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5 cutthroat Event Promotion Ideas which always work

5 cutthroat Event Promotion Ideas which always work

5 cutthroat Event Promotion Ideas which always work
David Bylde
Ex-lemonade stand CEO; ex-juggler; ex-college tour guide. Currently helping prospective Event Hosts in the United Kingdom to make there next event successful. Oh, I also love to be outdoors.

In this article, I would like to talk about visible but ignored marketing tactics which every single event manager ignores.

These are 5 cutthroat Event Promotion Ideas which always work. Or at least worked for me. So lets start and look into them one by one:

Content Marketing

Creating long-form content takes time and effort but can be well worth it. Offering prospective attendees something of value and providing information that’s actually useful to them will certainly increase their interest in your event - and help you grow your email marketing list.

  1. Start a WordPress blog
  2. Send out an email newsletter
  3. CreateanInfographic
  4. Record a podcast
  5. Host a webinar
  6. CreateafreeeBookoranother downloadable asset


Out of all the social networks, Facebook has by far the largest user base in the UK, with over 30 million people actively using the site, so it’s a must for promoting your event. The platform is most favored by 23-37-year-olds, with an estimated 80% of people in that age bracket using it regularly. Although Facebook has pushed towards paid promotion, there’s still plenty you can do for free.

  1. CreateaFacebookeventoruseEventbrite’s Add to Facebook tool
  2. Appoint co-hosts or promoters 3. Invite followers
  3. Pineventtotopofpage
  4. Sharetheeventingroups
  5. HostaFacebookLivesession
  6. CreateaFacebookgrouparoundyourevent’stopic 8. Promoteaspecialoffer
  7. BuildaslideshoworInstantExperience
  8. Start a poll
  9. Host a Q&A


Twitter’s popularity has decreased in recent years but it still has 12.6 million users in the UK - that’s almost 20% of the population. It’s used by many key influencers such as journalists and celebrities and remains the key public discussion forum for topics like politics and science.

  1. Createahashtagforyourevent
  2. SetupaTwittercardforyourwebsite
  3. [email protected]
  4. SetupaTwitterpoll
  5. Sharealivebroadcast
  6. CreateandshareaGIF
  7. Useatrendinghashtag
  8. HostaTwitterchat
  9. KeeptabsoninfluencersbycreatingaTwitterlist 10.Take part in #FollowFriday


LinkedIn has over 20 million users in the UK, with London being one of the most connected places in the world (users in the capital average 307 connections). What’s more, statistics show that the more a person earns the more likely they are to have an account (over 50% of people earning £45k+ are on the site), so LinkedIn promotion is perfect for organizers looking to attract top professionals.

  1. Invite key connections via LinkedIn Messaging
  2. Post a status update with your event link
  3. Post a video
  4. Update your profile intro with event details
  5. Write an article
  6. Give LinkedIn Kudos to your event team & partners
  7. Create a group
  8. Join different LinkedIn groups


YouTube is currently the second most popular social media platform in the UK, used by 79% of online adults. Instagram, meanwhile boasts user ship among 41% of online adults, Pinterest 36% and Snapchat 30%. In terms of demographics, 18-24-year- olds dominate Instagram and Snapchat, while Pinterest is used far more by females than males. Make sure you’re active on all the networks your target audience are!

  1. Create a funny add and upload on youtube
  2. Partner with other YouTubers and publish content on their channel
  3. Record a webinar and upload it on youtube.


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