.

Having special guests:

It’s always good to keep posting new content for your members to see.

One such thing you could do is invite special guests or famous personalities to your group for a car showcase.

The members could have a good time with the guest and take some important pointers and knowledge about cars from them.

Car quizzes and debates:

Having quizzes and debates with people who are interested in the same topic is really a sight to see.

The light-hearted debates and everyone trying their best to get the answers right, to prove who has more knowledge about cars is really interesting and fun to see.


That’s the end guys, hope you liked the article and found something informative out of it.

To answer the question ’how to start a car group online?’ and  summarize the article:

  1. Start a car group online, because that lets you reach out to more people.
  2. Choose the right platform where you want to create the group, according to your needs and requirements.
  3. Create a group with a specific car category or brand so that people with only the same interests join the group.
  4. Try to organize and have different virtual events in the group to keep things interesting.

If you think we missed out on any specific aspect to create online groups or if you have any other suggestions and reviews, do let us know in the comments!