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We know how frustrating it could be to create a new account and then verify your email to activate it. We know that you already manage multiple passwords and don't want to remember one more. Hence we integrated social login into our app so that you can start using our app with just one click. Just click on one of the social login links below. If you visiting our platform first time we will create an account for you.

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According to survey done by Gigya:


of users report being bothered by having to create new accounts on websites.

Last updated on 02/09/2022


of users believe social login is a good registration solution

Last updated on 02/09/2022


of users will leave a site instead of resetting or recovering login info.

Last updated on 02/09/2022


of users admit to entering incomplete or incorrect data on registration forms.

Last updated on 02/09/2022


of people say they’ll post messages to their social network about products and services they like.

Last updated on 02/09/2022


of users said they’d consider trying a new product if someone in their social network recommended it.

Last updated on 02/09/2022