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5 Email Templates To Sell Out Your Next Event Completely

5 Email Templates To Sell Out Your Next Event Completely

5 Email Templates To Sell Out Your Next Event Completely
David Bylde
Ex-lemonade stand CEO; ex-juggler; ex-college tour guide. Currently helping prospective Event Hosts in the United Kingdom to make there next event successful. Oh, I also love to be outdoors.

Approximately 9 out of 10 people check their email on daily basis. But in order to be competitive in today's world, you have to opt in some techniques. In this article, I am going to explain you those techniques and show you some templates you could use in order to sell your event tickets fast. 

Template 1: Use this template when your ticket or registration prices are about to go up. Or, if prices aren’t going up but you still need to drive urgency, use this template to warn event-goers that tickets or registrations are close to selling out after all, “close” is relative. 

Template 2: Use this template when you’ve just published your event page, and sales have launched.

Template 3: Use this template when you want to encourage previous attendees to buy tickets to your event, or you want to upsell previous attendees into deluxe ticket packages. 

Template 4: Use this template when you’re about a month away from your event and have a new announcement (about your lineup or location, for example) to share. 

Template 5: Most promising template which worked every time for me. Give your customer a deal which they cannot deny. An unbeatable discount if you could cope up with it. Sometimes your event is not selling out and you want to just bring in your investment. This is the best trick you could use to attract sales rapidly. 


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