Wednesday 20th January 2021

Corporate and Conference Event Checklist used by Top Event Planners

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Whether it's a gathering, party, training, or a product launch, each kind of event needs to be planned and executed correctly.

From research, design, planning to execution all of these factors should be on point for you to have a successful event.

In current times where the whole world is digital, having webinars and live sessions also helps the brand create a good image and perception about themselves.

In the corporate world, there are a wide range of occasions and events you can have. 

These can go from gatherings to group holding but truly relies upon the goal of your event, which will help you in deciding the sort of occasion you will have. 

To begin with, you need to know who your interest group or target audience is, regardless of whether customers, industry pioneers, or colleagues and afterward you can begin arranging out the goal of the occasion. 

When you have this, it is simpler to choose what kind of occasion you will have.

Whatever kind of business you run, you definitely need to keep your audience and customers aware and maintain good relations with them.

Organizing and hosting a corporate event allows you to increase recognition with current clients and partners, and also attract future prospects and customers. 

Planning such an event might be very tiring and stressful and you might always think that you missed something out, well you definitely will, so we’re here to help you with it.

In this article we’ll tell you what exactly is corporate/conference events and planning, types of corporate events to choose from, and a checklist with tips on how to make this event a success.

What is Corporate/Conference event planning?

corporate, conference, event, corporate event, checklist, planning

Corporate events are simple events, gathering, or social activities which are organized by the business or brand.

The target audience for such events could be employees, customers, clients, or potential clients/customers.

Corporate events could also include team building, parties, internal meetings, conferences, or award events.

These time periods for these events could range from several hours to a day or even a week.

The company might have a couple of different reasons as to why they’re holding this event, which could be to create awareness, do a product launch, increase relationships with clients, or to raise money.

Types of corporate events

As we discussed earlier, there can be a lot of different corporate events one can organize based on the motive and the goal for the event.

  1. Conferences
  2. Seminars
  3. Team Building Events
  4. Corporate Dinners
  5. Product Launches
  6. Shareholder/ Corporate Board Meetings
  7. Year-end functions/ Parties/ Birthdays
  8. Workshops/ Courses
  9. Charity Events 
  10. Networking Events


corporate, conference, event, corporate event, checklist

Conferences are usually meetings conducted to discuss a specific topic with a specific number of guests and people.

Conferences are also used to discuss upcoming or new trends and opportunities which are suggested by the people or employees who are working in the same company or are from a similar industry.


seminars, corporate, conference, event, corporate event, checklist

Seminars can be called a part of a conference as they usually include an audiovisual part of the event.

A seminar is basically a presentation used to present different viewpoints, or even provide training or learning which is the primary objective of a seminar.

Team Building Events

teambuilding, team, group, corporate, conference, event, corporate event, checklist

Team building events are all about making connections and bonds between the team stronger.

Team building events can range from entertaining and fun activities to learning and development sessions.

Corporate Dinners

dinner, team, food, corporate, conference, event, corporate event, checklist

Corporate dinners are formal dinners where you can have in-person talks and conversations.

This kind of dinner is usually hosted for new hires and freshers or the company’s annual celebration for milestones.

Product Launches

keso(, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Hosting a product launch gives your new product the reach and awareness it needs to start off.

This kind of event can be an excellent place where you can tell the world about your product and business and turn them into potential clients.

Shareholder/ Corporate Board Meetings

meetings, board, members, shareholders, corporate, conference, event, corporate event, checklist

These meetings as the name suggests is only for the company and business shareholders and board members.

The agenda for these meetings are mostly to discuss yearend or periodic business development and to discuss new business strategies and ideas.

Year-end functions/ Parties/ Birthdays

year-end, birthdays, party, fun, celebration, corporate, conference, event, corporate event, checklist

Year-end and Christmas events are some of the most awaited celebrations in any corporate agency or firm.

As these events help bring everyone together and also it is the year-end so there’s no work pressure either, these events are a great way to thank and give back to the employees.

Firm birthdays and milestones are also celebrated a lot and it brings back the same vibes every year for everyone to celebrate what they’ve achieved as a collective.

Workshops/ Courses

workshop, learn, educate, courses, corporate, conference, event, corporate event, checklist

If you are in an education business or just need to educate the user and customers about your product or brand, workshops, and courses are a great way to do it.

This kind of event gives you more time and medium to strengthen the bond end to end which also helps to create a long-lasting impression.

Charity Events 

charity, giveaway, corporate, conference, event, corporate event, checklist

Charity events are mostly conducted for PR and to make a huge impact and impression.

These events are held to give back to the community and the people and if you manage to get in on some public speakers, decorate the venue a bit, and give it a creative and innovative touch you can definitely make a memorable event.

Networking Events

A networking event again is a great way to increase the reach and awareness of your company and brand.

Networking events usually are a gathering of a number of people, employees, and clients from the same firm or different firms to get to know each other, increase their connections, and find potential clients.

Corporate and Conference Event checklist

Now we get to the interesting part and the thing that you’ve been reading this article for, which is ‘Corporate and conference Event Checklist’.

This is a simple 8 point checklist with tips that you can follow to have a successful event that you want to conduct.

  1. Goal and purpose of the event
  2. Budget for the event
  3. Audience to Invite
  4. Event theme/ format
  5. Select Location
  6. Plan logistics
  7. Promote event
  8. Evaluate the event success

Goal and purpose of the event

goal, purpose, corporate, conference, event, corporate event, checklist

Once you’ve decided that you want to host an event, start thinking about the purpose that you want to hold this event for, the goal, and what you’re expecting out of it.

This will help you decide as to what kind of event would be best suitable for your conditions and goals and set the event accordingly. 

Budget for the event

budget, capital, spend, money, corporate, conference, event, corporate event, checklist

You need to have a clear idea about what budget you have and how much you can spend, to visualize what kind of event you can hold.

Always be ready to spend 10% more than whatever estimated budget you derived.

Distributing this budget among all the preparations evenly is very important, spending too much on decorations or ordering a fancy menu won’t do you any good unless the main goal of the event is met.

Try finding a good technical service team who can help you with audiovisual, presentation, photography, and other stuff.

Audience to Invite

audience, people, invite, employees, community, corporate, conference, event, corporate event, checklist

As it is said that every person attending your event is a potential customer or a brand ambassador you need to be very careful as to who you invite.

Your audience can include employees, managers, clients, business partners, or community members, or maybe a mix of the above mentioned.

Once you’re figured this out you can devise a strategy on how and what would be the necessities of the event.

There is also never, too much audience, as the more people attending the more marketing you are doing which is never bad unless your venue has limited space and seats.

So don’t worry about inviting too many people as even if some of them miss it or won’t be able to attend it, everyone will be waiting for your next event.

Event theme/ format

theme, format, decoration, corporate, conference, event, corporate event, checklist

Events are more morse successful when they’re interactive rather than the audience just listening to what the speaker has to say.

Deciding on the format or the theme is a crucial part of the event as this is where you decide what you’ll value you’ll actually be providing your audience with.

The attendees and audience will always remember an event that was fun-filled and exciting rather than the one which seemed like a lecture.

Your goal should be to conduct an event that educates but at the same time meets your marketing goals for the event.

Select Location

location, venue, place, time, corporate, conference, event, corporate event, checklist

After deciding on them and the format it's time to select the venue for the event.

People usually book a place or venue that they hear is good and which is an upcoming hotspot, but that is wrong.

You need to select the venue according to your budget and your audience's convenience.

The venue that you’re booking shouldn’t be too far and the people invited should be ready to make the commute.

Also, involving the local community in this helps a lot as you’ll be helping them out with networking and connections but at the same time giving back to society.

Plan logistics

logistics, handle, team, corporate, conference, event, corporate event, checklist

Having a successful event isn’t as easy as it seems.

You might give it your all but in the end, there will be something or the other that you missed out on or forgot.

This is exactly the reason why you need to hire specialists.

These specialists will, of course, include the audiovisual team, technical team, caterers, and the security just to mention a few.

Discuss with each team in advance and let them know prior to the event their responsibilities and the timings.

Setting up a schedule and calendar for the whole day helps in the smooth execution of all the activities.

Keep the attendees engaged but don’t keep them busy, let them have some freedom to connect and network among themselves.

This way they won’t get bored and will be all the more attentive and grab whatever information and message you want to convey.

Having small giveaways also helps the audience in remembering the event as these small things make a huge impact.

Giving away merchandise with your company logo might be the new cliche but offering something digital could work out for you like coupons, vouchers, or even tickets to your next event.

Promote event

promote, promotions, pr, online, socialmedia, email, corporate, conference, event, corporate event, checklist

If no one knows about your event, none will attend it.

This is why it is important and very crucial to do your promotion right.

You need to reach out to the right audience, convey the right message, and have an interesting catch that will help them take the final step to attend your event.

Be creative and don’t make the promotion boring.

If it's only for a small event you can individually send out invites but for a larger audience, we would suggest going digital.

You could also make up some brochures and flyers for offline promotions.

Start with making a separate webpage or a landing page for your event then create ads, make social media posts for all the social platforms, and don’t forget to send out emails to your email list.

Use the same hashtags and handles, and make sure the messaging for your promotions are in sync and on the same line.

By doing this you are sure to create noise about your gathering and attract the right audience as well.

Evaluate the event success

evaluate, success, feedback, expenses, corporate, conference, event, corporate event, checklist

Okay, so your event was a success and you had no issues the whole day, well congratulations to you but you still have work to do!

Get your finances and expenditures right, reconcile if you had any extra expenses for the on-day event.

Conduct a post-event meeting to congratulate and thank your team and all the other service team and sponsors.

But the most important thing about post-event is feedback which you can get from your attendees by giving them feedback forms after the event is done or if you collect their emails and numbers from them, you could send out feedback forms online for them to fill out.

Review and process all the feedback provided and make sure you appreciate the positive feedback and learn, and improve from the suggestions provided.

This was rather a long article, so let’s sum up what we’ve read so far:

  • Organizing an event is not simple.
  • Planning contributes to the 80% success of any event.
  • Get the right help and services you need.
  • Choose your goal and conduct an appropriate and suitable event.
  • Get the right venue, speakers, technical team, and caterers.
  • Discuss the tasks with the team, execute and evaluate the event in the end.

Hope this article helps you conduct your successful corporate or conference event.

If you need tips on any other aspect of the planning and execution, do let us know in the comments, we'll definitely cover those in our future articles.

Also, do let us know what other difficulties you faced and how your event performed, we’ll be more than happy to hear from you!