Friday 16th April 2021

Mental Clarity Is Crucial To Your Business. Learn Why!

Have you felt negative? Or lost? Or you are not able to finish the task you have started? That’s because you are ntally not clear. When you don’t have mental clarity, you feel foggy. Mental clarity means being focusedHaving mental clarity helps you solve many problems. Especially for business owners as they are the ones who can get hit by these mental clarity issues because of their busy schedules and work pressure.

Building a company is never easy. So many business owners or entrepreneurs are paying a high price for this. Many of them even ignore this problem but they have no idea how bad this thing can get.

They often put their employees first and forgets to take care of their selves. Business owners are responsible for their worker’s health and life’s somehow so it tends to give them less time for themselves.

Have you heard about Bradley Smith? He is a total business success. He's CEO of Rescue One Financial, an Irvine. It’s a California-based financial services company. This company made sales of nearly $32 million last year.

Bradley was on the extreme edge of financial ruin--and mental collapse. It’s in the year 2008 when smith was working for very long hours, no break, dealing with his counseling for people who are in debt.

He was going into debt more and more. The condition was worsening. He maxed out all his credits, even sold his expensive possessions. He was constantly nervous and under pressure but kept calm on his face. You would have never guessed from just looking at him how tense and depressed he was.

It was after almost 8 months of going through this anxiety and depression Bradly’s company started making some profits. It was a long journey for him.

Not just Bradly but many like Bradly are facing this issue.

It’s much easier to be productive and reach goals with a clear mindset. Those businesses report higher sales, creativity and productivity, customer satisfaction which invests in maintaining and building good mental wellbeing of employees.

Watch this short video for a better understanding.

5 reasons why mental clarity is important to your business

1. Peace of Mind and Joy

There’s a difference between happiness and peace of mind. You achieve peace of mind when you completely accept how things are without any desire. Business owners feel lonely and frustrated many times. You can brainstorm some ways of readiness.

2. Clarity makes it easier to prioritize

You’re full of indecision when your brain is foggy. You can’t be where you want to be because this fogginess makes it hard to make the right choices. You can make decisions easily instead of overthinking if you have mental clarity. An overwhelming to-do list will also become easy to organize with the help of mental clarity.

3. Increased Concentration

Anyone needs concentration if they want to complete their given tasks. Without better concentration, it can be difficult. When you have mental clarity you can see your concentration increased. You can accomplish tasks a lot faster than before because you can concentrate better now.

4. Clarity helps you push through doubt

You start doubting yourself when you are distracted and unfocused. You start to see yourself nonjudgmentally and honestly with the help of mental clarity. A focused and clear mind will not entertain thoughts like what others think of you.

5. The most valuable business assets

Having mental clarity will be an asset to your business as it helps you work more and perform better. You can even guide your employees in the right direction.

Different types of Mental Clutter

1. Fear

Fear is also one of the reasons for mental clutter which will affect your thinking process. Sometimes when you encounter a situation that you have never encountered before then you get very afraid and you realize fear made you stop at one place like you are freeze.

Fear can manipulate your brain. It can stop you from accomplishing anything. Fear can be an important kind of mental clutter which you need to remove from your life when it passes through your mind where it prevents you from reaching close to your goals.

2. The Past

One more thing for many of us that trigger and lead to mental clutter is the past. When we are moving forward in our life past is just a reference point. But we should never let the past define our future.

Your demons can come out very strongly if keep focusing on the past only. Everyone does mistakes and takes people for granted, especially the loved ones and those who trust us. We have done things about which we are not proud of.

Don’t be hard on yourself by focusing on the negative aspects of your past. Concentrate on positive ones. Be in the present and try to improve yourself so that you won’t make the mistakes as you did in the past. It’ll lower your mental clutter and help you in focusing more on the right things.

3. Regret

Regret can be one type of mental clutter. People often do some things knowingly or unknowingly which makes them regret their decisions or actions. It’s a reality that human beings make bad choices and decisions. It’s more about the outcomes rather than decisions. Sometimes outcome differs and won’t be as expected by you.

4. Depression

Depression is becoming very common these days. Even kids are suffering from depression. Many people don’t pay attention to depression or treat it as stress. But depression and stress both are different.

Business owners can get caught in depression too. Which can lead them to take wrong decisions and increase debt. Depression can get worse if you won’t treat it in time.

5. Worrying

One more type of mental clutter which people experience is worrying. Worrying can continue for a long time for some people. It’s ok to worry now and then about certain things but when it takes over your life it becomes very difficult and you can become addicted to it.

People don’t realize until situations get out of control because of their excessive worrying. It can be challenging for them.

6. Anxiety

Your body’s natural response to stress is Anxiety. It can become a medical disorder. Anxiety can be controlled by medicine at some level. But medicines are not a good way for this problem.

7. Guilt

When we are not happy with the decision that we have made for which we were feeling excited about then guilt starts manifesting. We sometimes hurt people we care about or who trust us, unknowingly because of our choices People often keep these poor decisions, feelings, or experiences in their mind for a longer time and it leads them to become a victim of mental stress. You need to let go of your poor choices otherwise guilt will cause you mental pressure.

8. Money

Money is becoming very crucial. People are going crazy about it. Many are facing stress because of it. Some don’t have it and some are stressed by the fear of losing it. People try to find more ways to earn money but they are failing and this causes them all the mental health issues. This can encourage people to develop low self-esteem because it creates a situation where the individual allows their self-worth to become low.

Ways of Getting Mental Clarity.

1. Get outside

It’s a very simple method for anyone. You just have to choose a road and start walking on it. Of course the familiar one. We don’t want you to get lost on your walk. Getting outside can do wonders to improve your mental health. It’s very effective in anxiety, depression, and stress.

If your office is nearby then you can take a walk from your home to the office. Try exploring and observing your surroundings. Who knows maybe you’ll find an idea for your next business project!

2. Meditation

Some people find meditation boring. But they first need to try it. Do it regularly at least for 10 minutes, then you’ll see how beneficial it is. It can make you feel relaxed and energetic.

Try this group that practices Falun Dafa exercises. It’s a very powerful method of meditation.

Even when you are in your office being busy, you can easily do meditation for 10 minutes a day. You just need to find a quiet place or a corner where no one will disturb you.

3. Find a support group

It’s always advisable to get help when you are struggling emotionally, mentally, or physically. There are different groups for people like if someone is suffering from depression then there are groups for them.

Nowadays you can even find groups related to your profession like if you are a teacher then you can find a group of teachers who are struggling with depression. Same for business owners and entrepreneurs. It’s easy when your profession matches. You can share many things which other people can understand.

4. Jog it off

It’s time to find those old shoes which you kept in the cupboard because you were so busy with your work. Take a water bottle and a napkin with you and let’s jog it off. You don’t have to do a race with anyone. You just need to jog till your heart starts pumping fast.

You know most entrepreneurs who are not workout lovers they also go jogging in the morning. It helps them stay fresh for the rest of their day. Which helps to increase their productivity. Jogging also has other health benefits like it helps to make our bones strong, strengthen our muscles, helps maintain a healthy weight.

5. Plan your day the night before

Planning your day always keeps you sorted and gives room for clarity. It can be an advantage for your business also as business owners attend many meetings in a day. You can plan your meetings and add breaks for eating something healthy, breathing exercise, etc accordingly.

6. Avoid Food that is not good for your brain

Food affects our body and thoughts. With a good and balanced diet, you’ll start feeling positive and fresh. Junk food tastes good and makes you feel good for a short time but in a long period, they damage our health. If you don’t know or are confused about what healthy food to eat at what time, then you should consult a nutritionist.

7. Practice mindful breathing

Breathing is one of the easiest exercises you can do in very little time. It doesn’t require you to go to the gym. You can do breathing exercises at your house or even at your workplace while sitting on a chair.

Try practicing it first for few times. Right breathing is important to get its benefits.

8. Good night sleep

Poor sleep can increase your weight plus other problems. Good night's sleep means without any kind of interruption. Having a good night's sleep is always beneficial. It relaxes your brain and helps you work faster. You regain your energy after waking up from a good night's sleep.

9. Remember that you're not the business.

You and your business are two separate things. You are a living person and your business is something you made. It can be very close and special for you but your health comes first.

What is it called when you spiral into depression self blame and worthlessness over every small matter?

Feeling depressed and blaming yourself means you don’t have mental clarity. Try the above ways for achieving mental clarity and you’ll see your depression, self-blame, anxiety decreasing day by day.


As a business owner or an entrepreneur, it’s your responsibility to have mental clarity. Because it’s not just you but other lives are also depending on you. And for that, you need to choose one or several ways from above. You can combine all of the above like one day go for a walk second day a jog third-day meditation and so on. The only important thing here is keeping your mind clear. So that you can focus on the main thing.

Don’t try to do everything by yourself. Get some help from professionals, friends, or family members if need to.