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Sell Tickets with PayPal

Sell Tickets with PayPal

Sell Tickets with PayPal
David Bylde
Ex-lemonade stand CEO; ex-juggler; ex-college tour guide. Currently helping prospective Event Hosts in the United Kingdom to make there next event successful. Oh, I also love to be outdoors.

You want to Sell Tickets with PayPal. This idea popped into your mind because you are managing a small event and don’t want to pay those heavy commissions to any ticketing platform. Typically, any ticketing platform charges you approximately 10% of your ticket price for managing your event and selling your tickets.

So, the idea to sell tickets with PayPal can save you a lot of money. PayPal currently charge only 3.4% + 20P for each transaction. Which is not much if you consider the whole payment gateway infrastructure they provide. 

And if you compare them with ticketing platform charges they are way more affordable.  

Although even though you are saving a lot of money you need to understand that PayPal is not a ticketing solution. It is a payment gateway. PayPal focusses on what they do the best i.e., how to manage payments. But to manage an event with tickets sales online. You have to consider a lot more than just payment. For example, if you do sell tickets with PayPal you might not be able to facilitate following without manual work: 

1. People who purchase tickets from you will need confirmation and a digital ticket. You have to send them tickets manually. 
2. If you are selling more than 1 type of tickets, then you need to segregate the type of guests in your event that is again a pain. 
3. You need to get a guest list which you can use to verify attendees with respective information. Again, a piece of manual work needs to be done.
4. Obviously, PayPal is a payment gateway, so they don’t allow you to create any order until and unless it has a minimum currency value attached to it. So, if you want to give 100% discount or a free ticket then you have to manage that at your own. 

With all points mentioned above. It seems like PayPal is a good payment gateway but its not fit for the overall solution of selling tickets online. So, what is the alternative?
You need a tool to provide all benefits of PayPal as well as does all manual work discussed above. 

That’s where Bylde comes into the scene. Bylde allows you to connect your PayPal account with your Bylde account. This helps you to take payment directly into your PayPal account.

Once you have your PayPal account connected you can start drafting your Event, Tickets etc.

Within a few moments, your event page will be up and running and you can start sharing your event page with your potential buyers.
Interested people can surf through your event page and select the type of tickets they would like to purchase. They don’t have to be registered with Bylde. They just need to provide their email id in order to receive the tickets and print it. 

They can also come with a digital copy of tickets or a PDF on their mobile devices. 
Bylde also allows you to export a guest list from your event dashboard. This is very handy. You can export it as many times as you need. Also, you can see your guest list directly on Bylde mobile website.
If you have a smartphone capable of reading QR codes, then you can actually check-in your customers on your mobile phone itself. 

There are plenty more features available but the only feature matters to you is you don’t get charged any commission or fee for your small event. 

If you decide to use features like sending emails to your attendees or texting them. Then you might want to purchase some credits. For example here is the distribution of credits you need to use different features on Bylde below:

1 SMS = 3 credits
1 EMAIL = 3 credits

If you want to learn more about how to sell your event tickets faster, then please head to our other blog post. A quick demonstration of how it works with a video is given below:


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