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Don’t worry, Santa isn’t afraid of corona! Just like every year, you will get a surprise in the socks that you hung beside your bed. 

So now that you are getting the gift, what’s next? A Party!

Think about this, you celebrate Christmas every year, the same old way. Don’t you think we should go for a “uniquely-amazing-wonderful-plan”?

Always remember, happiness doesn’t reside in anything, it resides within you and so no matter what happens, you should know a way to bring a smile on your face and others too. 

So, let’s try some unique and amazing “covid19-Christmas party plans” which will ensure 100% safety and in no way make you sacrifice anything. 


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Yes, before starting anything, we must realize that the situation this year is way different. In the past, you’ve experienced parties with large gatherings, you’ve danced and sang together in huge numbers.

But this time, there are some guidelines set by the government for your safety. So, don’t even think of breaking them.

One wrong step taken by you in negligence and outside laws and guidelines will not just put you in danger but others too.

So this year, let’s have a happy and “safe-for everyone” Christmas.

UK guidelines for the period (23rd -27th December) state:

  1. you can form an exclusive ‘Christmas bubble’ composed of no more than three households
  2. you can only be in one Christmas bubble
  3. you cannot change your Christmas bubble
  4. you can travel anywhere within the UK for the purposes of meeting your Christmas bubble

You can check out the complete guide set by the UK Government here.


Okay then, let’s start with the planning of safe party ideas this Christmas.

First, wash your hands and be ready with your face mask. Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer and also a big sanitizer for cleaning the gifts or anything you purchase for the party.

Cleaning the whole house before the party will do wonders in your safety measures and will keep you out of any worries.


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This time, you have to set a limit of 10-15 people for your Christmas gathering. Make sure to update yourself and conform with the limit set by the UK government. Invite close friends and family members. Everyone is aware about the situation and so nobody will get offended or be angry with you.

Book a private area, or if you think your garden is big enough, go for that. 

Before anything, set the menu for the party with cocktails, vodka, and you can have a barbecue for dinner. 

Your guests can help themselves with cocktails and dinner.

This time, booking a professional musician or reservation at pubs/restaurants with live music would be difficult, but who says you are not a good singer? Or anyone at the party?

Let’s recreate a live music event right at home. What say?

Set up a small stage or spot with lights focused onto the spot and setup music on your laptop a karaoke night. 

And before going to the stage, the person has to go through a “funny-looking-little” door where he/she will sanitize their hands and then get the gloves to touch any instrument.

Just remember, you are not here for singing, you are here to enjoy. So it doesn’t matter whether you don’t know how to play any instrument, just do anything (honestly, that will be fun). 

And for singing, everyone is a singer till they choose  their career. 

The winner will get a special 100% sanitized gift. 

And so, it will be an amazing night.


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What would be more preferable than your safety right? 

Yes, at Christmas we do exchange gifts, cakes, cookies, but this time we have to pack some safety, right? 

How do we do so?

Firstly, it’s not like normal times where you can travel to another city, visit your friends/relatives for gifts. That would be a “dangerous-to-life” step. You could possibly end up spreading the disease to their home, and believe me, no gift can replace that danger. 

This time, confine yourself to your city or your society only. 

First, follow the safety measures for yourself, then the gift you give will be safe. 

Sanitize the gift you want to give and also the ones you receive. Let’s do something more fun this time. 

Remember to paste a quote or line with a funny joke on, motivating or telling them to first sanitize the gift ,whenever you give a gift to someone.

This time, you have a chance to bring a smile to the homes that have no candles to be lit. Give some gifts to poor people with a little bottle of sanitizer and mask.

So exchanging the gifts, cakes, or cookies this way, will ensure safety and do not let you sacrifice anything. Just a safety measure step is added, nothing different.


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No festival is meant to be celebrated just one day. It’s a week-long celebration, especially Christmas. Agree?

So why don’t we plan the whole week before it’s starting? 

Then, one day is booked for a mini theatre.

Now, we have two scenarios here

Case 1 (Inviting limited friends at home) – Now, if your friends live near you. You can invite them for a movie. Just invite limited guests, please. 

Now, set up a big screen or set your television in a dark room with a home theatre. 

Now, you can watch any movie, but the question is, how to add a covid-19 theme while you plan to watch it (yeah, that’ll be interesting). 

Ever watched that movie “five feet apart”. Well, it’s a love story of two patients suffering from bacteria cystic fibrosis. They fell in love knowing the fact that if they come close, they will die instantly. So they carry a five feet stick, which separates them and also lets them be together.

So, what’s the catch here? 

Make “1 meter-social distancing-Christmas” sticks. So the rule is, the guests have to hold the sticks while watching the movie.

Case 2 (watch movie online together) – Yeah, that is possible. You just need two software to make it possible- Syncplay and Distord.

You all have to download the movie from the same link and syncplay will connect every device. So, if you pause the movie, it gets paused for everyone. 

And for the talking or commentary purpose (some people have this habit where they like to share insights on the spot), install distort. So, while watching, you can all speak to one other. 

So, you can watch movies together, talk to each other while you are all safe at home, what else could our festive souls possibly want?


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It’s true, you cannot meet them in in-person, but don’t let anyone be lonely at this time.

This year has brought many unfortunate events, restricted our lives, we have lost many brothers and sisters. 

True, nothing can be changed, but you have to let it go. And so, this Christmas will bring smiles in these unfortunate events. Let them know, they are not alone fighting this, you are with them.

Zoom is the best platform to gather everyone in the same call. Do the decorations while you are on the call, bake a few cookies while you catch up with everyone. 

This way you will also get the ideas of how others are celebrating and yes, the main thing, it will not let you and anyone develop this feeling that you are alone this Christmas.


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Yeah, games are really engaging. And as we discussed earlier, it’s a celebration of a week, not just a day. So let’s book a day where you all will play online together limitlessly. 

Here are some of the best online games you can play together-

Jackbox Games – Company’s tagline is – let’s make some weird memories together. 

Yeah, weird memories are strong, we all know and jackbox games have a very good reputation in creating that one. 

Jackbox Games is a party game-making studio best known for hit games like YOU DON’T KNOW JACK, Quiplash, Fibbage, Drawful, Trivia Murder Party, and more! 

Think of them as a child of classic social games like ‘charades’… the child who dropped out of college, then earned the family’s respect by founding a jam company.

Playing Jackbox games with others remotely is possible!

As a game host, it’s up to you to allow your remote friends to see your game screen. This can be done with a video conference call where you share your screen or an online live stream.

Charades - An individual acts out each syllable of a word or phrase in order, followed by the whole phrase together, while the rest of the group guesses. A variant of this game is having teams who act scenes out together while the others guess.

The guessing game can easily be recreated online and is just as embarrassing online as it is in real!

Likewise, there are many games available for the children too, they can play together and so nothing has changed for them and not even for you.


Yeah, still many of them feel lonely. For some people, their friends or relatives live too far. Or, sometimes you think you don’t have enough people to celebrate with.

Santa has a gift for you too guys…

There are many platforms available where you can form groups and invite people. There, you can host an event. Let the strangers be your friend then.

Of all the amazing platforms where you can form a group and host an event, Bylde is the best platform with affordable subscription plans where you can form groups online and host events. 

You will also find ideas about how you can invite people in your group, so it’s a must-try for managing your community online.

So, these are some unique ideas you can plan this Christmas. So now, there’s no hindrance in your celebration. 

Now, you can have everything and at the same time, you are safe. 

So when all the worries are shed,

let’s sing together

The bells on bobtail rings

                                They make our spirits bright

What fun it is to ride and sing

                                 A sleighing song tonight……

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                      And the Santa's on your way

Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way

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