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How to sell tickets online

How to sell tickets online

How to sell tickets online
David Bylde
Ex-lemonade stand CEO; ex-juggler; ex-college tour guide. Currently helping prospective Event Hosts in the United Kingdom to make there next event successful. Oh, I also love to be outdoors.

When it comes to sell tickets online for your event. Its not that easy as it includes lots of activities which you might easily overlook. Hence, we have created this step by step guide for you. But before actually jumping into what you have to do. Let’s first discuss what information you need to start selling your event tickets online.

Step 1# Preparation – (you can skip this step if you have already prepared everything listed below)

Preparation is one of the most important steps to make your event a success. It is so obvious still people make mistakes and take this step lightly. What I am trying to state here is if you do prepare for your event then you can mitigate the possibility of any issues that might occur before or during your event. I have listed a few must-do things which every event host needs to think of:

Gather information: Information about people who might be interested in your event could play a crucial role to make your event successful. Demography, Education level, Hobbies, orientation, age group, etc. all this information will not be available for you but based on your target audience criteria you can place some ads on social networks. This will pull out interests from people who come under your target audience criteria and hence potentially be your customers.

Find sponsors: Most important factor which will make your event a success is your return on investment. You will feel happy and successful if you even make 5% on top of all of your money, energy and time invested. But if you lose some money then you will not be motivated enough for the next one. Hence finding sponsors is one of the key activities you have to do before your event planning starts. 

Decide on date: once you got an understanding of your audience size. Decide on a date. Make sure it is not colliding with any other similar event in your demography. Also, get in touch with industry experts and understand if there is any other distraction which could affect your event. For example, if there is a football match in your town then the possibility is most of your potential customers will be engaged already. Which could directly affect the sale of your event tickets.

Decide on a budget: Sometimes you depend upon your sponsors for your event and other times you treat it as an investment. Either way, you have to decide how much total you will be spending on your event. The ideal situation would be you receive money back what you invested via ticket sales and sponsorships. But that’s not the case all the time. So, it is always a good idea to put a bucket of money separate. You have to make a rule no matter what you will only use the money in the bucket because if you don’t then you might fall into the trap of overspending.

Book Venue: Once you decide on your date and budget the next thing comes into the scene is your venue. Now, most of the event host make this mistake not booing their venue till the last minute. But remember one thing if you don’t book your desired venue way long before there is a 50% chance that you will lose your place and availability. Another note is to make sure you pay some deposit. I understand that upfront costs are a big issue. But remember one thing we are all humans. The person who is managing the venue will feel obliged if you pay some deposit and if you don’t then you might receive an email just before few days of your event that your venue has been given to someone else; personal experience speaking. 

Organise your team: You might have heard this quote already: “No war can be won without an army”. The same way you need a team in order to be a successful event host. You will need to delegate tasks. You will need people to just be there for you on times. It is highly recommendable to get a team on board. Make sure you are paying them enough or sharing a percentage of profit so that they keep motivated. Motivation is the primary key to keep a bunch of people focused working in the same direction.  

Step 2# Create Event Page Online

The second step in the process of selling tickets online is to create an online real estate. This will enable your potential buyer to look around your event and make their mind if they want to buy tickets or not. This will also enable them to spread the word. It is always important for us – (humans) to share things with our friends first before planning for an event. 

There are very simple steps in order to get your event live. 

  1. You register with Bylde 
  2. You confirm your email id 
  3. You connect your PayPal with your Bylde account 
  4. You create your event with all details required

Here is a video description for all what I mentioned above.

Step 3# Share your event page with your friends and family

Once you have your event page ready you need to get more traction. In order to get more visitors on your event page the first step would be sharing it with your friends and family. Obviously, it's not worth sharing it with someone has absolutely no interest in your event. But sometimes it's easy to just share it with everyone and then maybe they will share it further which could bring you a potential customer.

Few other methods are:

1. Share it on Twitter

2. Share it on Your Facebook profile

3. Share it in your Facebook groups

4. Share it on reddit

5. Share it on meetup groups

6. Share it with your local council house

7. Share it on your local church wall

8. Email it to your subscribers

9. Share it with your colleagues

If you share everywhere as mentioned above, then you will definitely bring at least 200 views on your event page. 

 Sometimes mere just sharing does not work. For example, if you share your event page on the Facebook group. Someone might ask you a few questions about it. Even though the information is on the event page. But we humans are very good at ignoring things. So, you have to make sure that if there is any interest or questions you need to address them promptly.

Step 4# Advertise your event

Reaching out to your potential audience is very crucial for your event. Remember those old days when there use to be a circus in town they use to advertise in newspaper and radio. 

But those ads were thrown at anyone and everyone. Hence the return on investment was not that good. 

Being in the 21st century we need to follow the same emotions with new technology. Advertising has now reached its top. You can not only target your demography but also your potential customer's age group, interests, gender and pocket. 

By leveraging all this data, you can use specific people to advertise your event. Let’s say, for example, you are hosting a meetup party for singles in your area between age 25 and 35. It has become so easy for us to target that bracket of audience via technology that we can get our ads up and running with few clicks of buttons. 

  • You can use Facebook ads
  • You can use Google Adwords
  • You can use Twitter Ads

You can choose the platform and start advertising your event just remember one thing. Those social media platforms are mammoth in terms of audience. So, your budget might run out quite quickly. So always drill down your target audience to deeper level. It will not just bring potential customers but also generate awareness for your brand. 


Step 5# Keep your attendees up to date

Always make sure you keep your attendees up to date. This will make sure if you have any last-minute changes you are keeping them in the loop. Trust me there is nothing worse than an uninformed customer on your big day. Also, if you want to give a little nudge to your ticket sales you can motivate your current attendees by giving them something for a referral. For example, if you have sold 50% tickets of your event with an early bird discount. And now you are trying to sell remaining 50% you can send an update you’re the attendees that if they refer your event to their friends and family then you can give them 1 ticket for free. Or a bottle of wine. Something to motivate them in order to share your event. 

You can also use the affiliate scheme with Bylde where you can define the percentage of the sale you want to share with your promoters. This is the best tool you can ever discover. Create your event and ask your promoters to register with Bylde. Once they registered they can search for your event and get their own link to promote your event. 

Simple and effective. This works like a viral video. Because it’s a win-win situation for you, your promoters and if you give them a discount code then for your customer too.

If you want to learn more about how to sell tickets with PayPal, then look here.

If you have any questions, then you can contact us on this page.


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