Thursday 21st January 2021

400+ Fundraising Ideas for 2021

400+ Fundraising Ideas for 2021

Fundraising is seeking to generate financial support for a charity, cause or other enterprises (source: oxford languages).

I've created an amazing list of 400+ ideas for raising funds for your cause. And it has the potential to bring in desired results. 

So, get on the journey of ideas to conceive a rock-solid plan.   

1 - A Wall of Memory

A Memory wall is adored by all as it has feelings attached to it. People pay for getting their loved ones' names and a message engraved on the wall. This is one of the most powerful ways of creating a buzz in the community. And all you need is a wall or any other appropriate space for the plaques. And you can comparatively charge high for this fundraiser.

2 - Food Book

Get recipes from different families who got some special dishes and compile those into a book. So that you can sell this to different events. Making its paperback version will cost you hard. To engage with businesses for sponsorship. In return, you can market their product or services onto the book.

3 - Book of Coupons

Engage with local businesses and get their products and services coupons. Compile them all into a book. So that you can sell these coupon books at different events.

4 - Santa Sale

You can order a large number of Christmas trees in various sizes and sell those at different places such as a park or a parking lot. Any convenient place which has potential people movement. All you need is some space and a tree netting machine and you should perform this before Christmas.

5 - Special Parking Sale

Places with dedicated parking spaces. Find those exclusive parking slots and get them to auction off for the whole year. Have the grants from the authorities before the allotment.

6 - Renowned Photos Print

Connect with local and even well-known photographers for getting access to their exclusive photos. So, you can get prints of images and use them to make different products. For example a calendar, just a simple photo, etc. Keep a track of costs incurred and sell these items at different fundraising events. 

7 - Gift-a-Brick

This is one of the most engaging fundraisers in which the donors gift a brick with their name or message engraved on it. The bricks are used to build the structure of the building. This works best when you are planning to construct a building for your organization.

8 - Farmers Market booth

This is an umbrella event that combines the sale of bakery products, handicrafts, and creatives made by volunteers and donors made for your organization. Keep in mind that you notify the volunteers and the makers of crafts before the event date. You can sell these items at fairs.

9 - A Musical Letter

Is there any better way to wish your loved ones, than singing your lovely wishes no right? A Happy birthday, wishing marriage anniversary, or the confession of Love, expressed musically can do wonders and make them feel so special. Just get along with the singing star in your community to fulfill the song request. Make sure when the delivery reaches the doorstep, it's the receiver for whom it’s intended.

10 - Bite with a Celeb

Get a celebrity from your locality or a well-known star from films, theater, sports, music, or an entrepreneur. You can raffle a draw and have the winner meet and have a meal with the celebrity. Hosting it in a Local Restaurant can even cut off the food cost because of a celebrity visit.

11 - A Chauffeur for You

Is there anyone who wouldn't like to have a chauffeur? A personal chauffeur for a day? I don't think there would be any. Get along with volunteers who can donate a few hours to drive the fantasy of the fortunate.

12 - House Number Painting

You can offer the service of painting, house number in your neighborhood. All you need to perform this activity in a few colors and volunteers.

13 - Yoga with animals

There has been a new trend of doing yoga, with animals. So you can go with the flow. Although the challenging part is to get a calm pet.

14 - Duck Tape

You can have this fundraiser at the office or schools. Where you charge a tiny amount for duct tape, to tape their lead leaders on the wall.

15 - Eating Challenge

This is one of the most enthusiastic fundraisers, where people are given the challenge to eat many food items. You can engage with local restaurants and bakeries to get food. And in return, you can promote their promotion.

16 - Flamingo, a yard

The craziest fundraiser, where you plant 25-30 flamingos in people's garden at night. So when they see it in the morning and to get it removed they pay you. And they send those flamingoes to someone else. People's consent is very important. So just make sure you have spread the word about the Flamingo event in the community.

17 - Youth Volunteering

Encouraging youths to work towards social causes through parents and communities. So they can contribute to a yard, painting, cleaning, or any other place where there's a need.

18 - A High Tea with a Gimmick

Have this adventurous tea party with some unique animals, it can be Snakes, Cats, Pigs, etc. And if you don't want to have all this, you can go to a normal Tea Party, too.

19 - Thwack Habit

Many people struggle with some of their unhealthy habits, be it alcohol, smoking, shopping, etc. Battle with those and meanwhile, you can donate the money which is saved from these habits.

20 - A Special Tours

There are many places in our vicinity, which are exclusive and special. So you can take permits from concerned authorities and take people on to the guided tours.

21 - Bounce a Meal

Skip a meal and donate the saved amount to charity. This also creates hunger awareness and makes us realize how fortunate we are.

22 - Naming the Meal

Collaborate with your local restaurant or brewery and negotiate over the percentage of sales you will get from a food item.

23 - Let’s Run/Walk for a cause

It has been one of the most effective ways of raising funds. The participants would need to pay a tiny amount to participate. And funds can also be collected through sponsorship. There is a potential craze for walking/running into the minds of people, as it has a sense of fitness approach to it. You can make it creative by adding a particular theme to it, maybe with colors.

24 - A Marathon for All

A marathon sits at the heart of every fitness freak. It has a major audience pull. Most cities have designated walking paths that are all connected and you have these marathon routes. So, you can take a permit from Municipal Corporation for hosting. And raise funds by having supporters run for a cause.

25 - Walk-a-thon-line / Pseudo walkathon

Organize a virtual walkathon for fitness with an entry fee. Let participants walk on beaches, parks, or at home on their treadmill. Start the event at a scheduled date and time and track their fundraising and finish line goals.

26 - Sit and Run

Not every person likes physical activities. And this event taps those audiences. Where participants are challenged to cross the fundraising finish line goal.

27 - Spin and twist

Collaborate with your local spin or yoga classes for raising funds. Have an entry fee as well as a donation box for the contribution from participants. You can perform this activity regularly or at different intervals on a weekly or monthly basis. As per your audience.

28 - Counting steps

You can give 10,000 or similar no. of steps challenges to the participants within a certain time frame. And where participants would have a fundraising page with a goal.

29 - Hook it up

Plan a hiking/camping trip. And get participants to raise funds before the event.

30 - Climb-on-line / Hike-on-line

Most people have some sort of climbing/hiking station near to their place. Encourage these people to visit these stations and share their adventurous pictures on social media. This will even promote their fundraising page with families, friends and making a strong social bond

31 - Let’s sweat and burn

People like to work out. You can check from the participants if anyone is a professional trainer who can direct the participants. And they can raise funds for the cause.

32 - Extravaganza night / Night of Dream

Host an exotic evening with dinner and educate the attendees about the cause. To get large donations have a special table for VIPs uplifting their status. You can carry on with fundraising the whole night. And you can even pull an auction for more funds.

33 - Gala-on-live

Host a virtual gala with friends and run your fundraising pages as virtual tables. And have your event go live on different online platforms for instance Zoom, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

34 - Gone with the Gala

It is an online fundraising campaign where the top supporters are invited to join and raise funds through virtual tables

35 - Hooch Party

Get a venue at an affordable price. It can be your place, friend’s apartment, donor's home, etc. Sell the ticket to get your cost and display the fundraising campaign at the venue to encourage the attendees to donate.

36 - Let’s talk over a glass / Talks and Glasses

Have a casual talk with your supporter over a glass of wine or a cup of coffee on Zoom or Google meet etc. Make a happening aura around giving them updates regarding the campaigns etc. In the end, try to incorporate the objective of donation in a very subtle manner.

37 - Go-live

Bring in Speakers, Artists, Performers on board and stream live on Zoom, YouTube, Instagram, etc. In between place the objective of this live stream to the audience.

38 – Seminar Online

A relationship is built upon loyalty and it is earned through constant connection. You can host webinars with your team members and donors as an audience.

39 - Virtual walk / Virtual sight

If you're looking to raise funds for a living space. You can turn this into a virtual tour via a video. Giving them a sense of connection and contributing to a cause.

40 - Laughable Night / Night of Comedy/Laughter

You can hire local comedians at a venue and host a comedy night. To make it cost-effective you can go virtual, streaming the live show to the donors via online platforms like Zoom or Google meat

41 – Clash of Golf

Golf works the best because the company is always willing to pay for their employees. You can arrange a golf tournament that has people to play for the charity meaning to look after is that a golf tournament takes a lot of preparation and effort. So make sure you have a workforce behind.

42 - Bored? Come to Board

So different teams participate and compete with one another to raise funds for the cause. You can approach local business entities to donate to the prize. And you can even have bonus points where the team makes fundraising efforts themselves too.

43 – Frolic night

You can host a night of fun with donors, with your staff members, and even have board members too. To make funds you can sell tickets and have participants run fundraising pages before the event. To get some extra funds you can even go for some engrossing indoor games. Just make sure you have exciting gifts for the winning team, approach your local businesses for the prize. 

44 - Gamers Gamble / Gaming Night

Gaming is now the new rage. You can approach a popular gamer who can live stream on the platform Twitch. And in between commentary you can raise the fundraising motif through the gamers

45 - Hair adieu

You can host an event for shaving heads and asking the supporters to bring in sponsorship to raise funds. This is quite similar to the St. Baldrick's fundraiser. This event can pull a lot of crowds, to get more popularity you can get the media before the Event. And get it covered in the newspapers.

46 - Beard Bandit

Sometimes we should go with the flow of the wind and this brings us to facial hair growth. As there is a trend of growing beard, you can leverage that and have participants collect sponsorships to support funds.

47 - Leap for Plunge

So, winter he is there. It's the best time for the cold water plunge. One of the most exciting and adventurous events that you can host to raise funds. It has a major crowd pull, willing to plunge to support your cause. But do take precautions and have insurance, medical help, and volunteers available at the venue.

48 - Night of Stars

If you're a charity club that works for homeless people this one is for you. A sleepout is an event where your community spends their whole night outside. And they can ask their friends and families to support them through donations on their fundraising pages. We can spend the night at the local school hall, or Park. But do take the local authority's permission.

49 - Zeal for Meal

You can ask your friend to host a dinner party on your behalf to raise funds. We can have a display for fundraising and also fundraising pages to make donations convenient. Have a point of discussion over food to make the audience familiar with your vision.

50 – Learning Lunch

Educating your community about your organization and the cause over lunch. You can have this lunch at your local restaurant, collaborate with them to make sure it goes cost-effective. You can have entry fees, as well as general donations for fund generation. This can also be done, virtually via live streaming on different online platforms such as zoom. Google meat, etc.

51 - Virtual Views Exchange

You can host a virtual conference with speakers on a wide range of subjects. It can be all day long. So make sure you schedule the talks and subjects before the event. And display it to the attendees. You can have tickets for the event. You can perform this activity on platforms like zoom, Google meets, etc.

52 - Spatula of Life

Paint and Sip is a fun learning event that you can conduct for raising funds. You can even add beverages to get some more into your box. It can get more interesting if you host this outdoors (If weather permits). You can have registration pages to have data and collection of funds. 

53 - Auctioning Volunteers

Get your professional members to donate their service. For instance, coding, web design, photographer, etc. Auction their services and collect funds for your cause. This will even help in building community.

54 - A day of Hiking

Take your people for nature's ride. Host a hike close to your city. Get an expert guide for the trip. Aware the guests of the hike difficulties ahead of the event. And Breath in the fresh air.

55 - Walk with Relish

Host a wine tour in your local winery. And have attendees take samples as well as purchase some if they like. 

56 - Crawling Bar

Get yourself and your team with matching Tees to walk down the road. And do have donation boxes. Meanwhile encourage others to get along and join the party. Plan your path ahead of the event.

57 - Wine Grab / Cock Pull

Every guest is rewarded with a mystery wine which they take home. You keep entry fees as per your wine cost and take the additional funds.

58 - Cooking House

Create a fun cooking class with help of a local chef or skilled volunteer who can lead. To add colors you can have a theme for the class. You can go virtual with the help of Zoom and Google Meet.

59 - Artist's Station / Stop

Host a creative art class for kids or anyone. You can teach craft, paint, etc. Have entry fees for generating funds.

60 - Selling Imagination

Art has a value beyond money. Interact with your local budding artists and have their art on display. Consider doing it at a posh locality for large funds.

61 - Can you hear me?

Make some touching and emotional piece of art that recites the story of a survivor. This will make a deep bond with your organization. Make it portable so that you could display it at various places.

62 - Static Words

Statistics play a major role in people's lives as it is facts and not mere predictions. Have structured statistics of your cause and make an interactive visual out of it. Which is narrating a deep story/problem. And you're a solution here.

63 - Whose tastes better?

Call out all baking enthusiasts and conduct a baking contest with entry fees. Have an exciting prize for the winner. And later you can sell their items for donations.

64 - Book Exchange/Barter

Conduct a book swap with help of your local library. Have entry fees or fees per book exchange. All you need is a reader.

65 - Partying Pool

Engage with your local authority to get access to a pool. And host a pool party this sunny summer along with food and drinks.

66 - Good Yard Sale

Encourage your community to get rid of their old unusable stuff and donate those to the cause. Just secure the least traffic space ahead of the event.

67 - Food loaded Truck

If you got any food truck in your locality, engage with them to donate a percentage of their sale at a particular time. 

68 - High on Life

Music is an art that recites its story in tunes and songs. 

Host a concert with your local performers and start promoting your event a month prior. Keep the logistics booked ahead of the show date.

69 - Live Music on-line

Set the stage at home and let the band rock. Go live with performance on different online tools like Zoom or Google meet.

70 - It's BINGO!

BINGO is loved by all. Connect with your local BINGO hall or have the necessaries from rentals. Spread the word around about the event and have fun.

71 - el Casino

Have a casino night, with entry fees. And make them aware that a portion of their jackpot goes to charity.

72 - Football and Tailgate

If you got schools and universities around in your locality or even a football team. Host a tailgate party to raise funds.

73 - Football with Fantasy / Football and Fantasy

Host a fantasy football league where everyone can bet. Which will be contributed to the cause. You can look at spotzufund for a fantasy football program.

74 - Wonder Night

The movie night fundraiser works the best and also has a potential audience. Get the equipment from rentals and host it outdoors, under the sky.

75 - Movie Marathon

Collaborate with your local cinema theatre to host a movie marathon, a series of movies from the evening itself. And charge entry fees. You can even have a meal and beverages counter at the venue for extra funds. 

76 - Let’s watch it together

Partner with a local cinema house and screen a movie or any documentary related to your cause. With entry fees and some extra facilities.

77 - Virtual Movie Party

There are many online streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon, and many more that have the "Room" feature. That gives us the privilege of watching movies together with a chatbox facility. So encourage them to grab their snacks and start your movie party.

78 - Snag Course

Going for an obstacle course fascinates a great audience. And you don't need to build a great course to pull one. You can build it for kids or adults. And you can have your course in a parking lot too.

79 - Leverage from an Extant Carnival

Many carnivals donate a proportion of their sale to charity. So grab your documentations and start your search to get your chunk.

80 - Plunge Tank

A dunk tank works best at schools, offices, and even churches. All you need is sacrificing volunteers. A dunk tank can be rented.

81 - Here's Mr. Santa

A Santa is a happiness for all. So schedule your dates with a Santa and visit your community families to celebrate and share happiness. Don't forget to have a camera person along to capture moments.

82 - Shhhhh Don't be afraid / Spooky House

A haunted house is never a bad plan. So makeover an old house into a haunted one. You can even consider your apartment and decorate it spooky. 

83 - Hunting Easter Eggs 

Encourage your community kids to visit from Easter bunny with an exciting Easter Egg Hunt.

84 - Who's that brute / A Night at Museum

Some zoos and museums hold special events after shows. You can engage with them and get onto that slot.

85 - Dinner and Murder Mystery

Host your guests with a fantastic dinner and a show with a murder mystery. Work upon your plan and get the volunteers onboard prior. Have a cause intact with the event for fundraising.

86 - A day with a Baby

Babysitting is always a need for parents to perform their duties freely. Get the enthusiastic volunteers who are willing to take care of babies gifting parents a day off.

87 - Diving In the Sky

Get people/volunteers who're willing to jump off an airplane for your cause. Collab with your local skydiving station or have people raise funds for themselves. Have personal fundraising pages running.

88 - Say-a-Hello! / Phone call Blitz

Believe me, phone calls still work. Many fundraising institutes get their major chunk through this fundraiser. So, gather the volunteers, get equipped with the requirement, and start your calls. Just make sure it goes with consent.

89 - Lets Cook-off      

Hosting a cook-off brings a lot of fun. Conduct a team-based cook-off at offices for raising funds. Consider having few exciting prizes for winners.

90 - Who's the Croquet Champion?

Croquet is a game for all. Make the attendees wear their fancy croquet gears on the day. Get the necessary equipment from the local rental.

91- Lets Play Cornhole

Have your community play cornhole for raising funds. Many charity houses hop for this game. So just make sure that date does not clash.

92 - Sc-avenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is always an adventure. You can host it online as well as in person. Just have a list of items where participants have to reach through riddles.

93 - Ting Tong? Here's Ping Pong

Ping Pong owns a special place in everyone’s heart. So host a ping pong tournament in your community and bust a sense of competition along. Rent the ping pong tables from local rentals.

94 - Volleyball Champion

Get the teams to join in and play the tournament. Have entry fees and online donations for the event. Engage with local businesses for sponsorships.

95 - Game Tester

Host a series of games for adults that challenges their different skills such as patience, endurance, concentration, etc. Have entry fees and general donations at the event. Consider having food and beverages for some extra funds.

96 - Can you? Adventure Challenge

Organize an adventurous multi-sport event. Which isn't for all but the brave ones. Have entry fees for the event and even engage for sponsorships. Make sure you possess enough manpower on the event date.

97 - Daredevil Race

Hold a daring racecourse at your local school, university campus, or office. And challenge your community to participate and contribute to the cause.

98 - Bowl it

Set teams for your bowling event. Have entry fees and also donation pages at the event. Spread the word in the community about the bowling game and have a blast at night.

99 - 20 Hour Relay

A 20-hour relay is a game where teams keep their movement alive. Walking into the designated field. You can have team members swap during the relay but someone got to be present.

100 - Over the Edge

Over the Edge is an event where participants repel down a building with proper safety measures. This is a great fundraiser and attracts a lot of crowds. Have a convenient and easy fundraising page for donations.

101 - Marathon Dancing

Set teams for this dance marathon and have their fundraising pages. The teams keep up onto their feet all time, they can swap between mates though. The one who sticks around till the ends takes away the prize.

102 - Biking-thon

Host a biking marathon where participants team up and ride on a designated course or can even be performed with stationary bikes. Get the participants with their fundraising pages.

103 - Bike-on-line

You can go virtual with a bike marathon and have participants ride for a particular number of distances outside. And start the event at the same time and date, keep track of their movements.

104 - Into the Water

Fundraising is an initiative that is taken by communities for a cause.

A swimming marathon is a great fundraiser. Get the participants team up, from schools, universities, or any swimming institutes.

105 - Service Walk

A general charity walk creates a buzz in the community. So join hands with the volunteers wearing branded t-shirts and engage with anyone you came across.

106 - A Galleria

Hold a gallery walk with help of your local artist's contributions for display. Have an entry fee as well as online donation pages on the day. If your theme permits even consider having drinks at the venue for scaling funds.

107 - Whose Got Talent?

There is an ample amount of talent in our vicinity. To create a platform where they can showcase their art. Raise funds through entry fees and donation pages at the event. You can tap for participants in schools, universities, and local art institutions.

108 - Drunken Spelling Bee

Host a spelling bee event at a local restaurant or bar and engage to get a percentage of sales for the cause. Get participants to raise funds ahead of the event.

109 - Empty Bowl Event

Hold a soup dinner in your community. And have beautiful ceramic bowls donated from local artists as a charity. Gifting those to the attendees after the dinner. Have a donation objective intact with the event.

110 – Summer Icecream And You

An Ice-cream in the summertime is worth a shot. Host an ice-cream social event with different flavors. Although don’t miss upon colorful toppings.

112 - Swapping Cookies

Host a cookie swap event with help of a baker who is willing to make dozens of their tasty cookies. Try to host it on a holiday with drinks and other complimentary.

113 - Sing Your Song

A karaoke night is an adorable one as it brings out the kids within us. Host a Karaoke night with an entry fee and a few complimentary like food and drinks for scaling funds. This is the best way to pull out pockets of the donors for the cause. If possible try borrowing it from someone or else rent it.

114 - Spotlight

If you got any connections with any celebrity regardless of their genre, be it from music, theatre, film, dance, etc. Get a slot from their busy schedule and host the event. Make entry chargeable and have online donation convenient at the venue.

115 - Take Memories Home

Host a Photo Booth and get the props from rentals. Printed pictures are no more in the scene, so get yourself a Polaroid camera and start capturing. Everybody gets their physical pictures in hand.

116 - Updating Donation Page on your Site

A donation is always a favor that one does for a cause. So, user convenience is a must. Keep your website, donation pages branded, user-friendly, appealing, and mobile optimized. To make sure that a donor never leaves the contribution on the table.

117 - Using Donation Tiers To get Larger Presents

When you leave the donation amount blank living it to a complete donor's call, there is a tendency of low donations. So, there're organizations that add tiers to their donation pages that give donation suggestions to the user. And this is a fact that after the tier addition the average donations raised for around 100$.

118 - Optimizing Donation Pages to receive Recurring support

A one-time donor is good but not the best as per an organization's perspective. Always try to look for ways that convert a donor into a recurring one. The recurring donors possess the highest possibility of retention. Optimize your donation pages in such a way that it pushes the donor to donate monthly. Meanwhile, you update the donor about what change their donation is making.

119 - Adding Donation Form to Email Signatures

Embed a donation form link in your staff's email signature. And make sure every email that goes from the organization has a donation form link attached to it. This will increase the possibility for fund generation.

120 - Story on Email

Recite a story on email in a series format that narrates your cause. And have donation pages linked to the story.

121 - Option for Covering Transaction fees for Donors

Every monetary affair on the internet has transaction fees involved. Which takes away a substantial amount from the fund. Therefore to save those you can have the option of covering transaction fees before a donor. And the best part is that around 80-90% of people opt for it.

122 - Access Company Matching

Companies match gifts their employees make. Engage with the employees and get access to their employer's match.

123 - Ticket Sales

A ticket sale is a tried and tested method to generate funds. You can host events and sell your ticket which will get your costs and raise funds for the cause too.

124 - Raffling

Get the items, gifts, money, and other things from donors which will be raffled off. Even engage local businesses for donations and sponsorships.

125 - Raise Fund at Chain Restaurant

People say taste buds are the best way to reach their pockets.

Chain restaurants have programs where they donate a percentage of their sale for that evening to the cause. Have your volunteers and donors active on the event day. And market your fundraising actively.

126 - Sponsors at Local Restaurant

Not only chain restaurants but local ones are also keen to collaborate with your organization. In this you both get your job done. Make sure you created enough buzz to pull the crown on show day.

127 - Hey it’s Happy Hour

Engage with your local bar and have your volunteers, supporters contribute. Create a special code so people can ask bartenders for discounts and will be easy to mark a sale.

128 - Name it

Get along with your local brewery, create or rename a brew for your organization. And get a percentage of sales for the cause.

129 - Make Something Sell

Have your artist supporter make something. It can be painting, craft, picture, etc. Which you can sell and generate funds for the cause.

130 - Family and Face Painting

A family face painting sounds a lot of fun. Spread the word around and get along with 2-3 artists. Start painting.

131 - Bake & Sell

Join hands with baking enthusiasts and make bakery items. And consider having a large community gathering where you can sell these to the masses.

132 - Sale Flower on Holiday

Selling flowers like poinsettias or wreaths is quite beneficial. You can purchase them in bulk and then sell them with a margin.

133 – T-shirt and Garb Sale

A t-shirt and apparel sale is a great way to raise awareness as well as funds for the charity. Host it on a holiday. And have your apparel sale at Amazon Merch.

134 - Pay what you write

Get your auction items from a donation and other ways. And Instead of getting it, the auctioneer let the people write their prize for items. So, whoever bids the most takes it home.

135 - Service Donation

You would’ve volunteers from a variety of professions from lawyers, doctors, artists to stylists, etc. Request them to donate their service in terms of coupons and vouchers.

135 - Mentor Sale

If you’ve got any big personality associated with your organization, request them if they could give 1 hour or so for mentorship. And get those tickets auctioned, whoever bids the most grabs the opportunity.

136 - Book of Cook

Get the recipes from supporting families and compile them into a book. You can have it printed into a book or its PDF version. Later you can sell it.

137 - Kid's Book

Make one children’s book which has stories written by kids only. It should also have a link to your cause. Then make a print version and sell it across events.

138 - Collaborating with Grocery (Cashback)

Collaborate with the grocery store in your locality as they give a percentage of sales for donation. All you need to do is engage with them and do the needful formalities.

139 - Donate your Carriage

It’s better to donate your car when you’re done with it instead of keeping it in the yard. That too for a good cause.

140 - Kendra Scott Gives It Back

Kendra Scott Gives back helps organizations to host events for education, health – wellness, and entrepreneurship. And you can get 20% of the donations.

141 - Wrapping Happiness

Wrap presents for your fundraising. There are many chain stores such as Walmart that donate for the cause.

142 - Drink Selling

If there is an upcoming event in your community where people would gather. Hold a stall of drinks and other beverages for raising funds.

143 - Scratch It

Scratch cards for raising funds for charity. You ask the supporters to scratch cards and get funds.

143 - Washing Centre

Get volunteers and other requirements such as water tanks, washing equipment. Make sure you have designated locations like a gas station or a parking lot.

144 - Cards Raising Funds

There are ample businesses that make fundraising cards for the charity. Which you can distribute in exchange for donations.

145 - Coin Jars

The power of the penny is commendable. You can put coin jars/boxes at different places in your locality. Where there are a lot of people's movements. I assure you that you’ll be amazed.

146 - Amazon Smile

Ask your supporters to link their account to your organization. So you receive 0.5% from every eligible purchase.

147 - Crowdfunding Challenge

Create a crowdfunding campaign with a social challenge. And get your supporters to perform that challenge and nominate their closed ones.

148 - Project Base Crowdfunding

If you need funds for a particular project present a goal to people with a tight time frame. This creates a sense of urgency and stimulates funding.

149 - Taking over Social Media

Take over social media platforms of local businesses as well as of any influencer. Post and promote your organization and cause for the day.

150 - Crowdfunding via Corporate

Collaborate with the corporates and create customized branded donation pages for them. Which they will use to generate funds.

151 - Building Organization

If you don’t have the manpower in your organization consider hosting a membership drive. And have donation boxes as well throughout the event.

152 - Tag with Hashtag

Social media has a lot of potentials to drive people. Make a hashtag and encourage supporters to tag and share.

153 - Social Blitz

Create a message for your social media followers with a day-long online donation campaign. Keep posting different content all day.

154 - Special Day

If your cause has a special day, you can run a donation campaign all day long. As it stimulates people towards donations.

155 - Matching Donations

A donation matching creates a sense of urgency among the community to donate. Get your corporations to donate to the cause and bring change.

156 - Fundraising Thermometer

If you got a visual funding thermometer or bar to track donations for your cause and place it at a central location. This will bring in a lot of awareness as well as funds for the cause.

157 - Peers Raising Fund

Set a peer to peer fundraising campaign with a time frame. Set up their fundraising pages for donations.

158 - Donor's Tuesday

The popular GivingTuesday is a great opportunity for raising funds. You can host a rally with an ongoing donation drive for the cause.

159 - Challenging Board Member

Your board members have great potential to raise funds. So challenge them and set their fundraising pages with a time-bound.

160 - Funky School

Have students, teachers, and staff members wear something funks wacky for a week to raise funds. And meanwhile set their fundraising pages.

161 - Do you know why I’m wearing this?

Get your supporters to wear a particular item for 1-2 weeks straight. Something which attracts people’s attention. Meanwhile, they raise funds and spread the word about the cause.

162 - Corporate Peers Fundraising

Have a word with corporates to launch an employee fundraising campaign.

163 - Donating Birthday

Have your supporters donate their birthday to the cause. Instead of gifts, encouraging the loved ones to donate. Keep the donation pages accessible and convenient.

164 - Donating Wedding

Ask the supporters for donating to their wedding. Instead of presents asking them to donate for the cause. Keep the donation pages accessible and convenient.

165 - Donating Christmas

Get supporters to donate their Christmas. And asking their family and friends for donations instead of presents. Keep the donation pages accessible and convenient.

166 - Fundraising DIY

Create a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign for people who can raise for your cause. Make it convenient and accessible for all.

167 - A Day in the Jeans

Encourage partners to let the employees dress in jeans for a day. And employees making donations for the privilege.

168 - Betting for Charity

  “Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving.” – Hank Rosso.  

If you have a volunteer who can walk an extra mile for your cause. Let them perform something outrageous like their hair colored awkwardly or even to shave it off. And promote this on social media for sponsorships and funding.

169 - Skip a Meal

If you work around for hunger, get your supporters to skip a meal. And can even propose a challenge to live under 5$ or so. Promote it and set fundraising pages for donations.

170 - March Madness

Leverage the March Madness fame by hosting a basketball bracket fundraiser. Don’t have cash prizes for winners as it's illegal instead consider coupons for different services.

171 - Picture for a Cause

Have supporters sharing their pictures that relate to the cause and narrates a story. Share those on social media with friends and family, and also have a personal donation page.

172 - Set the Bar

Have a minimum amount for fundraising when someone gets into the campaign. This gives them a target to reach.

173 - Hey!

Cold calling is not so exciting but it still can pay you. So grab your volunteers and have a database with a good script. And start calling.

174 - Mailing Drive

A personalized mail can do wonders for your cause. Create one such Email campaign for donations.

175 - Dress Down

People look for opportunities to dress down. To engage with the corporate and have the facility to pay and dress down.

176 - A Restaurant with an Envelope

Engage with the restaurants and ask them to keep a donation envelope on every table. This will create funds as well as awareness for your cause.

177 - A family Ticket

Get the family's weekend dates and sell the ticket for sports events conducted in a local stadium. Consider selling refreshments too at the venue for extra funds.

178 - Gifting Cards

There are many gift cards selling websites that you can buy. And then sell those at face value. After the card redemption is done by supporters you get a percentage of the sale for the cause.

179 - Shave it off

Supporters shave off their hair for the cause. Create a buzz into your community about the event and consider doing it in December.

180 - Recycle Drive

Host a recycling drive in your locality. Encourage people to get rid of their junk and exchange it with money.

181 - Rolling Money

In every team member’s paycheck, attach an empty coin roll. Ask everyone to fill them and return them. Then change can be donated.

182 - The Fourth Mile

Put in work to collect quarters to stretch them a fourth mile through a parking lot.

183 - Wrapping Gifts

Have your gift wrapping table at a convenient place. And ask for donations for each package.

184 - Who's the Cutest?

A pet is the most adorable for the master. So host a pet contest and let them show it off. Have entry tickets as well participation fees.

 185 - Hockey Puck

Run a competition of any sort. It also works with popular sports like basketball, dart. Book your venue ahead of time.

186 - Throw Freely

Host a free throw challenge on your local basketball court. Keep entry fees and some prizes for the winners.

187 - Carve your Pumpkin

Arrange pumpkins and conduct a pumpkin carving contest in your locality. Have different categories for participants. And prizes for the winners.

188 - Hit with Dart

Hold a balloon dart competition with proper safety measures. Host it at a carnival and charge entry fees.

189 - Paint your Jug

Paint your jugs attractive enough to grab people’s attention. And make sure you get lots of rings at the venue.

190 - Shooting Sharp

Host a shooting contest in partnership with your local shooting range for the least fuss. Keep fees for participation. And have prizes for winners.

191 - Pie on the Face

Throwing a pie on someone's face is worth watching and doing. Get pies for bang as well as to sell. Raise funds by charging entry fees.

192 - Paper Plane

Get an open space and registration forms as planes. You charge an amount for every paper plane. Consider doing it in good weather. And keep prizes for winners.

193 - Baby Poses

Get photos of your supporter’s baby on a Bristol card. And then have people vote for the cutest for a buck.

194 - Bedpan Course

Make an obstacle racecourse with a bedpan of water. Whoever comes with the most water in the pan wins it. Make teams of participants and charge fees.

195 - One Less or One more

Hold a weight loss challenge, where people donate 10$ for a pound loss or 15$ again. And you weigh participants weekly for updates. Engage with fitness institutes for sponsorship.

196 - Penny Clash

Build teams to clash for coins and whoever collects the most takes it. And you’re left with coins at the end. Promote your event ahead on different platforms.

197 - Crush the Grape

Get grapes into a barrel and let teams crush it. Heat happens hourly and procures grapes from breweries as donations. Charge fees as per teams.

198 - Best Clicks

Host one photography contest with budding and well-known photographers. Ask them to submit their best clicks of the event. Have participation fees.

199 - Creative Contest

If you’ve got creative people around, ask them to make a diorama, handicrafts, or any other art form. Host a show-off day and entry fees.

200 - Friendly Pong Tournament

Gather people and host a fun ping pong tournament. All you would need is a table, balls, and red cups. Have a participation fee. And some exciting prizes for winners. Consider having refreshments at the venue.

201 - No frill No sweat

Cornhole is preferred by no-frills, no sweat, sort of people in the summertime. Host a tournament in your city and charge an entrance fee for donations.

202 - Let's Dance

Host a dance marathon with teams battling against each other. Make it a 24-hour event and whoever dances till the end wins it. As it’s a daylong event, have foods and other beverages.

203 - Hit Home Run

Host a baseball tournament and have players hit straight home runs. One who hits the most takes away the prizes. Take entry fees for participation.

204 - Rubber Ducks

Get a lot of rubber ducks and let the participants throw them onto the land. One who throws the most or further wins it. Charge entrance fees for donations.

205 - Guess the Jelly

Let people guess how many jelly beans there in the jar for a dollar. Have some cool prizes for the adept guesser.

206 - Strange Fundraising

Anything oddish has the potential to grab people’s eyeballs. For instance, students would pay a few dollars to see their professors dancing at someplace.

207 - Baby Bet

If there's anyone in your team who is expecting a baby, get people to bet upon the baby's birth date and win an exciting cash prize if they do it right.

208 - Castle of Sand

If you live nearby a beach, you can host a sandcastle contest and have different categories for kids and adults. Charge participation fees and have a grand prize for the best sandcastle.

209 - Sponsorship drive

Getting sponsors is the key aspect to run an event. Creating a sponsorship package is a good way to get businesses who would be interested in any particular event you’re organizing.

210 - A Succinct Message

Create an interactive visual that recites a succinct message to attract customer’s attention at the counter. People are very generous with their lost exchange. And this can bring in funds as well as awareness for the cause.

211 - A percentage in a Grocery Store

Many grocery stores give back a percentage of their sales to partnering charities. Although there are stores that ask supporters to register first. This can generate a substantial amount of funds for your cause in a very short period.

212 - Donating Junks  

Ask your community to get rid of those unusable electronics, broken furniture, etc. for your cause. And then you can drop it off at the recycler in exchange for funds for your cause. Make sure you'd spread the word enough in your city to bring people into action.

213 - Exchange Car against Donation

There are many websites such as car donation wizard that host such events and make it Hassle-free for you. So you can ask your supporters to donate their unwanted used cars in exchange for a donation although the websites charge service fees.

214 - An Exclusive Tour

There are some of the places in our city which are not so accessible to the public. Get permits from the concerned authorities and host a guided tour. Sell their tickets and make sure attendees respect the laid guidelines of the place.

215 - A play

Get along with your local theatre group and set up a play with the amateur artists in the evening. Publicize the play ahead of the show to get people on board. Sell tickets as well as other eatables to scale funds.

216 - With a Fair

Engage with organizers of upcoming fairs and request them to lend a portion of the gatherings to your cause. You got to be a well-known charity for partnering with them though. And if you’re interested you can host a fair too.

217 - Re_lay

Organize a relay in your way. Be it running, biking, or something else. Select your venue indoor or outdoor ahead of the show. Have participation fees. And promote the event well ahead to gather crowds.

218 - Relay on Treadmill

If you don’t have the luxury to host a relay outdoors why not have it on a treadmill instead. Get participants and make teams. Let them run on the treadmill and whoever sticks to the last takes the prize.

219 - Raffling reversely

Host a party with food, drinks, music, and a reverse raffle. In this game, you set a fixed number of tickets with grand prices to attract folks around (for instance, 100 tickets, for $100 each and prizes of $10000 and 1000 for your org.) You keep the golden tickets and unleash it at the last. A point where people would get it for $500.

220 - Creative auction

Gather artworks from your supporters and frame them. Host your show at a local gallery and get them auctioned off.

221 - Sale what you Bake

Host this classic event. Get all your baking enthusiasts to bake their special items. Sell these items in big events like farmers' markets for major funds.

222 - Buck Bowling

Engage with your bowling alley to get lanes for rent or as kind support for your cause. Get participants and make teams clash. Keep charges per pin or as convenient.

223 – A walk on Cake

A cakewalk can be hosted alone or along with some other people gathering shows. Have a variety range of prizes not limited to cakes only. Make sure you have a venue with large footfalls.

224 - Washing Cars

Supporters jump in for such fundraisers as it's a lot of fun with the sponges. Get a space of a gas station or parking lot for more possibilities/clients.

225 - A Night of Reels

Host a movie night at a local theatre or any other venues as per convenience. Charge entrance fees from attendees. Although hosting it at a theatre will take away a lot of responsibilities and requirements like movie licensing, projector, sound, etc.

226 - Movie under a Sky

Projecting a movie under the sky and the audience watching it under their blankets, sounds cozy right? Host this event charging entrance fees and also other snacks, drinks for some extra bucks.

227 - There's Yard Sale

People getting rid of their unusable stuff is an opportunity of raising funds. Host a yard sale in an ample space where people can drop off and even a dedicated slot for donations. Spread the word in your locality about the event so that people can act.

228 - Handicraft Show

Organize a full-fledged craft show in a field. Get artists of different sorts such as jewelry, handicrafts, pots, etc. to sell at your show. Have stalls with chairs and tables and sell those to the artists. Just make sure similar items don’t clash and have ample space to project their stuff.

229 - Happy Hour with Doggies

Gather all the cute pets and their masters in your community. Having drinks, lovely pets, and talking about what else one can ask for? Charge entrance fees.

230 - Walking Pup

Host a pup walk parade. Make it a festival by bringing all your community to walk with their adorable ones. Get permits from the concerned authorities before the date. Have a blast!

231 - Dance-a-thon

Just dance and don’t stop. Have dancing teams battle against each other for a whole day or night. Either way, have a spacious venue with a variety of music. Get on the sponsors for the event.

232 - Dunking Tank

If you’ve got any well-known personalities who would love to dunk then it’s full of success. This will build a lot of buzzes and pull a great crowd. Arrange tanks and water supply ahead. Consider doing it on summer days only.

233 - Imparting Skills

If you have supporters who’re experts in their respective professions. Then consider doing a workshop, conference, clinic, etc. And let attendees leverage their experience and knowledge for a small registration fee

234 - Swap your Cloth

Many people are bored with their clothes and want to get rid of them. Host an event to get those for a cause. Let participants join in with entry fees or a charge per swap. Have enough space for cloth collection and get people to donate it a day before so that you can organize it properly.

235 - Sap Sale

If you’ve got a nursery or planning to plant, start it ahead of time. Ask your community to donate plants as well. Project a vast range of flowers for the attendees. Consider hosting it in spring or summer when people plan about their gardens. 

236 - A Point of View

There’s always a well-known personality associated with the charity. Get his schedule and host a discussion with an expert moderator. Have small registration fees for the attendees. Consider having a complimenting venue for the event like a library, hall, etc.

237 -  Karaoke Night

Karaoke night is fun for all. Host this event at a local karaoke bar to make it hassle-free. Have entrance fees and food, drink facilities to scale funds.

238 – Breakfast with Pancake

Get your community’s hands-on to make some delicious pancakes. Host it outdoors if weather permits. Have some games for kids at the venue.

239 - Partying Pool

Summertime and pool are a perfect match. Engage with local authorities to get access to a community pool. Have drinks, food, and games at the venue. And let’s splash water. Have fun!

240 - Hunting Scavenger

Plan the hunt routes and make it fun, convenient for participants of all levels of ability. Utilize social media as part of your hunt for tracking.

241 - Breakfast with Applebee's Pancake

Partnering with Applebee's and presenting those delicious pancakes to guests is mingling. Set the venue beautifully with a particular theme. Engage with the team and volunteers ahead.

242 - Cook-Off Chili

Host this event at the office or any other gathering venues. Ask employees to bring in a dish as per the theme. And at lunch, charge a fee to sample the food then have everyone vote for the dish they loved the most. Have a dedicated place for serving.

243 - Bake it off

The bake-off event can attract a lot of crowd due to the success of shows like The Great British Bake-off. Get entries and keep a qualified judge for the event. Make sure you’ve proper space to display cakes. And keep refreshments at the venue.

244 - A Cause Walk

Coordinate with local officials about the course. Hold a walk for the cause where people join in and spread awareness together. You can even distribute merch for vocalizing the reason for generating funds.

245 - Funny Running

Host a quick running event or a timed marathon at your local track. People love running and it is bound to pull a crowd. Just make a simple and happening event.

246 - A themed Fun Run

Running with a theme is a lot more fun. Get people, set location and theme like red for the rose day, Saturday a hat day, etc. Just be creative and have a blast together.

247 - Touring Ghost's

Get your city’s most haunted place and host a tour. Have a guide reciting a cooked story in a spooky costume. Consider doing it around Halloween.

248 - Office's Theme Lunch

Gather your office mates over a charity lunch. Charge for the lunch and raffle off prizes to make some funds for the cause. Make sure you serve good and hot lunch. If possible try to get food from local restaurants as a donation.

249 - A Garden with Night & Beer

Engage with your local beer garden for co-hosting a dinner night where a portion of their sales goes to your charity. Be creative for the eve and have themes for the night. Also, have some indoor games at the venue. If needed have a drink minimum and keep the ticket cost as per the given facilities.

250 - A Eat for Cause

Collab with your local restaurants or bars to co-host a happy hour where a percentage of their sales goes to charity. If needed have a drink minimum for attendees and keep the ticket cost as per the given facilities.

251 - Olympic & Armchairs

Get the teams to sign up for battle against each other in a series of off-the-wall “Olympic” events. Host games like Frisbee throw, sponge toss, hamster, tricycle races, etc. Just make sure there’s a game for every ability. Organize it in a spacious venue.

252 - Bed Breakfast

Make your version of UberEats. You can perform this event alone or by partnering with your local restaurant. Doing so will take away a lot of burdens and even a share of the amount. Either way, you would need a workforce behind. Consider hosting it in winter, a time when people are too lethargic to do anything.

253 - It's BINGO Night!

Get the BINGO sets if you wish to repeat the event. Else get it from the rental suppliers. If possible host it at your local BINGO hall. And don’t forget to keep refreshments at the venue.

254 - Stars and the Street

The picnic at the park is just so obvious. So let’s do something crazy and have it on the main street at night. Get people to bring in their blankets, food, drinks, and spend their night under the sky. Get the permits from the local authorities and make sure it has no vehicle violation at night. So you take responsibility for location, parking, and entertainment.

255 - Dine with Colors

This event is gaining lots of popularity where people wear dresses of the same color and dine at a unique location. Popularly known as Color Al Fresco. Keep the décor complimenting. Coordinate with the authorities for smooth proceedings. Consider doing it in summer.

256 - The Last Wins

Got a lot of prizes, donations? Sell tickets and the winners get a chance to sit in a room with an eye on the object. And the one who breaks the contact last wins it!

257 - A Day in Spa

Partner with your local spa and get people to pay for services like hot tubs, sauna, and drink. A portion of any add-ons they schedule goes to your charity. Book slots before to leverage spa time completely.

258 - Dinner in Motion 

Mostly people sample multi-cuisine at different restaurants within walking distance. Reach out to restaurants early for mapping out a convenient route for attendees. And have fun on your food tour.

259 - Water Polo

Host this exciting water polo game at a pool that has seating for viewing. Teams picking against each other for a water polo game. Have players wear some nasty clothes and always keep them inside their polka dot inner tubes. Reserve the first row seats with water canyons and super soakers to torture their favorite players for 5 minutes slots in the penalty box.

260 - A Stranger Talk

People are mostly generous and excited to share what they got. Be it cuisine, game, pool, or food prepared on a smoker. Ask such donors to host a night, inviting 6-8 strangers. Sell the tickets to parties and keep the funds for the cause. The best part, you don’t have to host anybody.

261 - A Night of Singles

Consider hosting this singles night around Valentine. You can keep it a dating night or ask them to make something together for your organization. Either way, it’s bound to happen.

262 - A Night full of Light

Have people send lanterns in the sky with a wish. Either have participants bring their lantern or get it yourselves beforehand. And take care of disposing of them afterward. Hosts this event close to festivals to make it even brighter.

263 - Washing Pets

Washing pets is as simple as it sounds. Animals get a bit cautious with new people so have volunteers who are familiar with pets. Partner with pet grooming stores for washing advice.

264 - Attempting World Record

Find out world records you think your supporters can break. Although churning those from the Guinness Book is quite an effort. Invite participants and charge small fees.

265 - Hunt of Treasures

Make clues that head up to a great hunt with big prizes. Just make sure that clues aren’t too easy or too hard to unlock. Use social media for tracking participant progress with hashtags. Keep volunteers intact on hunt courses to answer questions.

266 - Dishes and Smashes

Gather the community’s old unusable dishes and conduct a dish smashing event. Keep safety measures and precautions at the venue.

267 - A Coco House

Host a cozy event at your place, coffee shop, café, or any other suitable place. Have coffee, snacks for the attendees. And let everyone showcase their talent be it singing, dancing, poetry, storytelling, etc.

268 - Teaching Tastes

You don’t have to be a chef to host one. Organize a cooking class teaching a particular dish, basics of cooking, or anything else. Keep the venue as per the participant number. Have small participation fees.

269 - An Unlit Museum

Partner with your local museum and book it for a night. Have a DJ, drinks, and other entertaining items to uplift the mood. Engage with the concerned authorities early.

270 - Getting along with Panera

Partner with Panera Bread Café and distribute plenty of flyers to your supporters. And tell them to bring those to the café. Panera gives 20% of the sales to your charity.

271 - Colorful Mayhem Ensue

Hold this event on the field. Get the colored powder station, people in white clothes, and let the colorful mayhem ensue. This is bound to grab people and create awareness about your cause.

272 - Count your Steps

Give a 10000 step challenge or have people pledge an amount of every 1000 steps. Start this within your organization and take it to social media for more supporters.

273 - Soundless Disco

Silent disco is a new trend where people plug in headphones and play their choice of songs. Also sometimes several DJs are playing. Just host it at a spacious venue with a lot of feet so that one feels silly dancing alone.

274 - Cleaning with the Community

Get your supporters on gloves and start cleaning your locality. Make it fun by allotting members to the team and one who collects the most trash bags wins exciting prizes. Get necessities like gloves, trash bags, masks, etc. for participants.

275 - A Mini-Golf

Start engaging early to book a golf course in the off-seasons to cut on costs. Ask local businesses to sponsor or donate based on the player’s score.

276 - Plunging in Cold

This is fun in cold places or cold weather. Charge small entry fees or donations based on plunging. Keep hot drinks and some basic medical facilities at the venue.

277 - Historical Walks

If your city monuments have any historical relevance host a tour with an expert guide. Consider partnering with Historical, Museum, Architectural societies for an in-depth experience.

278 - A Night with Lego

Invite children of all ages to create their best model and win exciting prizes. Have participation fees and keep refreshments for some extra boosts.

279 - Zoo Petting

Partner with your local farm and conduct a petting zoo. Host it in a large field. Charge entrance fee.

280 - Selling Carnations

Sell carnations to kids before special days. So they can give to their loved ones. You can either get it from a nursery or grow it by yourself.

281 - Collect Box Tops

If your charity works for schools, gathering box tops is very convenient. Get children to collect them once parents are done. Then you can set up an account with Box Tops for Education to mail them in. Cheques are distributed in April and December.

282 - Kid-o-thon

Get people to donate for every minute the kids are on their feet. Let them dance, play, run all time. Host it at a playground on a sunny day.

283 - Characters and Breakfast

Host a breakfast with cartoon characters such as Easter Bunny, Tom – Jerry, etc. Serve them breakfast, click their picture with character and share its digital copy. Keep volunteers ready with cartoon suits.

284 - Sending Candies

Sell candies on special days such as Valentine's, friendship, Halloween to students. So they can share it with a note to their friends and teachers.

285 - Read Kid

Call out all kids who love reading and ask their parents to sponsor them. And reward the kid who read the most. Partner with your city’s readers club for resources.

286 - Colors and Lollipops

Buy a bucket of trinkets and lollipops. Color those lollipops from the bottom i.e. green gets a trinket, red gets a grand prize. Stick those in floral foams to make a lollipop bouquet. Sell each pops for a few dollars and every kid wins a prize with a lollipop.

287 - Posing with Santa

Start in early December and hold your photos at a place that has decent traffic. You can even sell pictures with Santa for some extra revenues.

288 - Kiddies Party

Give parents a night off. And arrange a night full of games for kids. Have enough games to tire them out so they fall asleep. Take the venue as per the number of kids.

289 - A Golf Tournament

A game of golf is always a good bet. Renting a golf course is quite expensive so start early and conduct it in the offseason to cut on costs. Keep drink stalls across the course.

290 - Chill and Meal Fest

Host a large festival with music, foods, drinks, etc. Engage with local vendors and sell out spaces. Organize it at a large scale so that it doesn’t get messy. And take special care of cleanliness.

291 - Flamboyant Outfit

Let the budding designers of your community take up the stage and showcase their art. Promote the event on social media ahead of and keep a separate section for selling clothes. So you need a runway, dressing room, and audience court.

292 - A Partying House

Hold a rocking house party. Where participants pay small fees and get one free drink and if needed they can pay more. Get the attendees list ahead so you can get drinks and other requirements beforehand. Have a theme for the evening if you want.

293 - Harmony / Concerto

A concert can be organized by a small charity organization too. Ask your local bands and performers to donate their time. And engage with local restaurants to give out their stage for an evening. Promote the show aggressively on social media.

294 - The Carnival

A carnival is a package of food, fun, and adventure. Get the rides from a reputed carnival attraction rental company that has a strong insurance policy. Engage with local vendors for selling stalls and performers before. Or else you can partner with an extant carnival to cut on the organizational front.

295 - Fate Night (Casino)

Casino night gives a good reason for people to come and lose some for a good cause. Hold it at a spacious venue and get casino games from party rental. Keep refreshments for some extra revenue.

296 - A Play for charity

Partner with your local theatre to organize a play. Promote the show and your cause hand in hand on social media.

297 - Gala out of ordinary / A Phenomenal Gala

Host a low-end gala with not so lavish food and décor. It won’t be easy to get people to pay. So make sure you’ve got a solid story to tell with your cause.

298 - Sync your Lip

Here fun is inevitable. Let the participants showcase their talent and win exciting prizes. Keep a judging panel. And have music and refreshments at the venue.

299 - Poker's Tournament

Check out gambling laws in your state and host a poker tournament. Set the friendly competition boosting cash buy-ins and cash prizes. Also, have a drink station for some extra revenue.

300 - The Board Game

Get board games from party rentals and host a casual board game night. And let people join in and play whatever they like. Charge entrance fees and keep food and drinks at the venue.

301 - Clash of Gamers

Pull out all your video games and start playing. If any of your connections have a VR set get them out. Just make sure you’ve got a variety of games to keep the night on.

302 - Celeb at Night

Rather than just a normal trivia night bring in a celeb and let everyone see their real struggle for a small entry fee. Host it at your local bar. And also have a category about your cause so everyone gets aware of it.

303 - A Game for Newlyweds

Get couples to join in for a fun night. Where you keep a partner in one room and others leave. Ask them a variety of questions and perform the same with another half. And let's see how many get it the same. A restaurant or bar would be the best place to host.

304 - True or Bluff

Playing the game of tic tac toe where each of the 9 squares is filled with celebrity. Two players battling, one represented by X and another by O. They take turns by selecting a square and then the hosts ask a question to a relevant celebrity. Then the contestant guesses whether the given answer is right or a bluff. If he gets it right he claims the square or vice-versa.

305 - Dance under Sky

Gather at least 10 of your cities most famous personalities and get them to team up with local dance schools. Prepare a dance number and let them put the stage on fire with their moves. Promote it and sell tickets in advance.

306 - Making a deal tonight

Get the audience and let the host make out a deal with them – the catch is without letting them know if trading is of lower or higher value. Keep a buzz that everyone has a chance of being a trader and make sure you’ve got nasty prizes.

307 - Showcasing Cars

Engage with car exhibitors and sell them stalls to project their automobiles. Also, keep foods and drinks stations for some extra revenue. Sell tickets for the show and let people vote for their favorite car and facilitate the winning exhibitor.

308 - Daunting House / Spooky House

It’s even possible to transform a lavish apartment into a spooky haunted house. Just the right decorations and costume is needed. Get the volunteers to set it up and dress up in creepy costumes. Have a terrifying night.

309 - Racing Rubber Ducks

Get permits from local authorities for hosting a rubber duck race. Sell the numbered ducks and dump them into the water. The one who comes first takes away the grand prize.

310 - My Favorite Things

Have local businesses donate around 1-20 of their “Favorite Things”. Sell tickets for the event and under every chair, there’s a number. List the numbers of personnel and they get to take home that particular thing. Everyone gets something and one lucky person gets one of everything.

311 - Airborne Festival

A soaring hot air balloon in the sky is worth watching. If possible brand your org on a balloon for great publicity. Partner with a local hot air balloon festival for donations and resources.

312 - Lawn Mowers Racing

Consult with your local authorities and organize your lawnmower race. Host it at a nice course and make it adventurous.

313 - How does it taste?

Host a regional food festival with special foods and drinks that only your community has to offer. Partner vendors with diverse food/drink offerings. Secure a large space for vendors and take care of cleanliness.  

314 - Stage calls you / Stage on fire / let’s perform

Everyone loves to showcase their talent. Giving them a platform to host a talent show at a school hall or any other venue. Get all the requirements beforehand like mics, stands, etc.

315 - Crawling Pub

Partner with breweries or bars beforehand in exchange for a portion in proceeds or a drink minimum. Get participants to dress up in a theme.

316 - Flag Footballs and More

Host several casual outdoor games that don’t demand a lot of training such as Frisbee, flag football, etc. Have water stands to players hydrated and also snacks which can be purchased. Promote your event beforehand to gather enough participants.

317 - Text Triggers Donation

There are websites like Text2give and snowball that lend text services. All you’ve to do is form an engaging message for people to donate and push them to text in return. Every text they send will trigger a donation. Although these websites charge a service fee.

318 - Fb Ads

The Facebook ads engage with donors on their feed and encourage them to act as per your plan. You can put money as your budget allows and it will be proportionate to the reach.

319 - Crowdfunding Platforms

Websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo host crowdfunding campaigns. It is best if you’re working on that project so you can update the donors about what changes their donations made. On websites, people simply donate online and check on updates.

320 - Challenging on Social Media Platforms

Create one challenge on social media reflecting your cause and get people to perform and nominate others. Just make sure it doesn’t get limited to social media only but also encourage people to donate.

321 - Thrusting Social Media

Allot a day to a cause on social media and keep posting pictures, videos, testimonials all day. Also, give shoutouts to donors. Plan all this and get volunteers to help.

322 - Raffle Spa

Get people to enter a raffle to win a day at a spa. Ask local businesses to donate their service. Although getting this is quite an effort so start early.

323 – Expensive Raffle Ticket

Sell a limited number of expensive raffle tickets so that everyone has a fair chance of winning. You would need to sell this at different events, keeping audiences in mind.

324 - Holiday Raffle

Take a hotel outside the city, arrange an airline ticket with a hotel stay or plan any such holiday trips, and get it raffled off. Gathering all this would take time so start early.

324 - Ticket under Chocolate

Sell chocolate bars that have a golden ticket inside for a holiday trip, a day with a celebrity, a platinum seat in concert, etc. Arrange the prize ahead. Keep selling and distributing prizes wisely.

325 - Hands-on Diamond

Get the real gem from a donation or purchase it yourself. Then buy a bunch of cheap glass jewels and mix those with the real gem inside. Blindfold participants and let them put their tweezers in to find the real one. Pre-sell the tickets.

326 - Specially Stuffed Cupcakes

Sell the cupcakes with a token inside triggering a grand prize. You can keep a high price of cupcakes if the prize is tempting enough.

327 - BINGO Cow pie

Organize the event on-field and paint numbered squares on it. Ask farmers to bring in cows. Sell the squares and whichever number gets a cowpie wins the proceeds.

328 - Come Drive a Dream

Gift people a chance to drive dream cars like BMW, Lambo, Benz, etc. Ask your supporters to donate their fantasy cars for a few hours to a cause. This can be raffled off.

329 - A Charity Calendar

A calendar with pictures of your charity, making a difference in people’s lives is worth every penny. Get it out before January 1st.

330 - Sale of Succulents

Decide whether you’re willing to grow succulents yourselves or get them from a nursery. Just be creative with the pots to make them visually appealing. And succulents work the best whole year.

331 - Packaged Food Sale

Purchase tons of packaged food and drinks. Take permissions from concerned authorities and open up a stall in a local event, market, schools, etc.

332 - Wristband Sale

Rubber wristbands are still popular and kids love to wear them. Print a funky message on bands and sell those for a dollar each.

333 - A Trinket Sale

Make these items with community help or get it done by professional designers. Just make sure it’s worth buying. Herewith money you get advertised too by people wearing those items.

334 - T-shirt for All Sale

Get quality t-shirts and screen printing machines for the on-demand print facility. Create designs people would love wearing. Get enough volunteers at the venue to look after the customer needs.

335 - Chocolaty Sale

People look for excuses to eat chocolates. Buy tons of chocolates and start selling those at crowd locations.

336 – Adorable Greeting Cards

Partner with local budding artists to make some beautiful cards. Sell those to in offices, craft sales, local events, etc.

337 - A Message for YOU!

Collab with your local well-known authors to get handwritten dedications in their books. Gather requests for names and messages for a small fee. Consider hosting this at literary festivals.

338 – Mask with a cause 

This pandemic has also given a lot of opportunities. So, print a catchy message, hashtag, phrase, etc. on the mask and sell it online/offline.

339 – Shoe Drive

Ask your community to donate their gently worn, usable, old/new shoes for a good cause. Websites like Funds2Orgs handle the hard work. They take what you’ve collected and send you a check based upon your collection.

340 – Member Training

This isn’t particularly an event. Training your members will increase the fundraising possibilities. Make a designated curriculum for training.

341 – Donor recognition wall

Eleven Fifty-Seven is a platform that makes a custom donor recognition wall that recites a beautiful of your organization. This is also a good way to present gratitude to donors and inspire visitors.

342 – Traditional Fundraising

Create a vast range of customized products and sell those for raising funds. Keep the quality and wisely brand your organization.

343 - Bands Battle

If execution is well-planned battle bands event is bound to get hit. Charge participation fees for bands and tickets for audiences. Have some well-known personalities as judges.

344 – Angel Making

Invite your community to make their angels and display them at churches or local events.

345 - VIP Seat

Arrange 2 VIP/platinum seats in a big sports game, concert, or any other shows. And raffle it off.

346 – Match Auction

Host this informal event and auction off fun dates like a ticket to movies, park, along with eligible men/women. Have a theme to light the mood.

347 – A Chain of hearts

Partner with a local business to sell hearts. It’s a simple event where you ask your supporters to purchase a paper heart.

348 – Donation at Checkout

Partner with a local retail shop and have a visual of your cause at the billing counter. Later the cashier asks the customer for donations. Make sure you accept all forms of payment.

349 – Dodgeball Tournament

Get participants for playing a friendly dodgeball game. Keep registration fees for players and entry fees for spectators.

350 – Smashing Cars

Get a car from a junkyard, take it to the garage for removing harmful materials. And let the young lads pull out their energy with bats and hammers on the car. A dollar for each smash.

351 – Donating Envelope

A simple fundraiser, yet very effective. You get a few hundred envelopes and number each one. The donors contribute an amount that is in front of the envelope they choose.

352 – Half-priced books

Ask your community to donate their old read books for a cause. And sell those used books for half price. Make sure you promote the event early and aggressively.

353 – Balloon Raffle

Keep the raffle tickets inside the balloon. People would love to pop the balloon and claim their prize if they win.

354 – Coffee Love

Partner with roasters or coffee shops to get discounted coffee beans to sell. As coffee has a global appeal it’s bound to get sold. Make sure you host a stall at a central location or in a popular event.

355 – Partnering with Krispy Kreme

Partner with Krispy Kreme and you get a good share of 50-60% of sales. They’re also very supportive of sales materials and prices.

356 – Moe’s & Charity

Host a fundraiser with Moe’s, although your eligibility is subject to your location. If your audience loves Burritos, it’s a good bet. Supporters enjoy having it and meanwhile, you raise for your cause.

357 – Selling Cookie Dough

Everyone craves cookies. So, buy bulk dough from a cookies dough fundraising company and sell it across your community. Consider hosting it during the holidays.

358 – Donating Volunteers

A lot of corporates have giving back programs. In which they donate several employee volunteer hours to charities and other monetary supports. So start engaging to tap for such opportunities.

359 – Sending Teachers to Jail

It's a straight and simple event where students pay to throw their teachers to jail (fortunately not a real one) and get a leisure period. Meanwhile, teachers leverage it by doing organizational work.

360 – Singing Carols

If you’ve got the privilege of having a group of Christmas Elves then this is all you need. Stand at a trafficked station and start singing. While other volunteers ask for donations and distribute pamphlets about the cause.

361 - Rockers

Get rocking chairs and one who sticks to the last grabs the prize. Meanwhile, ask rockers to get pledges from friends and families. The least active but the most fun.

362 – Kickball

Freaks are not those who go for fitness, rather it's a need of an hour. 

 An interactive and fun game where the whole community comes together for a cause. Every team plays a small entrance fee and gets sponsorships from businesses. Sell tickets for the event and also have refreshments at the venue.

363 – Dog walking services

If your community has a lot of dogs then lend your dog walking services for a charge. This works great if your charity is associated with dogs. Gather volunteers for lending hands.

364 – Services/kind Donations

Many organizations prefer donating their products and services over monetary donations. If you need any particular product and don’t have the funds to purchase it. Engage with companies if they can donate it.

365 – Water Bottles

Bulks buy water bottles from companies. Engage with local businesses for selling ad space on bottles. So then supporters don’t have to do a lot.

366 – Garden Cleaning

Gather volunteers and start cleaning the garden in your locality. Supporters ask for pledges from neighbors for each trash bag they collect.

367 – Auction Ornaments

Ask the school's kids to make ornaments with a material of their choice. Just being creative and maintaining a standard. Gather all and keep an auction, where family members bid for their creations.

368 – Zaxby’s Fundraising night

Zaxby’s not only serves great chicken but also the host’s fundraising nights. Engage with them and get your supporters on Mon/Tue from 5-8 pm. And 10% of sales of that night goes to your cause.

369 – Chipotle Fundraising

Chipotle partners for fundraising nights with educational institutes, agriculture groups, and youth community groups. Get your supporters on the day and you receive 50% of sales of the night.

370 – Grocery Delivery Service

Most people don’t like the grocery shopping journey. So, partner with your local grocery store and lend the grocery delivery service to your community.

371 – March Madness

Let your supporters live march madness. Make teams and host the whole tournament on a weekend itself. Charge for tickets and also sell merch, refreshments, etc. for scaling revenue.

372 – Gathering Can & Bottles

Ask your corporates to host a can and bottle drive. Where their employees dump all their collected cans and bottles to raise money for your cause.

373 – Fighting with Water Balloons

Get a couple hundred balloons and fill them up with water. Turn your office departments into teams and let them burst balloons against each other on the field. Charge an entry fee.

374 – Grooming Pets

Promote your pet grooming service in your locality. People would be more than willing to pay if they get their pet well-groomed. Get volunteers and other requirements beforehand.

375 – Taking Family Picture 

If you’ve got a decent camera and some photography skills that are all required. Spread the word in your locality about your service. Take family photos for a charge and share them digitally or in print for some extra charge.

376 – Office Space Contest

Get your employees to décor their working space themselves. And keep a contest where fellow coworkers can vote for their favorite space for a dollar.

377 – Classic Cars

Arrange classic cars from your supporters and host a classic car show in your parking lot. Charge entry fees from attendees.

378 – Trade Fair

Trade fair is similar to a book swap event. People bring their stuff and trade. You can have an entry fee or charge per trade.

379 – Appreciation Grams

This event brings funds as well as builds a relationship with the community. You charge a small fee to send a handwritten note acknowledging someone.

380 – Testing Geography

Host it at a school and check upon students’ knowledge about geography. Charge a small admission fee and don’t forget to reward the smartest with the exciting prize.

381 – Variety of Popcorns

Don’t sell old fashioned buttered popcorn. Instead, get all budding chef supporters and make a variety of popcorn with different flavors. Then sell them during the holidays and in local events.

382 – Flag Services

Lend your community the service of taking down and hanging up holiday-appropriate flags on their porches. Charge a subscription fee based on service tenure.

383 – Field day for adults

Host a wide range of outdoor games for adults and take them for a good nostalgic field day. Charge an admission fee and keep refreshments along for some extra revenue.

384 – Paddle Boat Race

Get a variety of boats around the lakes. Have participants battle for the paddle race. Have teams to make the event more fun and interactive.

385 – Hobby Donations

Have talented supporters to donate their hobbies like coding, music, carpentry, etc. Then ask your community to buy any of the services they like or need.

386 – Challenging Chefs

In this event, the cooking enthusiasts get to cook a meal for the evening. Then the attendees pay to vote for their favorite chefs. Ask a local restaurant to donate their kitchen for an evening.

387 – Holding Charity Day

Hold a day and make it a day of charity for your organization. Where you aggressively collect funds for your cause. Promote it widely via Email and social media channels.

388 – Geocaching

In Geocaching, participants hunt items using GPS coordinates. And eventually, reach the last item and win a grand prize. Charge participation fee and hand out the coordinates there itself.

389 – Academic Goals  

In this event, students set academic goals they wish to achieve in their upcoming semester. Parents make a pledge to their fundraising page to motivate them. If they achieve it your cause gets the donation.

390 – Ramen Cook-off

We’d all seen other cook-offs so why not ramen. Let participants make their own version of this dish and you never know how good it can get. Charge participants an admission fee. And keep some exciting prizes for the winner and runner ups.

391 – Planting Trees

As an organization set a goal for a number of trees with a cost of 1 tree (1 Tree = $10). This creates transparency and motivates people to donate. Find a location for the plantation and promote your event far in advance.

392 – Clothing Fundraiser

Ask your community to donate their old, gently worn clothes for a cause. Then you can sell these to bring in funds. People are generous with their old clothes so make sure you promote the event well.

393 – Teens Night

Host a night especially for teens with food, music, karaoke, games, etc. You can have it at your headquarters or local restaurant. Charge an entry fee and keep it clean and fun.

394 - $20 Makeover

In this event, you give $20 to your participant to purchase an item from the market then turn it into something special. Later they sell these items with a margin and profit goes into their team’s fundraising goal.

395 – Personal asks

Sending generic messages create close to no impact. But a personalized ask can make a huge difference by keeping the donor at the heart. Thank them for their belief and then ask for donations.

396 – Date fundraiser

Organizations to ask for donations on a particular date. In this, Donors match the numerical value of the date and donate accordingly. This is fun and pulls a lot of participants.

397 – Straw Draw

Get a bunch of colorful straws with a prize beneath each. Participants buy a ticket and then select a straw to win prizes. Ask local businesses to donate their product/services for prizes.

398 – Honoring Specials

There’s a lot of people around us who deserve a round of honor. This event inspires us to host a fundraising page in honor of a beloved. This will build camaraderie in our community.

399 – Public Service

Gather volunteers to serve public works such as cleaning roads, parks, etc. And get sponsorships from local businesses for your efforts and cause.

400 – Paid Day Off

Partner with corporates inspired by your vision and mission. Encourage them to set up a goal plan and fundraising page for their employees to reward staff with 2-3 days off when the target is met.

401 – Family Day

Host a day for extended family with food & drinks, games, music, and other entertaining items with an entry fee per family. This will help in strengthening the family bonds and raise money for a cause.

402 - Wordless Auction

Engage with local businesses early for donations. After securing the event and getting people to bid. Keep the mood of the event light so the participants can interact and mingle.

403 - Murder Mystery Dinner

For acting enthusiasts and mystery lovers. Partner with your local murder mystery dinner theatre. Host it at a restaurant with enough rooms for participants. These events are quite challenging and take a lot of planning.

404 - Auction and Dinner

A night of delicious food, drinks, lovely people, and auctions. Host it at a nice restaurant with a theme. This is bound to attract people and make it a success.

405 – Trivia Night

People are fascinated by trivia nights. Leverage this interest, host a trivia night at your local restaurant or bar. Formulate questions and display them using projectors to cut costs.

I hope you've already shortlisted a few of them to give it a shot.

So, do let me know your plans in the comments below!