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5 Steps to Sell Tickets Online Free

5 Steps to Sell Tickets Online Free

5 Steps to Sell Tickets Online Free
David Bylde
Ex-lemonade stand CEO; ex-juggler; ex-college tour guide. Currently helping prospective Event Hosts in the United Kingdom to make there next event successful. Oh, I also love to be outdoors.

If you landed on this page that means you are a small event organiser and you want to sell your event tickets online. But you can't find any platform which will allow you to sell tickets online without any fee.

Well, I am going to tell you how you could do this without investing a single dime.

Let's get started.

First of all, you need to see which platforms are best to sell tickets online. Here is a comparison graphic I have created for you in order to clearly see how much you spend when you sell tickets online with below platforms.

So now you know that if you use Bylde then you are spending only £20 for each event. But how does that supports the title of this article? 

I.e., how can you say £20 is £0 

Well, I have something magical for you here. 

I will explain you step by step how you can sell tickets online for free.

Step 1# Register on Bylde it's so simple just put your email and click register:

It is a very simple process as you will receive a link which enables you to confirm your account with Bylde as well as set your password.

Step 2# Connect your PayPal account. It does not take any money out of your PayPal account but Bylde will just verify if you have a verified PayPal account.

Once you have been shown with this prompt. You can easily sign in with your PayPal credentials and then verify your account to connect with Bylde.

Don't worry Bylde will not ask any permission to make any transactions online. Bylde only verifies your account status and connect it with your account. 

Once connected you will be able to go ahead and purchase some credits.

Step 3# Go on your dashboard and click on credits. Click on purchase credits

Step 4# Click on the purchase credit 6000 credits

Step 5# On checkout page add discount code "55CREDITS". Voila, you will be given 6000 credits for free and you can use them to host your event on Bylde. You cannot request a refund on these credits and you can only use it till the first 6 months. 


Once you have 6000 credits in your account you can use them to sell tickets online. 


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